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Senate prez on deregs: ‘We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans.”

by Dara Kam | April 8th, 2011

The House scrapped oversight of more than a dozen professions, many of which lawmakers began regulating to curtail scam artists in fields like dance studios, so-called charities and auto repair shops.

Senate GOP leaders, who didn’t have a sweeping deregulation plan of their own, agreed to negotiate with their counterparts on the issue.

But it’s unlikely they’ll sign off on deregulating the broad swath of professions the House approved in a party-line vote yesterday.

“If it’s important to the House we want to give it every consideration but we want to be very sensitive to particular areas where there have been the scammers,” Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, told reporters today.

Movers and auctioneers are among the professions Haridopolos, a candidate for U.S. Senate, said he’s leery about relinquishing oversight.

“And again, there is a role for government. Let’s not forget about that. We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans. And we recognize the role for government and we’re going to try to strike that balance,” said Haridopolos, adding that “there’s a difference between regulation and red tape.”

Haridopolos said it’s likely the House and Senate will reach common ground but “some of the areas where we’ve had the historic scam opportunities for bad folks, we’re going to make sure those doors continue to stay shut or at least more in the sunshine.”

Gov. Rick Scott, who’s pushed deregulation of some businesses since taking office in January, said he wants to do away with government oversight that consumers don’t use.

“Look at every one of these things that we regulate…Have you ever looked at whether they have a state license or not? If the consumers are not relying on that, that’s one,” Scott said.

It “doesn’t make sense” to have regulations in which “some people are complying and some people aren’t complying,” Scott said. “I’m very supportive of reducing the regulation for things that our consumers are not relying on.”

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10 Responses to “Senate prez on deregs: ‘We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans.””

  1. Searcher Says:

    Finally, a little ADULT supervision.

  2. me too Says:

    I hope they dont deregulate businesses that need oversight, like vehicle repair shops and telemarketers either… Theres nothing like getting ripped off and having no one to turn too.

  3. Tim Says:

    I hope that the senate really looks at the list of those the want to de-regulate because the list has several things that need regulation. My wife has been duped by vehicle repair shops and I filed a complaint with agriculture & consumer services and they got my money back. Also, movers are very shady and need to be regulated. Travel agencies should required to register because we are the tourist state and we do not need to scam people traveling here. We had to file a complaint against a gym that closed and we got our money back because the state had a bond in place. I don’t think I would worry so much about a decorator or auctioneer being regulated but consumer issues are a different story. Do not open us up to more scams. One scam with charities is debt relief companies claiming to be a charity says they will help you out and then they start charging your debit card and you have to change all of your bank accounts to get them to stop. Senate please get advice from people before doing away with these programs.

  4. prleprechaun72 Says:

    This bill is the dumbest thing to come out of the legislative session since the golf/state park controversy. These “representatives” do not care whether their constituents are scammed, victimized or duped at all. These regulations were put in place because these businesses were ripping people off and noone had any sort of help or recourse! Make your voice heard! Tell your senator to OPPOSE this bill! WE NEED THESE LAWS!

  5. The tragedy Says:

    Of course, they won’t deregulate non-profits because they pay to run the whole department. The state makes a profit off of non-profits. That’s justice.

  6. HM Says:

    Did you see what just happened?

    This brazen corporate schemer who weaseled his way into the Governor’s office wants to make life easier for con artists like himself….and even REPUBLICANS said ‘whoa. hold on’.

    Bury whatever money you have left. We’ll be lucky to be wearing clothes by the time the Dread Pirate Scott leaves office.

  7. John Russell Says:

    People ONLY need to check licenses, access the regulatory infrastructure… WHEN THEY ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM!

    Regulations that are IN PLACE act to keep for the most part, those who are providing products/services to the public… HONEST!

    HOW SIMPLE IS THIS? WHAT is there about THIS concept that Michael and Scotty cannot understand?

    Dump the regulations fellas, and the public will be left naked to fend for ourselves!
    John Russell, Dade City, Fl.

  8. John Russell Says:

    I was at the Vets today w/ my dogs and listed to a Highway Patrol person who works to keep our highways safe, in particular when accidents occur. She told a story of a senior citizen whose wife had an accident on I-75 where apparently her husband responded to the scene having been in a separate vehicle close by. When her husband showed up prior to police while it was still dark, her husband attempted to cross the highway to check on people in the other vehicle and while crossing the road was struck by TWO vehicles!

    A pathetic scene, but since her category of patrolmen is slated to be discarded, look for more accidents of this type to occur. Rick Scott and 90% of the klowns in Tally are self serving morons. J R

  9. John Russell Says:

    For some insight on just “who” the next speaker of the Florida House is going to be… check out YouTube title “The Next Marco Rubio, Where There’s A Will, There’s a Shill!” Will Weatherford… Manufactured candidate! My pleasure, J R

  10. Big Johnson Says:

    They’re proposing to deregulate licensed professional geologists! Folks, these are the people who investigate sinkholes, design where your minicipal wellfield will be, and evaluate the movement of contamination and salt water intrusion in the ground water. Do you really want any fool off the street looking at these things?

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