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Senate pension plan exposes GOP rift

by John Kennedy | April 2nd, 2011

With the House and Senate poised to approve state budget proposals next week, $3.3 billion separates the two sides — along with a smattering of ideology.

Some Senate Republicans are wary of efforts to extract $1.1 billion of the state’s budget shortfall from teachers, police, firefighters and other government workers in the Florida Retirement System.

Viera Republican Sen. Thad Altman went so far as to call budget chief J.D. Alexander’s plan, which pivots on 3 percent pay contributions by FRS enrollees, a “huge, huge mistake.”

The House pulls $710 million from government workers in its pension proposal. But the Senate’s budget proposal still spends way more than the House.

If senators want to ease back from public employee cash, there’s not many more couch cushions or cookie jars for lawmakers to find money. But watch for some senators to float some alternatives – more cuts, and maybe even some fee and fine-hikes – in the coming week.

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10 Responses to “Senate pension plan exposes GOP rift”

  1. Ms Vicky Says:

    Florida’s Republicans better man up and RUN LIKE HELL from Scott’s oppression of our middle class workers! We will be out in DROVES for the 2012 vote, and those who go with Scott will lose their tenure. We will retire them and give them a time out (the rest of their lives) to reflect upon their wrongful thinking and bullying attitudes. We will spare the next generation the tyranny of their ignorance.

  2. With Scott Says:

    It’s the perks and benefits that irk me, as a taxpayer.

    I want ALL, even elected officials, to get LESS of a percentage on retirement.

    I have a vote with politicians.


    Fire Rescue even floated the idea to have its own special taxing district, so they could give themselves raises, perks without having to go thru county commissioners.

    Taxpayers can’t continue the perks. Police and fire rescue the WORST offenders.

  3. Ms Vicky Says:

    So you think police and fire fighters are the offenders. Man, do YOU ever need a course in critical thinking! Consider Big OIL or the corporations who send all our jobs overseas. Think about the Wall Street rip-offs that hurt ALL middle class working Americans. That’s where Scott, the corporate socialist, wants to transfer the state’s money. How have police, fire fighters and teachers become enemies of the state? Answer: YOU have been officially and effectively brain-washed. Next time you have a fire or a break in, call Rick Scott to help you out. GOOD LUCK!

  4. He who has no name Says:

    He who has no name is probably a paid supporter ‘stirring’ the pot. Ignore the idiots. When someone hates on teachers, policeman and fireman, there is nothing to say to that in response. The corporations get bailouts while teachers, policeman, and firefighters are leeches on the budget… when we wake up from this crazy dream, life will be better. The very thought that people argue is pretty sad.

  5. Sick of Repugs Says:

    What a joke. NAME ONE PRIVATE RETIREMENT PLAN THAT DEMANDS MANDATORY PARTICIPATION AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT. That is what the Repugnants have done! It’s a tax! Of course you so called conservatives don’t mind the government abusing its power when it doesn’t effect you. HYPOCRITES!

  6. Tango Says:

    The most succinct description of what’s happening was on an ad the firefighters are running: The Legislature intends to punish the working people and middle class for the crimes committed on Wall Street. Period.

    And if you agree with this tactic, I can tell you this much: You should be very worried if they get away with it, because if they do, YOU could be the next person they punish for the depredations of the Wall Street criminals. So very fascist of them.

    Thad Altman, although a repuglican, apparently has a brain and enough foresight to see what the future will bring. It actually rather delights me because I’m looking forward to the backlash against the teabaggers and the outing of their reals leaders, the Koch brothers. I feel the same sense of anticipation if Congress “shuts down the government.” Go ahead, fools, and then ask Newt Gingrich how that worked out for him.

  7. Ms Vicky Says:

    I agree about Altman and have already phoned his office to thank him for standing up for what he knows is right. I’ve read on other links that Republicans are scurrying around like rats on a sinking ship, trying to devise new bills to prevent Democrats and Independents from voting…because they KNOW the onslaught is coming. They’re so obsessive that they actually thought they could punish and run over the rights of working Floridians and get away with it, but this is NOT their daddy’s Florida (i.e. the old South). They have motivated HUGE, passionate masses of voters to organize against them. LOL! It’s just a matter of time: They can run, but they can’t hide!

  8. BigArch Says:

    The socialist union thugs are out in force in this Hate Scott site.
    I retired from the private sector and have no pension other than my 401K into which I paid 75%. I saved all the government allowed for years to be able to have a little money to retire on, therefore I do not feel any pain for people asked to contribute a few dollars for retirement or for health care. Go Rick Scott.

  9. Ms Vicky Says:

    Big Arch, I see from your other post that you also don’t care that the neediest in our community, those who are disabled, physically and, or mentally, will get serious cuts. You are annoyed by the frustration of healhcare workers and claim that you “don’t understand.” That is apparent, so I will repeat: Corporate Socialism is taking from the working class and giving to the big corporations and Wall Street, the same who bankrupted this country. Sounds as though you were a victim of this as well. Maybe you should have joined one of the unions you so dislike, or were you going for a bigger salary in the private sector? In any case, you sound like a really stellar guy, a true Rick Scott fan: No feelings, no sense.

  10. Dan Says:

    The Repiglicans are also trying to work the voting angle. Now if you move and haven’t already tranferred from your old voting district to the new one you won’t be immediately counted, even with appropriate ID. You will be given a provisional ballot so that when the votes are counted the Repiglicans can try and keep the vote out. Of course they will be sure to allow the votes that appear to be for Repiglican candidates and the others will be trashed unless someone is their to fight this disturbing back run around the right to vote. Bottom line, if you move remember to change your voting residence.

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