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Two hecklers escorted from West’s town hall meeting

by George Bennett | April 26th, 2011

UPDATE: Liberal radio talker Nicole Sandler, formerly of the defunct Air America network, was also removed for shouting and later arrested. Read the complete account of Tuesday’s meeting by clicking here.

FORT LAUDERDALE — Two or three hecklers disrupted the beginning of tonight’s town hall meeting hosted by U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation. Two were escorted out to applause from the crowd of about 500.

West, who has been holding two meetings with constituents each month, is appearing tonight for the first time since his April 15 vote for a Republican budget plan that would change Medicare beginning in 2022 to a program in which the government subsidizes premiums paid to private insurance plans.

“How about our Medicare that you’re stealing?” shouted a man about one minute into West’s opening remarks.

“How about allowing questions from the audience?” shouted another man.

West’s staff announced that tonight he will answer written questions submitted by audience members before the meeting. At previous meetings, members of the public lined up to ask.

A police officer escorted two men from the meeting at Calvary Chapel.

“I’m going to tell you this,” said West during the disruption. “You’re not going to intimidate me.”

37 Responses to “Two hecklers escorted from West’s town hall meeting”

  1. coward? Says:

    west is not even man enough to answer tough questions. what a fraud.

  2. dark gator Says:

    A fraud indeed! West has been feeding at the public trough his entire life, he knows nothing about average people on Medicare/Medicaid.

  3. t Says:

    dark gator You are an idiot and Unamerican if you beleive serving in the US Army for 22 years and fighting in two different combat zones is “Feeding at the Public Trough”. I guess you never served in the US military but those “Trough feeders” are protecting your sorry __SS

  4. Go WEST! Says:

    Just remember the democrats TELEPHONED in to their Town Meetings!

    GO WEST! You have my support. These are ORCHESTRATED DISRUPTIONS, probaby perpetrated by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


  5. bob fox Says:

    You know he is 100% on track when these things start happening.

    They have a huge fear of the Congressman as a future President, hopefully in 2012.

  6. Robert Says:

    Two liberal pukes themselves sucking from the public trough.

    The average person is not on medicare or medicaid because the average person works for a living and theres no need to be on government assitance.

    Two light weights afraid that their entitlement programs are being yanked away.

    Yank away Allen and let these liberal pukes fade away.

  7. Diana Gwyn Says:

    Funny that people wanting government handouts are accusing the Congressman of “feeding at the public trough.” Average people do NOT expect others (IE: taxpayers) to pay for their healthcare!!! dark gator I pay for mine and my kids…..Get off your rear and pay for yours!!!!!

  8. Cathy Swartwod Says:

    Allen West is a most honorable man who has served this country both in the military and now as a Congressman. I have been following Allen for quite a while now and have never heard him back down from any question asked of him. He is a loyal, patriotic American who will defend his country and the Constitution no holds barred. I only hope that he will see how his country needs his service in a higher capacity and will run for the Presidency in 2012. There is no one like him out there. Liberals are shaking in their boots at the thought of Allen in the White House.He knows who the enemy is and will not bow down to them like that faux president we have now. West is best!

  9. Cathy Swartwood Says:

    (made some corrections to my info)

  10. greg Says:

    “The average person is not on medicare”

    Robert, that is pathetic, even for a T-puke.

    In 2008, 45 million Americans got Medicare benefits. That is 15%. Most of those are folks over 65 that have worked all their lives and paid into the system.

  11. CULPEPPER Says:

    People forget that the government can only give what it has taken from you.

  12. Watching it All Says:

    Holding a town hall meeting at a Right Wing Extremist church and dis-allowing questions from the opposition is what creates an atmosphere like this one.
    It’s a joke that West is passing off this as a real Town Hall Meeting.

    If I get the reports correct….there were about 500 rabid West supporters, many of which were Tea Party members. I have yet to see anyone from this Tea Party crowd allow those who disagree with them a voice. These democrats were like black people at a KKK meeting.

  13. Jack Gillies Says:

    You IDOIT’s who are gutless not to give your names but comment are weaklings! Come out of the closest or your mothers basement! You liberals are trash! Yeah, you can find me anytime. Allen West ROCKS!

  14. Jack Gillies Says:


  15. Calm Down Says:

    I wasn’t at the meeting, so I don’t know whether the “hecklers” were simply frustrated that he wouldn’t actually answer people’s questions unless they had submitted them in advance or were “instigators.” Based on the quotes reported in the newspaper–”why don’t you answer our questions”–I’m not getting the vibe that they were hostile to West or his cause, but rather confused about this why this man of the movement wasn’t interested in talking with them. It’s a valid question. Most of us here are pretty clear about what we think, and pretty informed. I’m sure West is as well. Given all the respect many of us have for him, we still owe it to ourselves to ask: why is our representative not interested in listening to all of our concerns, not just the one’s he’s cherry picked in advance? And if you think Tea Partiers are not allowed to hold their representatives accountable, you shouldn’t be part of the movement.

  16. Fran Says:

    I believe these attacks only make Congressman West stronger. Maybe some people don’t understand that it is Obama who cannot take criticism.

  17. Rich Steffer Says:

    I beleive that the Congressman did answer their questions. The Medicare plan in qusetion does not affect those over 55 years old. All of the hecklers clearly fit in that group.

  18. Ana Campos Says:

    Alan West will be a one term Congressman. That’s a given.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party has zero credibility and is the face of ignorance and hatred. But hey, you can’t fix stupid!

    GREAT JOB Ken and Nicole.

    Thank you for speaking up for and on behalf of the majority of Broward County.

    Well done.

  19. Let's have fun Says:

    Alan West is impressive, a principled man who apparently really gets under liberals’ skin. I guess it’s hard to accuse him of being a racist, so progressives go ballistic on the subject of Allen West. Calm down!

  20. nanook` Says:

    allen west already has a history of racist, xenophobic rhetoric that is only going to become more apparent as time passes. i only wish i could have been there to ask him to defend his recent comments about how women are meant to be subservient to men, and that women that aren’t are responsible for gov’t debt:

  21. NOTallenWest Says:

    trust me folks===
    we are NOT afraid or intimidated by Allen West. he is a coward and an opportunist. he is a fraud and a liar and he will not be reelected in 2012. The new govenor is a huge phony and even though the radical right has been in power a few months–they have put a very sour taste in the mouths of most Americans-these are the fact~buyer remorse folks

  22. Oriskany Says:

    I was at the meeting, and I am neither a Republican, Tea Party supporter, or a Christian. These hecklers were obviously there to disturb the peace, and were not being constructive whatsoever. The questions were written on cards right before we entered the doors. Were the questions asked the ones we wrote? Who knows, but the hecklers are not the heroes here.

  23. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    The hecklers should have been bounced out on their empty heads. Two legged trash like them should never be in the presence of normal people.

  24. Peyton Says:

    West is one and done!

  25. Embarrassed Says:

    FRAUD…….If west truly is not going to be intimidated then why did you not answer LIVE questions. Funny how the first town hall he holds after a tough vote he decides not to take direct questions. Instead he has questions submitted before hand so that his staff could go through them to make sure they were on “message”. I was not there but I am sure there were a few questions that they let in to make it seems as if there were tough questions being asked. Typical West all show and no substance. West needs to get off TV and radio and start being a congressman for his district. How about introducing a bill instead of raising your profile for your own personal gain.

  26. Tina DiDonato Says:

    He was forced out of the military because he was a nut job – get your facts straight. You wackos don’t care if your representatives answer questions because you’re too stupid to know what to ask. Another thing, if the medicare aspect of the GOP’s “budget” is so great, why don’t they implement it now? Afraid that the seniors won’t vote for the unamerican GOP?

  27. Chris Says:

    People, people, don’t waste your time responding to individuals who don’t have THEIR facts correct. They are entitled to their opinions. What we do know they are intimidated by Allen. Their verbage will continue & Allen will continue, onward & upward. He has been in tougher battles. Allen is a true American patriot! Thank you Allen for your service and dedication!

  28. Jamie Says:

    Talk about Astroturf heckler’s! I’m 53 and I want medicare and ss revamped. We have to leave something for our kids and a bankrupt social security and medicaid system isn’t it. Sure we paid in, but the average retiree gets out WAY more than they put in over the years. It’s crazy. It can’t continue to work this way. Privatize it, abolish it and return the paid dollars with interest to the taxpayer and let them invest it and buy their insurance with it. It is a stupid system that should have never started and now it is part and parcel what is ruining our country. FDR knew he was creating a monopoly. Most Americans were against the pay as you go program. It is nothing but a government trust fund and it needs to go.

  29. Sam Says:

    What a joke, Allen is one and done, i agree. At the 1st town hall he had, he welcomed all questions, especially from those who “do not support him”. What happened?? what a coward, looks like the last few town halls got a little sticky for him when he couldn’t answer as he’s a complete fraud who tortured people in Iraq and then couldn’t pay his bills on time.

  30. MtnFrost Says:

    Any coward like West who is afraid to let his constituents ask questions needs to go. This besides his radical, unAmerican republican stances attacking the middle class and destroying medicare. He’s terrified people will see him for what he is – a coward and a shill for those who hate the average hard working American!

    His goons hauled out a woman simply because she ASKED A QUESTION. He’s a political coward and a bully.

  31. David Baumwald candidate for mayor Pompano beach Says:

    I just don’t understand when a United states Congressman, trying to relay the best possible information to the people has to be stepped on by people that simply don’t listen to what is really happening in Washington. This man is a great thinker and a modest man who simply wants to see America stay strong without hurting the people in it.People like Allen West are applauded for taking his life and serving District 22 to the very Best of his ability. This is a courageous man who will stand up to the “good ole boys” and say ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. I say Good Job congressman. keep it up!!

  32. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    As the political season warms up in the coming months, we should expect more and more violence and thuggery from the socialists left and their paid string-pulled minions, . . . attempting to intimidate and dissuade others from expressing their thinking and rights.

    Their objective of course is to wear us down.

    Knowing their game plan, it tis a simple and easy challenge to us much stronger and battle-proven veteran patriots.

  33. Media Observer Says:

    These comments become a political ping pong game. With all due respect, the person we are taling about is Nicole Sandler, a known liberal talk show hose that is in the same realm as Randi Rhodes and also worked at Air America. Geez people of the internet, just google the names and see for yourself. Nicole was trying to make sure her name got on camera so she would be recognized and she even brought a camera to make sure. Liberals can’t see how she was an opportunist? No, they don’t listen. It’s just like the “War Protestors” that went away when Pres. Bush went away. Nicole Sandler needs a career boost and she’s getting it. Now, I want to know more about Congressman West. He sounds like a stand up politician and we need some!

  34. Eric Says:

    I have not heard Mr. West say what he’s going to do for the military. Only I here from him is he was in the army for 22 years. Well I was in the army to and a LTC in the army is a yes man. What I mean about that is Mr. West at LTC rank was told what to do. He didn’t make decisions like he said. Mr. West was just a O5. You have Col on up to General to do that. Military wake up!!!!!!! He hasn’t said nothing for you. VET

  35. Eric Says:

    And one more thing. When I was in the military, we did not talk about the COMMANDER AND CHIEF like Mr. West does. Why if he been in the army for 22 years he should know better. Once a VET always a VET.

  36. Ron Says:

    Allen West was fined by the military for using a bit of torture to save the lives of his men. Apparently this upset liberals.

    This is from CNN news, Dec 13,2003

    “Apparently not knowing where West’s gun was aimed, Hamoody cracked and gave information about the planned ambush on West’s convoy, thwarting the attack.
    West said there were no further ambushes on U.S. forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post on October 4.”

    West kicks jihadist and liberal butt!

  37. Concerned Citizen Says:

    The Post’s headline drips with bias when it refers to “two hecklers” being removed. I have accessed enough videos and audio recordings of the happenings.

    While the unknown male might fairly be described as a heckler, Nicole Sandler, the focus of this article, was not. She attended as a constituent and journalist and simply asked a polite question. Like all journalist when she received a canned and evasive response, she attempted a follow up, whereupon she was immediately accosted by an agressive and bullying private bodyguard and policeman.

    Shocked by such tactics, as far as she went was to demand they remove their hands from her, as many people might do. But when arrested, she immediately cooperated and left calmly.

    Palm Beach Post, be ashamed.

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