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Will life get tougher for Florida’s poor? Scott: “I hope not.”

by John Kennedy | April 5th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday he still expects the Florida Legislature to embrace his call for $2 billion in tax breaks, mostly for corporations and property owners, even though both the House and Senate are poised to approve budgets this week that ignore his pitch.

“I believe they will,” Scott said. “It’s something that’s very important to getting the state back to work. I really believe that we’ve all got to understand that we’re competing with 49 other states and a lot of other countries. And we’ve got to make this a state where we want to live, work and play.”

In cutting $1 billion from schools and imposing deep reductions in programs serving the poor, elderly and disabled, legislative leaders have said the budget-slashing would have to be even tougher to make room for Scott’s push to phase-out the corporate income tax and reduce property taxes going to schools.

Scott wouldn’t talk about the prospect of vetoing a budget without the cuts. “I’d rather not think about hypotheticals,” the governor said.

But lawmakers also have hinted they are wary of potential political backlash if they cut programs for some of Florida’s neediest — while handing out tax breaks. Meanwhile, higher tuition costs, electric rate hikes and property insurance boosts all look likely to emerge from a Legislature that claims an aversion to tax and fee increases.

Asked if life would get tougher for lower-income Floridians when the Legislature adjourns in May, Scott paused.

“I hope not,” Scott said. “First off, we’ve got to get this state back to work. The thing that impacts people the most in this state right now is the 1.1 million people without a job. If we take the different pieces…my goal is to make sure we’re reducing the cost of state government. But the biggest thing is, people need a job.”

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44 Responses to “Will life get tougher for Florida’s poor? Scott: “I hope not.””

  1. Bill Says:

    If 50 state governors all give tax breaks to business (well, 49–CT is not this dumb)then this is a zero sum game. All that happens is less revenue for the 49 states, no state being any more attractive than it was before, and any new jobs created go to China anyway, so what’s the benefit? A better idea is to tax companies that ship jobs overseas, and reward companies that create jobs here.

  2. Bob Says:

    This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth, but mostly out of his a**!He wants this a state to live, work, and play—if everyone loses their jobs, off we all go to another state. Everything is going up faster than you can say recession, and he is giving tax breaks to corporations! The only thing these greedy, pompous tea party legislators are right about is political backlash. Scott, Rubio, West, and the rest of their band of merry makers will be out on their collective butts in when it comes time for them to run for re election (if they dare!)”Lets get to work” might have worked for his Medicare defrauding company he headed, but it certainly isn’t working here!

  3. Bill Newton - FCAN Says:

    But so far, all Rick Scott has done is issue pink slips. He fired workers taking care of the state planes, then proposed eliminating 8,000 state positions. He stopped rail, eliminating another 24,000 jobs. He closed the anti-narcotics office costing several more positions.

    All he knows how to do is kill jobs. When will Scott get to work and actually create some jobs?

  4. lol donkey Says:

    Even Reagan was smart enough to end Tax loopholes for corporations. He would be considered a ‘Libtard’ by today’s teabagging bloggers.

  5. dark gator Says:

    Time to get the impeachment proceedings going.

  6. Bill Newton - FCAN Says:

    Oh wait. He did create a job for his buddy Carl Littlefield in DCF at $79,000 a year. He didn’t want Carl to lose his state healthcare coverage.

  7. ozmo Says:

    Wow!! Just how insane, arrogant, fanatical, and corrupt can Scott show the world and humiliate our great state. The extremism of Republicans will create a backlash and give the Demos a free ride in the next election. Extremism is one thing, but combine that with corruption and you have the worst political cocktail.

  8. What Says:

    This idiot that was elected governor would lose a debate to a 10th grader. Lucky for him, the media is on an 8th grade level.

    Florida is not competing with 49 other states… that is unless we are ranked the worst (for businesses) in relation to tax rates. Last I heard, we were among the best.

    So what will it take to lure businesses to Florida, and the bigger question is can we?

    Rick Scott is making blanket assumptions on one very small part of the overall equation. What about education systems? Are executives going to want to move here if their children suffer? What about environment? Will those same corporations want to subject their employees to polluted air and water? The list can go on and on…

    This governor is a one-trick pony and everyone has fallen for his slick 30 second ads. In 3 years, opposition will be able to point to so many missed opportunities and they will have facts on their side, that Rick won’t be able to spin his way out having to answer for his record.

  9. What Says:

    And I will add… what does he expect? He has replaced anyone who has an inkling of knowledge of the legislative process with volunteers, many of who have never held a real job and most of who have never interacted with government or the legislative process.

  10. What Says:

    ozmo – this is the perfect opportunity for some level-headed republican to stand up and define the republican party as the moderate choice for voters.

  11. Lawyer Says:

    To John Kennedy,

    Received word via email minutes ago that likely Federal Government shutdown on Friday. The email from Republican leaders in Washington said planning on not siding with Tea Party. They want to seek to have education requirements before resuming government again.

    They want to force a shutdown for months and even discuss changes to existing laws.

    I’m writing back I agree with shutdown duration and urging disbanding of political party’s in country.

    Many people in Washington are saying that we’ve not been this close to another civil war since 1861.

    John, this means that some in our state believe we can shutdown Florida Government out of Federal Shutdown, as no budget is agreed here or likely agreed here by Friday.

  12. Lawyer Says:

    @ What,

    Hey, we hear you, so much so quick in background. Pace is tough.

    If the shutdown goes, questions about Florida are abound.

    Simple fact is Lawyer Republicans in Washington are mounting a attack against Rick Scott and Mike Hardiopolo.

    On Federal level attack and discredit all tea party, is from Republicans interested in putting money into the American Workers pockets.

    Your going to get what you ask.

    A New Republican Party.

  13. Charles Says:

    This Scott dude is not a Republican. It is time for the true Republicans to stand up to him. There does not seem to be a voice of reason within this man.

  14. Lawyer Says:


    Could not agree more,

    Some of the most powerful Republicans in the state hear you.

    We believe that Rick Scott has broken enough laws, that pushes to investigate fraud in current health care company has to happen. As a Governor Lawyer the 5th Amendment does not apply if questioned or within questioning now. We also believe Rick Scott’s wife has engaged in helping commit fraud upon taxpayers. We also believe both Dean Cannon and another lawmaker lawyer have broken ethical requirements for law licenses they hold.

    Something serious comes within days.

    Just be prepared.

  15. Confused Says:

    I’m confused. How does cutting jobs create jobs? How does cutting the pay of all teachers, police, and firefighters create more economic growth? It seems like it’s quite simple. If people do not have jobs or are earning less money, they are bound to spend less.

  16. Educator Says:

    Fascist Scott is the BEST THING to happen to the Democratic Party since Palin! The entire country (and world) is laughing at Floriduh!

  17. tallyguy Says:

    And what are you, Charles, a Charlie Crist RHINO?!. Go Rick Go!

  18. tallyguy Says:

    And you, Lawyer, are delusional! Ha ha ha!

  19. half pint Says:

    Scott wouldn’t talk about the prospect of vetoing a budget without the cuts. “I’d rather not think about hypotheticals,” the governor said.

    Oh yeah- don’t have a plan “b” ready- just put all your cracked eggs in one basket.

    This guy, thus far, has shown himself to be hypocritical, defensive and frankly, inept for the job as governor. Anyone know what it takes to have him legally removed from office?

  20. Lawyer Says:


    I’ll take,

    I don’t know about a Charlie Crist RHINO.

    What I do know is a lot of highly educated Republican are about to shove our educations down your throats.

    So much, that in next couple of months, many seniors locally that voted for this, guess what, no social security payments.

    To top that, don’t be surprised if Rubio turns on the Tea Party. I hear that 2 months or better of a shutdown in Social Security payments. Those benefits might never be paid out, even after the shutdown.

    Economic war has started, I personally can tell you South Florida Tea Party, listed at there website. So many are in financial dismiss may. Some of them that work for us, or our friends, will be losing their jobs. Others that we know there employers, those employers will get letters about there conduct putting them out of jobs.

    We mean to make as many tea party homeless as we can.

    Good Luck!

  21. Truthman Says:

    How many registered voter signatures does it take to get a Recall Process initiative placed on the November ballot for the voters of Florida to vote on and approve?

  22. Lawyer Says:


    Yea, tell me how you feel when your friends are telling you.

    You know, all the sudden that bank kicked my foreclosure into high gear. Or that contractor down in Broward county can’t get jobs because of all the complaints against them on the internet.

    I got lots of legal tools, to legally put you out of business, or out of your homes. WHICH I FULLY INTEND TO DO!

    Anything not clear on that!

  23. tallyguy Says:

    You need to chill dude, before you give yourself a stroke… No offense. Just sayin…

  24. Lawyer Says:


    Chill, what? F U

    Son, many are mad, local native types, not as education as I.

    What you what friends now that you can do a little search to figure I wasn’t BS’s you?

    Your boys been speak-in way out against wrong people.

    Now it’s time to pay piper, there’s no going back. Many 20, & 25 year residents here, you know what they’re going to tell you once shutdown happens.

    Your going to tell them,

    Chill Dude, in true grown here SFLA tradition, they going to greet that the SFLA way. Which will be to insert there fists in your month.

    Your in our land, you will do as we say or your will suffer consequences.

    Choice is your.

  25. half pint Says:

    Hey lawyer: sounds like you are having difficulty conveying your message by run on sentences, typographical errors and incoherent thought process. I am hoping that all of “your fellow gang members” have your level of intelligence. “Do as you say” yeah- okay, last time I checked I was an adult and able to do as I want and say what I want. Save your idle little threats, they are indeed idle and little, for children under the age of 5 who may be intimidated by them (“may” being the operative word). has no effect on adults with just a smidge of intelligence, ya big dope.

  26. tallyguy Says:

    Native Floridian, 50-year resident. Spew your nonsensical blabber to someone else. Besides, vitriole accomplishes nothing and is the primary reason this country is so divided (IMHO). Hot air does float balloons though. Should be right up your alley, friend. Peace!

  27. half pint Says:

    P.S. lawyer; go busy yourself by robo-signing fraudulant foreclosure documents and hand them to a judge. I’ll be the one with popcorn in the front row waiting for the Judge to hand you your ass on a plate.

  28. Lawyer Says:

    Well, why let post names.

    End of day in a shutdown,

    I throw my law license out. Pick 40 up with my life long boys, smoke, anyone you know, then go race your car into the ground.

    Because end of day, people like you got people I know killed.

    Who u?

  29. Lawyer Says:

    Were all big boys, let’s talk meet, to see how actual happens.

    I’ve I had friends straight up walk up the the Warlocks leader, put a 40 in his eyes. He got, I’m still pissin on his grave with year.

    Want to read actual story?

  30. Lawyer Says:

    Ask Allen West how his friends feel knowing people I knew killed the WARLOCKS Leader.

    Not just, oh, I shot you, my friend blow the guy’s head clear off his shoulders. Gone never comin back.

    How do you feel knowing that?

    Straight up I can show you the Orlando Sentinel Story if you don’t want to take my word.

  31. Just Curious Says:

    Question: Wasnt Rick Scott convicted of Medicaid/Medicare fraud?? If so, isnt that a felony? And if it is, isnt there a rule that says felons cant do certain thing, like go into prisons? So why is he still here?

  32. tallyguy Says:

    Just, no he wasn’t.

  33. candros Says:

    Wow – some pretty crazy people with a lot of time on their hands to argue with strangers in the PBP comments section. People, our government is BROKE and BROKEN, they know and we know. They continue to make payouts to losers to get their votes and continue the crumble. I am glad I don’t have a child in the military fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants, welfare leaches and lazy, ignorant Americans.

  34. Just Curious Says:

    oh my God, I sure hope that “Lawyer” is just a ficticious name and you arent a real lawyer…. SMH, if so, if I was your clients I’d be requestiong a refund.

  35. Just Curious Says:

    @ Tallguy… Thanks!

  36. JJ Says:

    Who are the dumb asses that voted for this guy? Stop complaining if you are one of them… I didn’t vote for this jack ass.

  37. half pint Says:

    Lawyer is a “wanna be” lawyer. Can’t even comprehend what was written. another one talking out of his ass. Typical thug loser. “stick a 40 to his head… blah blah balh” what are you referring to a beer? Bet the house he wasn’t even able to graduate high school much less law school. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LOSER!

  38. half pint Says:

    “Warlocks leader” YEAH- ok- sure whatever you say…… the fact is you cannot print one sentence without the “thug” coming out. Thug, short for thoughtless hypocrite undereducated goober.

  39. peanut Says:

    I read the last time the shutdown was threatened, that SS payments would go on, but not the review of disabiity claims. What about the IRS? If we went back to the income taxes of the Clinton years, we would have no deficit. And raising the level of SS to cover more than $106 thousand a year would solve the SS problem.

  40. JC Says:

    With Rick Scott’s assault on the weaker members of society, many will need some Tips on How to Live in Their Cars

  41. SleazyE Says:

    This guy means what he says…”Let’s Get To Work!” It’s more of a demeaning statement. He will cut jobs and make this state unappealing to good teachers and law officers, as well as make them want to move and “Get to work” Either way it looks like he wants to see a bunch of people lose their jobs…then make an attempt to cut benefits for unemployed and tell them “Let’s Get To Work!” (AKA Get a job! SLOB!)

  42. Independent Voter Says:

    Florida already has the 40th lowest corporate tax rate in the country. We’re already competitive in that arena.

    In the 3 months Mr. Scott has held office, I’ve seen him CUT thousands of jobs (guess I must have imagined him saying he’d create 700,000 jobs), stop contract work resulting in more layoffs, and, get an initial 500% return on his $78 million investment thanks to the legislature allotting him a $400 million discretionary fund to “encourage business”.

    While I agree that all of Florida doesn’t need to foot the bill for Tampa & Orlando’s high-speed rail, and I also think making medicaid HMO is a good move, I have yet to see any sign of any legislation or actions by him or the Florida Legislature that are even remotely “job-creating”. He sure is a poster child for how to kill jobs though.

  43. limpwrists Says:

    Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. The man to get Florida back on track is Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales. He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service whose president was Anthony Carione, fingered by law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, plead guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.

  44. Floridian Says:

    First ‘Lawyer” you are not an attorney. Second it is illegal to put yourself out as one, which means you can be fined, arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated without a license. Scott is gambling with a major ‘G’. He is Oboma’s best friend in Florida. What the Rep are going after are not taxes, by any slice of Florida that would support Oboma in the next election.

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