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Awake the State back with rallies against “anti-middle class” Legislature

by John Kennedy | May 10th, 2011

Calling the recently ended Legislature the “most anti-middle class” in state history, ‘Awake the State’ organizers have lined up rallies in two-dozen cities later this afternoon.

Similar demonstrations were held when the Legislature opened in March.

┬áBut now that lawmakers have OK’d 3 percent pay cuts for teachers, law enforcement and other government workers in the Florida Retirement System, eliminated┬áteacher tenure, and toughened abortion and elections laws, some organizers said the crowd opposing Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-ruled Legislature is getting more diverse.

“I’ve done a lot of organizing, but I’ve never had police officers on my side until now,” said Stephanie Porta, from Orlando, an activist with Organize Now, a social justice group. “Rick Scott has been our Number 1 recruiter.”

The Palm Beach County rally is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the South County Civic Center on Jog Road, west of Delray Beach.

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24 Responses to “Awake the State back with rallies against “anti-middle class” Legislature”

  1. Out of money Says:

    Yeahh, wake the state: WE WANT TO INCREASE YOUR TAXES!

    That is EXACTLY what this group is advocating.


    We thrown billions their way for years and now during and economic crisis they want EVEN MORE!


  2. Termack Says:

    There is absolutely nothing anyone could tell me about Rick Scott, that would make me think any less of him. None the less,I
    will attend the event this afternoon and party like it’s 1999.

  3. Donna Says:

    Because Rick Scott and his hulum team lied to the PEOPLE and is getting away with it and PEOPLE are not standing up to them. RICK SCOTT has damage florida so much, i bet you he will resign before his term is over because we the People will DEMAND it

  4. Johnny Martin Says:

    To “Out Of Money”. 3% paycuts to teachers and cops. Let me know how far your taxes are cut as a result.

  5. Say What? Says:

    uhhhh, Donna, I think Rick Scott campaigned on all these cuts..didn’t he??? The only thing shocking about his tenure so far is that he is the only Governor that is actually doing what he said he would do during his campaign.

  6. Bob W. Says:

    Everyone wants their state services, but no one wants to pay more taxes. Well you can’t have it both ways. We have over 12% unemployment. Where’s the money going to come from? Scott said he was going to cut taxes, and that’s what he’s done. More power to him. If you’re going to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.

  7. tallyguy Says:

    Social justice? More like gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. Hah, hah, hah!

  8. historybuff Says:

    I think Hitler promised to fix Germany’s economic problems too. People believed it and rallied behind him. At least at first. Then only the very blind, very stupid, or very high up followed willingly. Which are you, out of money?

    I’m afraid, very afraid.

  9. RDC Says:

    really he’s cut taxes? the only taxes that have been significantly cut are CORPORATE taxes. That great property tax holiday for Water Managment comes out to 2-3 dollars per year, for the next two years, then it goes back to normal. Hope you enjoy all of those tax cuts while this state sinks further behind.

  10. RDC Says:

    that was 20-30, not 2-3 (my bad)

    still, don’t spend it all in one place!

  11. VeggiePol Says:

    Ignorance and name calling has no place here. The fact is that Gov. Scott and his legislative allies have done nothing to improve Florida’s job climate as promised. The budget was balanced on the backs of working families, when closing a few corporate tax loopholes that serve corporations and the very wealthy would’ve easily done the trick. It’s time for everyday Floridians to push back against the politicians and special interests that are bent on destroying our state. I applaud the organizers of these ‘Awake The State’ events.

  12. Dale llewellyn Says:

    I’m discusted with Florida voters that elected Scott out of fear,now we must live with this concentrated evil.I’m also very discontent with the elimination of high speed rail that would have given jobs and tourism a boost,but alas,the voters of Flori-Duh have helped Scott and his corporate ilk take advantage of the hard working middle class AGAIN…..

  13. GoScottGo! Says:

    I agree with Say What? The man is doing what he said he’d do. I am one of those “government” employees. For over 20 years I have watched politicians waste our tax dollars, and most that are elected have a personal agenda and are not really for the people, but for themselves. I think one of the biggest reasons he was elected, is because he is NOT a career politician. We have become a country where everyone thinks something is “owed” to them. Well sry folks, but I believe if you didnt work for it, or didnt pay into it, then you shouldnt benefit from it. It really is a shame that we have gotten away from the true values that we were taught.
    Go Scott Go!

  14. late notice Says:

    funny how i always hear of these rallies on the day of or after they’ve happened.Non the less, its about time people organize against this severe right winged agenda thats gonna wipe out us working folk.Oh and Donna please share what ever you are smoking “Rick Scotts gonna resign”lolol in my prayers.

  15. Israel Says:

    The Governor is doing exactly what he said he wa going to do; I heard, I liked and voted for him. More power to you Governor.

  16. Robin L. Egdish Says:

    I agree with so many of the comments made by most of those listed above. . There is no way I approve of this Governor and his Republican team. They are not going to represent the people unless they are wealthy like himself. He is not for the middle class or those having financial difficulties. Please be aware of the cuts he is so proud of. They will hurt us and remove any assistance for projects that were meant to support.

  17. NelliaMae Says:

    Rick Scott is an evil, hateful man. People who support him are either wealthy or stupid. If you really believe that giving mega coroporations tax cuts is going to create jobs, then I have a bridge to sell you. The last thing we should be doing is attacking the middle class. Police, firefighters, and teachers are underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated. Shame on Floriduh!

  18. Ms Vicky Says:

    The problem for some of those who have posted is that they’re watching the rasslin’ and propaganda on Fox news instead of discovering that the country has ALREADY turned against the Tea-Party. They misread what their constituents voted for and opted to transfer the earnings of middle class workers to lower the taxes for Big Business,the same fiends who put us into this economic decline. And those who praise Rick Scott are so delusional that they actually believe they will benefit from the few shekels he will throw them. This state is a total mess and our legislators did NOTHING to help our economy or job market. After all, Rick Scott only knows how to steal his way to wealth, so what could we expect? This governor is the Jim Jones of Florida, and his budget was the kool-aid. Fortunately, after the 2012 vote, the Tea Party will be just an embarrassing memory for the Republicans.

  19. Liberal Rant Says:

    blah blah blah TEAPARTY blah blah blah NEOCONS blah blah blah RICH PEOPLE blah blah blah WAR ON MIDDLE CLASS blah blah SARA PALIN

  20. Windy Says:

    The rich and the corporations want the rest of us in economic slavery.

    Our governments are controlled by the corporations and the rich. Often our elected officials are part of the very rich.

    I worry that I see a civil war coming.I think it is inevitable.
    These are no longer ‘The best of times’.

  21. We the People Says:

    Liberal rant = typical IQ of the average republican!!!

  22. DILLIGAF Says:

    @ We the people

    Kinda sounds like that idiot “obie”

  23. ddole1229 Says:

    As I read all the comments.I agree and disagree.
    1)Rick Scott is doing what hes said he would do.
    2)Rick is not a Career Politician.Right on that.
    But He is A Corporate Politician.And In My Opinion is the worst kind.
    3)People need to Awake and educate themselves on Facts .Not Foxs News .Know who and what your voting for.
    4)Please don’t miss quote or interpret the Constitution for your own Spin.
    5) rest assure the teabaggers will be left behind by the same people they voted in.
    Last My Comment is for the Person GoScottGo..Apparently you haven’t lost anything yet.Well their Are Millions that have.That do work for minimum wage,now because the job they had is gone,401k,gone stolen,stock gone, etc.So for you to say if you didn’t work for it blah blah .Is just darn right wrong.You have no idea what people are going through everyday to live.I do why Because I Care …Humans, People ,Parents ,Children ,Animal ,etc .Matter I believe in Humanity.So if that’s raising taxes on the Rich Well so be It.If that taking subsidies away from oil so be it..If thats Regulating Wall Street Again I’m their for that as well.Last but not least Make Corporation Pay Their Taxes.I refuse and more TAX Increase On the Poor and Middle Class.So Put On YOUR BIG BOY or Big Girl Panties and Deal with that Corporate.

  24. Daniel Tilson Says:

    To hear for yourself what people – including 3 FL State Representatives – at this rally were thinking & feeling, copy & paste this link – – into your browser to see 3-minute YouTube video.

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