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UPDATE: As immigrants stage all-night vigil, Haridopolos urges House to pass Senate immigration bill

by Dara Kam | May 4th, 2011

UPDATE: Rep. William Snyder insisted late Wednesday night the Senate plan is a no-go in the House. “I think it’s thoroughly impossible,” Snyder said. Even if he had the two-thirds votes to take up the measure – which he said he does not – he likely wouldn’t because it’s nowhere near the comprehensive change he supports.

Senate President Mike Haridopolos urged the Florida House to take up and pass his chamber’s immigration proposal despite House GOP leaders’ insistence that the issue is off the table.

“This is an issue we’ve talked about for almost a decade. I would trust the House to take up that bill,” the Merritt Island Republican who is running for U.S. Senate told reporters late this evening. “I think it’s the right thing to do…I’d like to see them do it. These are common-sense items I think everybody would agree with.”

The Senate plan is too weak for conservative Republicans in the House and too strident for Democrats to get the two-thirds votes needed to consider the measure, according to Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, the House plan’s sponsor.

But Haridopolos said the Senate proposal that would require work force boards to run a federal immigration status check on potential employees before they are referred to employers, prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving state or federal benefits and deport criminals after their sentences are served is a good idea. The Senate measure, passed with no discussion on Wednesday, would also require law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of arrestees after they are detained.

Meanwhile, immigrants and their advocates stepped up pressure on lawmakers to abandon the immigration overhaul. Dozens of them prayed outside House Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s office. Lopez-Cantera is a member of the Hispanic Caucus that came out in opposition to the immigration bills. Late Wednesday evening, the immigrants decided to hold an all-night vigil outside the Capitol.

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13 Responses to “UPDATE: As immigrants stage all-night vigil, Haridopolos urges House to pass Senate immigration bill”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    All illegals must be deported immediately. ICE can not handle the job.

    BARAMA is pro illegal! Nuff said!

  2. Tea Party Lady Says:

    The Tea Party embraces immigrants. Those immigrants that came here uninvited must write a letter of apology in English. They were bad and will have to have a punishment, maybe they can clean houses and yards for free. Obiwan, young man, I know that your mother taught you better manners, even if you do not like him his name is President Obama.
    We must all mind our manners!

  3. Rich Says:

    They might as well put a sign up entering Florida saying all illegals and terrorists welcome. I heard the illegals are leaving the hard line states to vacation in sunny Florida and that is no joke. Snyder is right not settling for the gutless plan Haridopolos put forth in the Senate. We all need real ID by 2017 except for the criminals coming across our borders and sucking our state budgets dry.

  4. Annie Jo Says:

    To Rich: You are so right. Illegal Immigrants are flocking to Pro-Illegal Immigrant states, while law-abiding tax paying American citizens are fleeing. Several of my friends, that are snowbirds and even permanent Floridians, are pulling up stakes. They are fed up with the hatred for Americans, our sovereign nation and the Rule of Law. What is Florida going to do, when they are left with poor Illegal Immigrants, that have a whole lot of babies and no American tax payers, to pay for them? They will collapse. There will be no bailouts, from Pro-American states. I will feel very sorry, for the Americans, that will be left in Florida. You know, the Illegals will turn violent. They are use to all their freebies. Once all the freebies are gone, they will flip out.

  5. Angry Citizen Says:

    Let’s face the facts. If you are pro illegal immigration then you are for all practical purposes promoting modern day slavery. Once you do that Florida will become a Sanctuary State.

  6. RT Says:

    Holy >>>> there are some really ignorant people represented here. Annie Jo, there is so much stupidity reflected in that post, unless of course you are a 3rd grader.

  7. Noneyabiz Says:

    RT, you so right! These morons would rather have our Florida Citrus and Tomato growers (etc) go under causing catastrophic damage to our state’s economy. We are an Agricultural state… I don’t think these racists know that. Let them get their Fat Butts out there and pick the fruits and vegetables in 100 degree weather, for slave wages then be spit in their face for just trying to make enough money to feed their families. What the legislators should be voting on is moving these hard working men, women and children toward legal status and to pay them a living wage! We actually owe these migrant workers our Thanks, for helping to keep Florida’s agriculture businesses going!

  8. Dirk Says:

    RT,Noneyabiz,why do all the pro-illegals groups resort to name calling of opposing enforcement groups? Because the factual data does not support pro-illegal view point.
    Your brillant idea is to legalize illegal aliens thus making them entitled to minimum wage protection-wrong the ag industry is only interested in slave wages with social services,health care and education paid by the taxpayer.Legalized ag workers tax bracket entitles tax filers more money than is actually paid it and also qualifies them for a slew of taxpayers provided freebies.Try to look through your ignorant haze and see the big picture.

  9. Rich Says:

    To Annie Jo,
    You are right. It costs Florida over 800 million for schooling illegals and over 6 billion as a whole. They get entitlement programs before American citizens who are hard hit. I have heard through the grapevine that there are illegal groups already spreading the word that Florida is a safe haven. My worry is also how many terrorists will seize the opportunity with our weak Governor and legislature.

  10. Dirk Says:

    I find it interesting that illegals aliens whose first act was to break US law and likely working on falsified documents are staging sit ins and protesting in and around our state capitol.And not a CIS agent in site.

  11. Dirk Says:

    Voting no on e-verify and immigration law enforcement from Palm Beach county;Smith,Sachs and Bogdanoff.Millions of Florida’s unemployed citizens were left behind in favor of special interest.

  12. Rich Says:

    We paid our representatives to put the 6 billion dollar tab for social services on illegals on the backs of the taxpayers. Then an insurance bill passed SB 408 that has given insurance companies power to raise our homeowners insurance much higher than previously allowed. This bill was supported by the Catholic church and Koch industries through Americans for prosperity. I guess the Americans they are talking about are insurance companies not homeowners. Where is the tea party?

  13. We the People Says:

    NOW that is an IGNORANT post.
    Trying to play the race card because they have no legitemate argument.
    Trying to claim the AG industry will collapse. Hey dumb A** who do you think picked the tomatoes 50 years ago/ stupid!
    Then you want to move them to legal status?? But then the AG industry will collapse without them to work for slave wages ,REMEMBER D.A.
    We owe them a crimminal conviction and a ticket back home.( maybe a boot in the backside)

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