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Aaronson ‘definitely’ seeking reelection in 2012 if term limits law is abolished

by George Bennett | May 13th, 2011


Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson says he’ll seek a sixth term in 2012 if courts strike down the county’s voter-approved term limits law.

“Definitely I’ll run again…if it’s allowed,” Aaronson said this morning.

Aaronson, who turns 83 next week, has said in the past that he’d consider running for reelection if county term limits are abolished. He’s also flirted with a Democratic primary challenge of Tax Collector Anne Gannon.

More than 70 percent of Palm Beach County voters in 2002 approved a law limiting commissioners to two four-year terms. For Aaronson, who was first elected in 1992, the term limits clock started ticking in 2004, meaning he’s ineligible to run again in 2012. But a Broward County ruling that struck down term limits there could end up invalidating Palm Beach County’s law if an appeals court upholds the Broward decision. A final ruling could come later this year.

Democratic activist Rick Neuhoff is the only candidate who has opened a 2012 for Aaronson’s seat.

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23 Responses to “Aaronson ‘definitely’ seeking reelection in 2012 if term limits law is abolished”

  1. Sinful Says:

    It would be a sin to have this guy re-elected to office.

    He takes free cruises, he gives away revenue for 2000 acres of land to Broward Co, he’s only for his constituents, not what is best for all of us.

  2. MoreSinful Says:

    It would be more sinful to have Rick Neuhoff in the seat. That guy is a whack job. Something’s wrong with that guy. He’s a couple cans short of a six pack.

  3. It can't be true Says:

    It’s Friday the 13th. Talk about bad news for the taxpayers of Palm Beach County.

  4. osborne Says:

    If I remember correctly, Mr Aaronson (when first elected) said that he did not have the intention to make a career in politic. I guess the free ride has changed his orientation. Please stay home. We have seen enough of you.

  5. LaQuishaNiqua Jones Says:

    Please,for the sake of Abraham and all that is holy,do not run again. Just fade into the shadows while stuck in traffic driving in the Ag reserve you single handidly ruined. Burt Aaronson was the single worst thing to ever happen to southern palm beach county. From the trash dump on 441 to GL homes every where you look to a shopping center on Lyons and Atlantic that will be 3/4 empty for the next 50 years.

    Just go away Burt.

  6. Casy Says:

    It is so past time for Burt Aaronson to retire from any kind of government role. His latest power grab for money and power, not to mention threat to our local system of checks and balances, is the charter revision. We need some good government folks to run against his bloated budgeting philosophy, unethical conduct and over-bearing style.

  7. RandyW Says:

    The three worst politicians in recent Palm Beach County History (not counting those who went to prison):
    1) Big Burt Aaronson
    2) Sweet Little Karen Marcus
    3) Lois Frankel (fill in your own description)

  8. Break Says:

    Good gosh. Enough is enough.

    Give it a break.

  9. Josie Kandren Says:

    Give us all a break. Just throw Burt, Irv, Maria, the red head that works for Wexler or Deutch same thing..and Abruzzo in jail. Let them live on Slim Fast. Enough is enough….

    They are all crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ELC Says:

    Is this groundhog day or what?Give fat boy a chance for another day-FORGETABOUTIT!That’s why they have term limits so idiots like fat boy do not have a chance to sit on the commissions
    and their a$$es permanently.Do not do away with term limits because we won’t be able to get rid of these losers and they will sit on the boards forever.

  11. ELC Says:

    I find it quite sad that in the short time I’m living here there is only one person recently voted in that I have any respect for and that is Steve Abrams. The rest are just not worth it. You have to wonder why there are so few choices to vote for and why the same clowns keep running for office and continously voted in again. Like a jury pool-we need more people with experience and most of all ethics(which Palm Beach County unfortunately lacks).

  12. Dems2012 Says:

    The reality is we need new blood but not this losers like Rader or Abruzzo…the Rick guy is nuts. I think we should have someone who is not connected to these nutjobs

  13. Mary Says:

    Come after Anne Burtie…her package is bigger than yours.

  14. AmericanWithFreeSpeech Says:

    I know Rick Neuhoff and he is genuine and sincere and will fight for the best interests of the whole of Palm Beach County and not just Burt’s $pecial interests. He will bring integrity to the commission and end this reign of corruption WHEN elected.

  15. Oren Says:


    Rick is nice but is clueless. Burt is mean and corrupt. I say give me a third candidate and then we can talk.

  16. strategic defaulter Says:

    The only thing that’s keeping this old codger alive is having to get up and go to “commissioner duty”. Once again, Burt is only thinking about himself. How many retirement pensions does an 83 y/o guy need? Give someone else a chance Burt! Go away while you still think that you are a hero.

  17. in the know Says:

    He keeps getting reelected because the condo commandos vote him in.

  18. A Says:

    Just like Frankelstein wanted to extend term limits but didn’t get neither will you Burt. Time for you to get steppin’.

  19. Lance Says:

    I love Burt minus the fact that he got Hasner elected, helped hide Wexler and staff money scandel, continues to do so with Deutch and he seems to be criminal. What’s not to love!

  20. Scorecard Please Says:

    So let’s summarize.

    Aaronson is “mean and corrupt” and loves his freebies. He ruined the Ag Reserve, gave away 2000 acres of taxable land to Broward, and only cares about protecting his district constituents at the expense of others. He heads the south Palm Beach County political mafia.

    Neuhoff is a well-intended “whack job,” “a couple cans short of a six pack,” “nuts,” and “clueless.”

    This stinks.

    Do we have a state attorney?

  21. The Grass Roots Says:

    Sit down Burt. You, too, Karen — take the high road in this article if you wish, but we know you’re calling the Supremes every day trying to influence their ruling. The longer a politician stays in the job, the more corrupt they become. You cross the line enough times, it gets to the point that you don’t even see the line anymore. 30 years is a good run, both of you, please. Stop.

  22. Derex Says:

    At last! Sonmoee who understands! Thanks for posting!

  23. clglbcwedke Says:

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