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Senate sends two abortion measures back to the House

by Dara Kam | April 28th, 2011

The Senate passed two amended House abortion bills, sending back slightly watered-down versions of a proposed constitutional amendment and a bill barring some private insurers companies from providing abortion coverage.

Yesterday, the House approved a half-dozen anti-abortion measures after nearly five hours of debate.

The Senate spent less than 20 minutes discussing the two measures Thursday morning.

The first (HB 97) would bar insurance policies purchased in whole or in part from the new health care exchanges from offering abortion coverage. The Senate added additional exceptions to the measure that already includes exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother to include the health of the mother.

The second (HJR 1179) would ask voters whether the state constitution should bar public money from being used to pay for abortions. That measure, too, was amended to include exceptions for the mother’s health.

“I resent the fact that now wer’e further eroding a woman’s right to do what she wants to do with her body,” objected Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, who voted against the measure.

But Sen. Anitere Flores, the bill’s sponsor, said that curbing abortions was one of the reasons she ran for office.

“This is an issue that for some of us was the reason we came to Tallahassee, to help…the lives of the unborn,” Flores, R-Miami, said.

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7 Responses to “Senate sends two abortion measures back to the House”

  1. Mary Latensky Says:

    This is sick. We are turning back time. Republicans are proving once again they are against women having full control of their bodies.

    The future of living in Florida is looking bleak for my daughters.

  2. Bob Says:

    I just love the hypocritic right to lifers. Anything to pander to the right wingnuts, and get elected in the name of Jesus. If the right wing was FOR abortion they would be passing laws left and right to give them away for free! I just love it when these phony Bible thumping, Scripture quoting,Jesus nuts get caught with their pants down in a mens room or back alley! This is a womans right to choose–no man whould tell a woman what to do. This is 2011 not 1811! Instead of this country moving forward it is going into a backward spiral into the abyss!

  3. dark gator Says:

    Catholics and Mormons will not stand for watered-down versions.

  4. religious persecution Says:

    why do people who claim to believe in tolerance and understanding always think that what is good for them has to be forced on everyone else? churches should be taxed because they are now a political party, not a religion

  5. Kevin Says:

    This is a tyranny against all child bearing aged women plain and simple. What about a woman’s inalienable right to freedom and liberty with her most sacred possession, her own body? Republicans like to throw those words around like they actually believe in them but the truth is they stand firmly in the way of liberty and freedom for anyone but themselves. Why do you want to force the birth of future criminals and welfare recipients onto us? If you really cared about the unborn you would get involved in the poor community and help the mother eat right and stay drug free during the pregnancy then after the baby’s born you would help her provide food housing and medicine for the child in order to prevent it from becoming just another cold blooded criminal. But you don’t, in fact you are doing everything possible to cut programs that help poor people cope with things like teen pregnancy. Then once they are born and begin committing crimes you want to keep them in jail for as long as possible. Passing laws banning abortions or placing impediments in the path of obtaining one does nothing other than pander to the republican politician’s political base for the sake of re-election. We can only hope that the medical community fights back against this measure that requires a woman to pay for and undergo unnecessary medical procedures against her will in order to qualify to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. Bottom line is just about every unwanted pregnancy in this state ends up cost the tax payers millions of dollars one way or another. How can you call yourselves fiscally conservative and be against abortions???

  6. mary lopez Says:

    Yeap. In fact, did you know that Currently, many insurance companies do not allow adult children to remain on their parents’ plan once they reach 19. Companies cannot do that any more. Search onilne for “Penny Health Insurance” and you can insure your kids if you are in the same boat.

  7. King Koch Says:

    This is the biggest problem facing America. I need all the fetuses to grow up and work for minimun wage at my coal mines. Everyone knows that a woman can’t make informaed decision about her body. I will spen 3 billion dollars to make America worst than China. Keep voting for my Kock Whores!!!

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