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Scott’s disapproval rating soars in new poll; ‘I’m not trying to become most popular,’ he responds

by George Bennett | April 6th, 2011


UPDATED with comments from Scott while in Palm Beach County today (after the jump).

Florida voters disapprove of Gov. Rick Scott by a 48-to-35 percent margin, says a new Quinnipiac University poll that finds the new Republican governor’s disapproval ratings have more than doubled over the last two months.

A February Quinnipiac poll showed Scott with the same 35 percent approval rating, but with only 22 percent disapproving.

Voters overwhelmingly agree with Scott that taxes should not be increased to balance Florida’s budget. But by a 64-to-24 percent margin, they don’t believe Scott can keep his no-new-taxes pledge. And they disapprove of Scott’s overall handling of the budget by a 55-to-36 percent margin, with 53 percent calling Scott’s proposals “unfair” to people like themselves.

Forty-seven percent say Scott’s proposed spending cuts go too far, compared to 29 percent who say they are about right and 16 percent who’d like deeper cuts.

Scott’s proposal to require state employees to begin contributing a portion of their salaries to their pensions is supported by 55 percent of Floridians, with 39 percent calling it a bad idea. His order that new employees be submit to drug tests gets 78 percent approval.

Voters dislike a new law linking teacher pay to student test scores by a 57-to-39 percent margin.

The poll of 1,499 registered Florida voters was conducted March 29 through April 4 and has a 2.5 percent margin of error.

“Today, Scott is a four-letter word to many Florida voters, but political popularity can change with time,” says Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown. “The experience of Scott’s predecessor, Charlie Crist, who had 70 percent approval ratings at this point in his tenure, shows how fickle public opinion can be.”

Our Kim Miller reports that Scott, in Palm Beach, was asked about the poll and said he’s not trying to win a popularity contest.
“I won this race because I put out a specific game plan for the state and people know I’m doing exactly what I said I was going to do,” said Scott, who spoke during a question-and-answer session at The Wall Street Journal Women in the Economy conference at the Four Seasons on Palm Beach.
“I’m not trying to become most popular,” Scott said. “I’m trying to make sure this state succeeds. When I run for re-election they will decide whether I succeeded.”

131 Responses to “Scott’s disapproval rating soars in new poll; ‘I’m not trying to become most popular,’ he responds”

  1. Nuuf said Says:

    No doubt the Post is reporting this with glee. Perhaps the low approval is due to going after vested interests like teachers Unions for the good of the polity.

  2. JustMeee Says:

    Perhaps, Nuuf, his low approval is due to lack of competence, intelligence, morals, and ethics. Floridians might be dumb, but they ain’t THAT dumb.

  3. Koch Brother Says:

    the tide is already turning. Even ignorant Floridians realize that Scott does not have their interests, and that he only wants to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. He will become the most hated one term governor in Florida’s history, and then will laugh all the way to the bank!!

  4. Gr Says:

    He’s been in office since the end of January. Chill out people. Remember when Obama took over all the idiots dumping on him after a few months. In 2 years if things havent improved then you have a very GOOD complaint. That applies to the Prez too. Hows that Hope and Change workin out for everyone

  5. Breath of Fresh Air Says:

    They don’t like him because he doesn’t support the welfare / nanny-state
    culture that so many in this country have come to depend on. Keep going Governor. Support traditional American values.

  6. Gr Says:

    Before any of you call me that nasty R or D word Know I have no party affiliation since 1990

  7. Sid Ated Says:

    GR – how’s that imitate Sarah Palin to make yourself look stupid thing workin’ out for ya? Pretty well I’d say. Hasn’t everyone learned yet? The repugnicans are not out to improve anything except the tax breaks and bank accounts of their corporate buddies. It’s all about the money, nothing to do with ‘helping’ anyone. Wake up and smell reality.

  8. CH Says:

    Isn’t it something how “THE TABLE TURNS” so quickly…I bet GOV Scott is probably thinking this every night. WOW this is what it feels like to be REJECTED, to have people to go against your EVERY DECISION.

  9. mike Says:

    Perhaps the low rating is because the people that voted for him in a rush of anti everything Obama, hammered into them by t-party puppet masters, finally are seeing that what they really voted for was actually anti everything middle class.

  10. Glock Says:

    @Sid Ated,

    You’re an idiot. I’m sorry there is just no other words. Your attacks on tax breaks and all the garbage about the rich getting richer is right out of the liberal handbook. I suppose the Gov wants old people to starve to death too? We are in a position where our debt is going to ruin us. Cuts have to be made. Even a child knows that you cant spend more than you make. The era of handouts are over.

  11. AJLind Says:

    *** Let’s see: Every single day the liberal-owned and run Palm Beach Post reports some negative article on Scott. Everyone reading this, check in tomorrow for another negative article about Governor Rick Scott. Somehow I think that if Alex Sink was running the show the Palm Beach Post would have glowing reviews of her. This is why I cannot take anything this paper says very seriously – it is slanted reporting and that makes it not very credible. ***

  12. Tim Jerque Says:

    More likely the sampling was slanted towards dumocrats or union thug households to achieve the desired result. After all, who wouldn’t want to keep the same policies that have knowingly bankrupted our nation, destroyed our grandchildren’s futures and promoted socialism?

    And how’s those tax breaks and back room deals by Odumbo to Wall Street, GE, GM, big Unions and others workin’ out for ya?

  13. Tete Pigeon Says:

    Let’s recall him

  14. mike Says:

    @glock- yeah you are right. The era of handouts needs to end. We need to quit giving away our revenues. Quit the big tax breaks and subsidies. How is it that people like you cant see the big picture, the real fleecing of America? Talk about one-sided. Do some research and use your brain. There are two ways to get out of debt. Spend less and bring in more money.

  15. Carol Says:

    This is what happens when people do not vote or vote but do not pay attention. This governor is doing exactly what he promised to do as a candidate. To the comment that people voted anti-Obama, it would have been smarter in a statewide election, in a state that has been controlled by republicans for years (Crist, Bush, an overwhelmingly republican legislature) for people who wanted change to vote for the democrat. But people do not even seem to understand the basics of their own government. When corporations are treated as people and money controls so much of the process and politics, it leaves people with only their vote. If you do your homework and know what the candidates stand for, you can cast a smart vote that may actually change things.

  16. Fred Says:

    Soaring disapproval ratings means only one thing – that Governor Scott is doing exactly what he said he’d do and what he said is needed: cutting government waste and unnecessary program expenses!

    Don’t complain if you voted for him!

  17. Independent Says:

    Consider the source…. “The Socialist Propogandist” would be a more accurate name for the PBP. So far so good on Scott in my opinion. My only concern would be which drug testing company gets the contract. Other than that…bust the unions and make government people accountable and actually have to EARN their salary. That’s all good in my opinion. As for Hope and Change….we can just HOPE to get through the next couple of years and make a CHANGE in 2012.

  18. Jim Says:

    I could care less about cutting handouts, but this idiot is cutting teachers pay education funding while giving handouts to the corporate vampires who created this mess and trying to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about cutting property tax. Our property value has fallen so much we are already getting tax cuts far beyond what this guy is getting us.Cutting corportate taxes altogether will only put more profit into CEO pockets. They are not going to reinvest in this economy because no consumers have money to spend. More forclosures are coming, more unemployment and higher gas prices and, oh yeah, higher homeowners ins that will dwarf your property tax break. Good luck to all of us.

  19. alright Says:

    Where did they take this poll? I know of only a few people out of literally hundreds, that I have talked to, that disagree with his cutbacks. Yes, some maybe a little too much but in negotiations you ask for it all and then settle for what you can get them to agree with!! If you have a problem taking a drug test then STOP DOING DRUGS!!!!

  20. Hope and Change Says:

    Hope and Change might be an easy slogan to make fun of but as a small business owner, I can say that things have improved dramatically since Obama took office. My historically booming business was on the verge of bankruptcy caused by the economic crisis created by the prior eight years of Bush and Republican policies. I almost had to shut it down and lay off my small group of employees. Now business is booming again. I didn’t do anything different except exist in a better economic environment. Also, when Obama was inaugurated the SP 500 was at about 850 now its at 1330. Our 401k retirements have almost doubled! That’s change I like.

  21. once republican Says:

    Has usual the GOP missed the mark whereas the people do want fiscal responsibility but they realize it will take time to reform and did not expect radical reform all at one time. The GOP just doesn’t get it the GOP could never roll anything out without shooting themselves in the foot.

  22. RDC Says:

    No wonder, he’s a corporatist nut job that doesn’t have the interests of the average working person at heart. Want proof? He said it a couple days ago himself when asked if he though his new budget proposal would make the lives of the poor worse…he answered “I don’t think so”
    Think? You don’t know? Can’t lie to yourself that much? It’s B.S. he damn well knows that he doesn’t give a sh*t about poor people and so long as they stay poor and working 2-3 jobs and barely getting by, they won’t rise up against the ruling class and demand to be treated equally. He’s cutting corporate taxes while cutting funding for education AT THE SAME TIME!!! how can you delude yourself into thinking he cares about anything but his cronies? There IS NO MIDDLE CLASS in Florida anymore. There are two classes, the working poor and the rich. Don’t kid yourself thinking it’s any other way.

  23. RealAngst Says:

    Recall this clown NOW. I have had enough of these politicians. Vote them ALL out. If they are incumbents, if they dont do the things they are supposed to do, then get rid of them. Scott is a CROOK who took the 5th Ammendment in questioning regarding FRAUD against the State of Florida. That is the RIGHT AGAINST SELF INCRIMINATION! Yet the clueless voters in this state didnt understand it and elected him anyway. DOH!

  24. Daniel Says:

    I disagree with ALL liberals about Scott. I’m tired of supporting public employees, baby factories, and all the BS handout programs for the poor. Oh, except for the homeless folks. They get no help ’cause there’s no money to make on them. I support drug testing for welfare types. I want to see ALL public employees pension plans changed to 401K’s like we have. None of them are worth a darn & do little work. Teachers pay should NOT be tied to kid’s performance UNLESS the kids are forced to do their work & BEHAVE in classes. As a former teacher I don’t believe in tenure either. Too many lazy bums just putting in their time. Hey, Give the Gov. 2 yrs. before making a snap judgement. Sink lost over $25 BILLION for the state & is a career politician. I hate career pol. They do NO work & get pd. far more than I ever made in my life. Also, stop bringing up the Scott medicare issues-they’re past! I personally will be volunteering @ the local Rep. HQ to help keep the current madman in the W.H. from being re-elected in 2012. Bush’s deficit was about $1 trillon when he left office. Now we are @ almost $15 Trillion. Some Pres. & Congress!! Stop blaming the Tea Party people for wanting a balanced budget, etc. YOU don’t care about that! You just want all your free pensions & stuff. Get over your greedy selves.

  25. OBIWAN Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how many ‘polls’ are ran during the FL Legislative session?

    Not one single ‘newspaper’ endorsed GOV Rick Scott.

    Every day they used YELLOWDOG JOURNALISM – publishing known lies to demean an individual or group – to dissuade otherwise unknowledgable voters he was but a ‘criminal’.

    Did it work? Yes, it lowered the margin of victory by over 10%. Some people still think they read it in the ‘newspaper’ it must be true…

    Each day since, we get another new hatemongering diatribe against GOV Rick Scott for wanting smaller, more efficient GOVT!

    Public service employees should have salaries, pensions and benefits similar to the taxpayers that pay their tab! Simple economics 101.

    For over thirty years, Elected Public Officials have cowtowed to unions and hidden from scrutiny the cruel facts FL is headed down the same path as failed Dumbocrat states — like Kaleefornya, Illunoise, Meechagun, etc.

    New Yorkers pay over twice per capita their GOVT that is so intrusive it choked everyone!!

    GOV Rick Scott pulls off 60% of his platform he gets a second term. THAT is the gold standard for the Super Majority of Floridians that are Libertarian, Conservative, TEA Party, Moderates… and vote Republican to keep it that way!!

  26. pokeya Says:

    How does anyone expect in a short amount of time that anyone can change what 8 years of beat around the “BUSH” did for this country??? HOPE and CHANGE is better than BEND OVER WHILE I POKE YA WITH MY COW PATTY COVERED DONG.

  27. Tea Lady Says:

    I think Governor Scott is doing a wonderful job!

    Mr. Scott understands that fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government are the true path to restoring Florida.

    And We Tea Partiers will hold Mr. Scott and our elected representatives to their election mandate.

    The keys to Florida’s bright future are in our hands! =)

  28. matt Says:

    where does it say that because most of you failed to make something of yourselves,I OWE YOU?? the Palm Bch PUTZ is a LIBERAL RAG & will BASH REPUBS any chance it gets!!That GIANT SUCKING SOUND YOU HEAR is the lips of the TAKERS on the governments TIT !! BUST THE UNIONS!! right on right on right on! He didn’t cut teachers pay!!funny how the MARXIST SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE BLOW F’N BAMA DESTROYING AMERICA IS OK(CAUSE HE’S YOUR GUY)and your wetting your panties over Scott!!who did you poll,the editorial room at the PUTZ?? the leeches & takers are gonna make some noise but there is still more of us producers & we will take America forward!How’s that HOAX & CHAINS WORKI WORKI for you!!SEE YOU IN 2012 WHEN ROUND 2 THROWS OUT MORE DEMOCROOKS!!

  29. JimBob Says:

    OBIWAN….Keep drinking the tea… It makes your comments funnier every time.

  30. Educator Says:

    When Obama was inaugurated the SP 500 was at about 850 now its at 1330. Our 401k retirements have almost doubled! The entire country is seeing economic regrowth despite the devious efforts of the Fascists like Scott.
    Obama in 2012 and Hillary in 2016.
    It’s a plan for success!

  31. Republican Says:

    I am a proud republican, but I have to admit this guy is really shady. I do not like him so far. Just because he represents our party does not mean we have to be loyal to this guy.

  32. Educator Says:

    Scott is an infected pimple on the face of this great nation. The Federal Government will clear it up soon. I predict tax evasion charges forthcoming.

  33. RDC Says:

    I’d love to have a salary similar to what the private sector has….that would mean a 25% pay increase for me! I’d be happy to contribute to my pension then. I still wouldn’t agree to random drug testing though.

  34. Republican Says:

    I am pretty tired of people attacking unions and public employees. Yes some union policies are bad and yes some public employees are living off the fat of the land, but the majority of employees are hard working people who are only getting what they signed up for in some cases not very much. People like Scott are using unions and public employees as scapegoats for government corruption. Does anyone really think things are going to change fiscally if pay and benefits are reduced for government employees? The savings will just be transferred into the private sector which usually does not care about the employee only profit! I have been in both the private and public sector and I chose to stick with the public sector because of the benefits. It was my choice which every public sector employee also has.

  35. Tony Says:

    Well if you voted for him, please don’t complain. He spent 60 millions of his own money. Do you think he is not going to get that back? Sorry to tell you but Floridians don’t learn. Just because you can talk don’t make you a credible politician.

  36. Republican Says:

    Educator don’t be such a communist! We need balance in this country.

  37. RDC Says:

    7 million Tony. He spent 7 million and he very much expects to get that back. See the Hayley Barbour issue over the last few weeks.

  38. Floridian Says:

    If everyone calms down, they will see every move made by the REP party, Scott included, is to cripple funding sources for the Democratic Party to fund the Oboma run for office. He is attacking the greatest sources for that funding.

  39. Brandy Says:

    This week an Orlando radio station learned that Scott wants to privatize medicaid clinics across the state. Maybe it’s good and maybe no. But Scott transferred ownership of stock he held in a large company that specializes in just that and this move would leave “his wife” in a very lucrative position. A call was made to Gov. Scott’s office but they refused to discuss the issue.

  40. Educator Says:

    Republican, with all due respect:

    “Democrats in their pursue of social justice are trying hard to make this a socialistic society. On the other hand Republicans with their accumulation of wealth for the few are accidently going to turn this into a Communist society.”

  41. Floridian Says:

    tea party lady, you realize most of America think you guys are simply freaks? You remind us of the bored housewives who ran to the PTA boards because you needed to validate your existence. Sorry, you made the stigma stick in our minds, not us.

  42. Jim Says:

    All you supporters are okay with the property insurance increases? That is going to put us back to work and help middle class how? I can barely afford to stay in my house now. If gas food and insurance keeps going up, I will have no choice but foreclosure. does that help you? his proposal for a $45 property tax reduction for the year won’t help me much.

  43. matt Says:

    EDUCATOR!! you don’t sound very educated!!you sound indoctrinated!!

  44. Floridian Says:

    He now wants to take away insurance of the Retired employees! This was not in the contracts they signed up for, and few had an inkling they would have to prepare for additional $1000.00 A MONTH expenditures on retirement. The state has manipulated to get the best deals on insurance, which will not be replaceable if this bill passes by the State even in repeal. This is going to head for Federal Court, most of the laws are, costing tax dollars in millions, so there will be no gains from such illegal acts.

  45. Educator Says:

    MATT! you sound like a 6th generation florida local!!!

  46. Boconut Says:

    Don’t take it personally Governor!
    Obama’s ratings suck too.
    Republican…Democrat…no matter.
    It’s just the business you’re in. People are just sick of politicians!

  47. Republican Says:

    Educator I am not sure how Republicans are going to turn our country into a communist society through policy changes. In most communist societies the people depend on the government for food, shelter, medical treatment, and a wide array of other things. There is no free market. This is not the path that the Republican Party is taking.

  48. matt Says:

    GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!! NOT THE ANSWER!!unless your unskilled & uneducated

  49. Joe Says:

    There is an old saying, Numbers never lie. But liars use numbers.

    So you won’t believe what you want. My conviction stands firm.

    I cannot trust my governor. Not after what he tried to pull.

  50. Jeb Says:

    I refuse to believe that 35% approve of the rapacious trashing of Florida and it’s citizens while he gives money to corporations and the already wealthy. It is impossible that one out of three are that totally clueless. That poll is just plain wrong. Other online polls register a 90% disapproval rating, which still seems off, as it should be more like 99.9%…but I guess that 10% might account for corporations and the wealthy…

  51. Joe Says:

    believe what you want.


  52. Educator Says:

    Republican, please read it again, it says that the Republicans will “accidently” turn the USA into a communist nation, very much like what happened in Cuba, a few have all the wealth, people revolt and the end product is communism/dictatorship.
    Socialism is the compromise.

  53. Jay Says:

    Here’s a thought. For those that would rather suck off the government teat and are against Scott’s plan to revitalize Florida, there is a nifty little island country just south of us that would love to have you. Maybe Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will join you and you can all sing the praises of socializm.

  54. Jeb Says:

    Go after your reps to demand that they pass HJR785 and HB787 to provide Floridians with the right to “recall” errant politicians and inform them that if they oppose that legislation, you will vote against them in the next election.

  55. Educator Says:

    Matt, please, people from other parts of the country may read these (at least for laughs)
    YOUR indicates possession
    YOU’RE is the proper contraction for YOU ARE
    “you’re unskilled and uneducated”

  56. Truth Says:

    I don’t see Scott talking about legalizing medical marijuana. Why not?

  57. Go Rick Says:

    Love this guy. Finally a politician who has the guts to say “no” to people. And people complain about him actually making the changes in government that have needed to be made for over 30 years. Can’t go on spending money we don’t have but the union, libs and entitlement wanks just don’t get it.

  58. Tim Says:

    You can’t blame Gov’na Skelator, its his two closest advisors, Dewey Kickback, and Les Bribe that are causing all his woes.

  59. lakshmi Says:

    I only moved here recently, but was absolutely amazed that someone who stole from the government (us) would be elected governor in the first place.
    What were you people thinking? A felon as a leader? Why don’t you just find a thug and hand him your wallet?

  60. HM Says:

    No, i actually don’t like him because he’s EVERYTHING that has turned this country into a banana republic.

    A smarmy, weaselly ‘businessman’ who switched off his ethics gene at birth. Another idiot who seems to think the world of business….which when it’s done right is a in reality a dictatorship…translates to democracy. It doesn’t. And hopefully this doosh will be sent back to his ‘profit at any price’ world via the recall ballot.

    And all you gullible cornholes who love dictatorship. Seriously. Move to a REAL banana republic, Venezuela, and leave the rest of us to salvage the fair, free and confident country our grandparents (AND THEIR UNIONS!) built for us..

  61. Republican Says:

    Educator I understand your point, it would be interesting to see how things play out. Although I do not think the majority of Americans do not have it in their hearts to start a revolution, but then again desperate people take desperate measures.

    @ Go Rick what do you really know about unions in Florida?

  62. Sorry Obiwan Says:

    My prediction is that Rick Scott will never see a second term. Hopefully he won’t see a full first term and will be impeached. His attack on unions, specifically police, teacher and fire unions, is strictly payback because they failed to support his bid for governor and had the nerve to speak out against him. He thinks he has no rules. The fifth amendment should tell you all something. Throw away that Kool Aid for God’s sake.

  63. Sebastian Says:

    I am a Republican, I am a combat veteran, I graduated from college. I have worked all my life. Our governor is inept, and a con man. You may not say to me I am a socialist,liberal, left wing, but just a honest man. I did lose my leg in combat, and still go to work every day.

  64. A Supporter Says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Governor Scott is the best Governor Florida ever had. Stick to what you are doing Mr. Scott and Florida will be much better off. You are right holding teachers responsible. Most of them are empty suits collecting fat pay checks with many of them unable to expalain their subject matter in English.

  65. CB Says:

    If you want to see where your money as a taxpayer is going, just go to the Florida SNAP card program site, we give 1600.00 per month to any unemployed, non working, illegal with a family of three. and if there is more than 3 members its an additional 325.00 per member, if they have adhd its 750.00. A person who does not work and collects can get paid by florida up to 6500.00 a month. How about Rick going after these frauds!!!

  66. floridarunner Says:

    It’s funny how people blame the current economic problems on teachers, government workers etc…. let’s remember folks – the current state of our affairs is thanks to PRIVATE banks giving out ridiculous mortgages causing local governments to lose gazillions in revenue from property taxes, and PRIVATE companies failing in Detroit and needing a bailout, and a war!! State Pensions, and government services did NOT cause this problem – I can’t wait to hear you screaming when you need a service and there is no one behind the counter to help you – when you NEED the services – you’ll be the first ones screaming…. this situation is ridiculous. Put the blame where it is due – in unregulated PRIVATE corporations raping the people to get a bigger bonus. It doesn’t work Mr. Scott – please go away.

  67. PBC Resident Says:

    I don’t think Scott has done enough cuts.

    Still, I don’t like him. It’s because he still thinks he is a CEO in the health care industry. Everything he does is to benefit that industry. Government needs to stay out of peoples private lives(I’m talking about his drug tests). Government should never be in bed with corporations(I’m talking about Scott wanting to give them more tax breaks and even grants to hire).

    Folks, Scott is NOT a member of the Tea Party. He’s just another corporate tool…..

  68. AJLind Says:


  69. Harry Hotspur Says:

    Gov.Dick Snott and the Tea baggers, I piss in your general direction !!



  71. don Says:

    Seriously you conservative fu***, we all really want to know which circle of hell you pulled this Rick Scott guy from?

  72. PBC Resident Says:

    Wow, the PB Post seems to have a lot of government employees who post here.

    Sorry, but I happen to believe that no gov employee should earn more than the average American does. You shouldn’t get a pension or health insurance. You should get that on your own….Unions only oppress non-union workers and inflate costs for everyione while giving us bad service…..Government is too big. We should cut it by 80%. Get rid of social security and medicare….Shut down all military bases not on our soil and stop the three wars we have going on….Stop the drug war. Legalize all drugs. That alone will make our jails, courthouses and police employment less crowded….

    You guys can look at the budget of our county to see how bad things got. The county budget went from less than $1billion to over $4 billion in just five years during the housing bubble. Meanwhile the compounded inflation rate for the whole last decade is 25%. When property values dropped, they jacked our mil rate up 30%.

  73. larry Says:


  74. North County Says:

    Taxes in his state have been slowly and discretely transfer from the wealthy to the middle class over the last decade. Most of them you do not even think of as a tax. The largest to date are on utilities, cable and cellular service. (Franchise taxes) The utility tax has increased with the cost of fuel. Ten years ago the majority of us did not even have a cell phone. Maybe there was one per family. Now each member has a cell phone and many of us have smart phones. Taxes every time you refinance your mortgage. In 2007 the state collected nearly $4 billion in Doc stamps. Last year it was barely $1 bill. The majority of these revenue shortfalls where supplemented by the Federal government as part of the stimulus package. It paid for teacher and police and fire salaries. How much higher are turnpike tolls? The cost to register your car or boat and get a license?

    As far as medicaid goes. The majority of the costs are for the disabled and for taking care of grandma in the nursing home so she does not have to live with you her children and grandchildren.

    The most disappointing moment that occurs when reading these posts are the shrills sitting at their keyboard lacking the brain power to do a simple Google search.

  75. Republican Says:

    @PBC at first I just thought you were the typical public employee hater, but your “Legalize all drugs” comment explains it all. You think any credible individual really takes you seriously?

  76. hit the road Says:

    All of you bashing Floridians for voting this piece of cr@p into office realize a)it wasn’t Floridians that voted him in, b)it was all you transplants that want to call us “redneck morons” and C) you should be on I95 NORTH and don’t look back because as you’ve told us Floridians, everything is better in New Yawk!! So, get your nasty attitudes and asses back home!! Oh, and take Rick with you.

  77. Huh?! Says:

    AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody doesn’t like Scott so the far right has to protest and call names. Real grown up, folks. Your boy is being a selfish idiot, his rating are only going to get worse. Live with it.

  78. Big Dem Says:

    So, Gov. Scott’s disapproval rate is exactly the same as President Obama’s. Funny, I don’t recall The Post describing Obama’s disapproval as “soaring.”

  79. smitvict Says:

    Odd, 47% is the same number of people who pay no federal income taxes, yet enjoy the benefits of the federal government. Could it be the same freeloading crowd?

  80. PBC Resident Says:

    To post #75 , Yes, anybody who believes in liberty should take me seriously. Government needs to stay out of peoples lives. If one chooses drugs it is their body. The main problems from addicts are the laws which make it illegal. If drugs were legal the prices would plummet. That would mean the addicts wouldn’t need to rob to support their habit. They would rather be getting high than doing crime….Don’t worry, I have other opinions you won’t like either. Like letting gays marry, but at the same time getting rid of all entitlements for the married, gay or straight. Such as when a spouse never works a day in their life, but by being married ten years they get half of what the social security check is…..

    Less government. More liberty….You do know that the hypocrisy of the Republican AND Democart parties is why so many voters are becoming independent?

  81. Smoke 14 Says:

    Thanks to all the dumbasses who voted for this clown. I guess the fact that 2 of his companies were involved in illegal activities wasn’t good enough. Idiots!

  82. WHAT ABOUT US Says:


  83. Republican4ever..until now Says:

    As I lifelong Republican I am ashamed at members of my party who support Rick Scott and the tea baggers. What was once an honorable party is now a disgraceful collection of morons, crooks and self interested dolts who don’t have a clue as they spew their garbage. My thinking Republican friends are all joining me as we acknowledge the more correct direction of President Obama and others who are much truer patriots, and are happily abandoning the current Republican gang of thugs and idiots.

  84. Save Says:

    Why not get rid of the free life long pensions and benefits for state and government workers? I’ve been working in the private sector for 25 years and I’ve had to pay for MY OWN benefits and 401k, there is no free pension for us out here AND I’VE HAD TO PAY FOR THEIRS. My real estate taxes, income taxes, etc… do nothing but go up to support these people’s benefits. AND to top it all off, I personally know several teachers and fireman who I am absolutely AMAZED at the time off they have!! Comp time, vacation, sick pay, summer vacations and it all ACCRUES. AND THEY RETIRE EARLY !!! I pay THEM and I’ll still be working many years longer than they do. Sorry, but if we’re out of money, we’re just out of money….So what’s your bright idea to solve these problems ? YOU GO SCOTT ! I voted for you and I’d do it again !

  85. spence Says:

    This scary space alien has no mandate for his changes. How in heaven’s name he made it to office I haven’t a friggin’ idea. We know we can recall him though, and we better bloody well get going on it, because he will continue to march further down the road to working people’s demise. Maybe Rick Scott is punishment for Floridians being too complacent.

  86. Detria Scruggs Says:

    Well, Rick Scott was voted into office. The same people who voted him in is now trying to get him out of office. I know of several who stand up on the side of the road with signs that speak against Rick, but voted against Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist would have never turned his back on us. Rick Scott is messing with people’s retirement and everything he shouldn’t mess with. He is the most arrogant idiot I’ve ever heard speak. He basically said when questioned about his approval rating, that next time people will get to the polls to vote. Until then, he is doing things his way. He is ignorant and so are the people who voted him in. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, vote for the person for the right reasons. I’m Democrat, but I voted for Charlie Crist each time he ran for office because I believed in his views.

    I hope one day we all get it right before it’s too late! I believe it’s almost too late right now. I’m glad that I don’t trust in the government. I trust in God!

  87. 2nd Thought Says:

    I am a voting republican and knew that I would not be happy with Scott because of his refusal to answer certain questions. Why would I vot for someone that refuses to answer questions and I see that in my opinion I was right in not voting for Scott even though he won. As a government worker in Palm Beach County we have not recieved a raise in three years, now they are talking about taking out another 5 percent of our income to contribute towards our retirement fund. Well I would like to see people who are struggling have 5 percent taken out of there check every month on something that was previously a benefit and see how they like it. While Scott may not be taking a real salary he can afford too, taking more money out of our pockets will ensure a push to see that he is not re-elected to put money into the pockets of big business. And I hope that he is not permitted to chose the company that will be doing the drug testing, what a conflict of interest that will be.

  88. 2nd Thought Says:

    And as far as people who are in the private sectore paying their 401k pensions who think we should have ours taken away from us, well fine, pay us what you are making and we wont need the extra benefit, until then stick it.

  89. Big Daddy Says:

    To the people who get on here and gnash their teeth about unions–FLORIDA IS A RIGHT TO WORK STATE. THE ONLY UNIONIZED EMPLOYEES IN FLORIDA ARE SOME EDUCATORS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL! State employees (i.e. accountants at the Department of Financial Services, biologists at the Department of Environmental Protection, social workers at the Agency for Health Care Administration, etc.) do not have a union and are not in a union and are not union members! The vast majority of state employees have no vested right in their continued employment. They have a right to due process upon termination (you just can’t fire a state employee for no reason), but THAT’S IT. All management employees or employees who are not technically state employees can be and are often fired at will. There is no contract for wages, benefits, or working conditions that unions would typically provide in allowing workers to speak with one voice.

    Additionally, Florida does not have a “Welfare” state, unless you are willing to count foster children, correctional inmates and the criminally insane in those numbers. Florida offers food stamps and AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), which are extensions of federally funded assistance programs. Unemployment payments are dividends paid to those people who are not working now, but paid federal income taxes and state sales or property taxes FOR YEARS WHILE THEY WERE EMPLOYED. Elderly assistance payments from the state of Florida are criminally low, considering the number of retirees who chose this as their final resting place. Granny and Grampy can look forward to a Meals on Wheels program, Medicare, Social Security, and maybe a few locally offered freebies (such as transport vans with wheelchair and walker access; senior centers that offer some activities). No one in Florida gets a “welfare check” as they might in states like New York, New Jersy, Massachussetts or Pennsylvania.

    So please stop shouting about unions and “welfare state” as if the presence of either in Florida was great or that their influence on the public coffers is substantial. It is not. Floridians are the only people I know who fight like Tyson to have the right to get kicked like a dog. We have people in our state who fight for the right of their employer to walk in one day and say “You’re fired” without having to give a reason or recourse. The only people who benefit from such a scheme are people who want their employees to be perpetual wage slaves and not share in the profits that the employee helps the employer make. In other words, the only people show support for Florida’s madness are GREEDY people. If you are a GREEDY person and you are happy being GREEDY, then what I have posted here will not offend you. You think being greedy equates to being American–but it doesn’t. Being greedy only means that you are the evil type of person who will steal food from the mouth of a child; the kind who would take away your grandmother’s van ride to the mall; the type of person who could never be a true Christian; the type of person who will bend every fact or statement to rationalize your inherent hoggishness. All this so that you can continue to make enormous giveaways of state funds to companies who don’t reinvest their profits in our state, hire Floridians, or pay their employees enough to ensure they will stay here and become part of the state’s tax base.

    We have the lowest taxes in the world for any entity with 18 million people. We also have the lowest levels of pay for government service, nearly the worst educational system in America, and clean air, water, and beaches in spite of our policies of governance that favor giving polluters a free ride. We’ve already had that kind of world and with the exception of the greedy, most everyone would agree that world sucks big hairy ones. Well, Rick Scott is your man if you think being greedy makes you a better person. It doesn’t-it just makes you a jackass.

  90. Save Says:

    Response to “Floridarunner”; you have unnfortunately fallen for the trap that the PRIVATE greedy banks caused the mortgage problems; the GOVERNMENT REQUIRED THE BANKS TO MAKE THOSE LOANS via the “Community Reinvestment Act”. I work in the financial industry and believe me, this is true. Banks were forced to make loans to these people. FNMA and FHLMC (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) are a slush place of incompetant HIGH salary government agency workers that are tied to ALL OF THIS. I’m not claiming that banks aren’t villions sometimes but the government did an excellent job of making the banks and financial institutions the scapegoats in all of this. After the loans were made, they were packaged and sold in the market, but what no one seems to realize is that this is common practice; always has been. George Bush tried to shut down Fannie and Freddie but Congress wouldn’t let him. If you research this, it’s all true. Don’t fall for the trap that the PRIVATE INDUSTRY caused this, you are very much mistaken and being lied to.

  91. oh nooo Says:

    google rick scott and read wikipedia of him and tell me then what you think he sure loved large government for his business ventures

  92. Educator Says:

    “We have the lowest taxes in the world for any entity with 18 million people. We also have the lowest levels of pay for government service, nearly the worst educational system in America”

    Truer words have not been posted here!!!

  93. StuBum Says:


    GO GET UM RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. BigArch Says:

    Attention Governor Rich Scott
    I appreciate your every move so far and I wish you well in your attempts at stopping this runaway state gravy train. No matter how many polls are taken I hope you realize that most Floridians are behind your attempts at common sense. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you from my children and grandchildens future.

  95. Rick Scott > Palm Beach Post Says:

    The only disapproval rating going up is that of the Palm Beach Post, with its clearly biased, poorly researched, and poorly written articles and editorials.

  96. Frank Says:

    If Rick Scott wants to link teachers pay to the students test scores, then the students should be required to take a drug test.

  97. The Truth Says:

    95 postings so far and the vast majority against the Fascist Scott

  98. Sheboze Says:

    Did you really think he could get Florida out of debt and balance the budget without cutting spending? Helloooooo………

  99. Crook watcher Says:

    I’m a Republican but not proud of it. I consider my self an Independent but I stay Republican so I can help control which crazy gets elected. Scott is a crook, plain and simple. He’s already nixed the rail system that would have created thousands of jobs here in Florida for many years to come but he’s to dumb to realize that. Frankly I’m surprised he turned down all that money. He could have stolen it just like he’s done all his life. This guy is a loser. Period.

  100. RDC Says:

    @BigDaddy…thank you for posting that. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the rank ignorance usually posted here.

  101. LOUIS Says:

    He was hired to lead the state to fiscal responsibility, not to be a celebrity politician, ala Barack “Love Me” Obama and his limelight loving friend,Charlie Crist.
    BTW, where is Charlies Crist ?????

  102. Crook watcher Says:

    @ Big Daddy
    What’s being a “true Christian” have to do with anything? A true Christian is one who lives by what the BuyBull teaches and promotes, like slavery, the subjugation of women, bigotry, tribalism, hypocrisy, genocide, torture, incest, unicorns and a bunch of other Bronze Age bull@#$%. FAIL!

  103. Give me a break Says:

    Of course he’s not popular. He campaigned on all this stuff, everyone is acting shocked that he’s doing what he said he would do.

    Being the parent at the 13 yr-old slumber party is never a popularity contest.

  104. James Says:

    If people now “disapprove” of Rick Scott, why is he governor in the first place? Maybe the people who voted for him should have checked his credentials BEFORE they drew that line to choose him on their ballot.

  105. Plead the 5th 75 Times Says:

    Funny to see the teabaggers attacking the PB Post on this thread. All news should be “fair and balanced” like on Fox. You know, fair and balanced between the Tea Party and Neocon points of view.

    Wake up to the reality that this governor is historically unpopular. He would get removed from office in a New York minute if the legislature actually had the guts to pass the recall bill.

  106. Big Daddy Says:

    @Crook watcher–many of the people who shout the loudest about ending the “nanny state”, the “welfare state”, or the “giveaways” and implore people to “get up and work” are the same people who support evangelical Christians or attempts to turn our republic into a theocracy. They say they go to church, believe in Jesus Christ and live by the saying that “God helps those who help themselves”. However, if you actually read the words of Christ and internalize them into your mission in life (as would someone who calls him or herself a “Christian”), you could not publicly or privately support most of what our current legislature and Governor Rick Scott have proposed as a means of balancing Florida’s budget. Not if you had principles that you actually adhered to rather than give lip service about. Rick Scott has no plan to assist poor Floridians and has essentially said so (When asked if his plans for governance would help the poorest Floridians, Scott’s response was not “those are the only people I want to help first” or “We have to help those in need before we help any others”–no–his response was “Geez, I hope so” as if he had no concern about whether they would or wouldn’t–Jesus Christ would make helping the Floridians most in need his first and only, number one priority, anybody who don’t like it can kiss my sandals Plan. Rick Scott supports removing funding that would help persons with disabilities maintain a simple modicum of self-sufficiency by working outside the home; Jesus Christ would increase that funding. Rick Scott’s proposals assist those in Florida and outside of Florida who are already wealthy beyond any imaginable means of expenditure, yet they are first in line at Rick Scott’s handout buffet (corporate tax breaks where none were requested; bills to ease the burden of cleaning water of air used in industrial processes before releasing that water or air into the larger ecosystem; no bills to track Florida sales of dangerous narcotic drugs by Big Pharma so they can limit the pills manufactured, etc.)

    So being a “true Christian” has a lot to do with it, especially when the health care of our most vulnerable citizens (minor children and elderly) are about to be put at immeasurable risk by Rick Scott. We know he had no problem defrauding the federal government to get rich, all the while proclaiming to improve the delivery of healthcare service by decreasing the number of locations for provision of healthcare and increasing the cost of using the latest machines by decreasing their availability in any given medical “market”. He did all this with shiny eyes and a smile. If you think that Granny and Grampy will get a better shake with a guy who started and ran for-profit hospitals and overcharged the US taxpayer at least $1.9 billion for non-existent medical care, then I have a bridge to sell you. It connects the island of Manhattan to Brooklyn. Great views and an easy commute.

  107. Big Daddy Says:

    @Give me a break-Rick Scott isn’t the parent at the slumber party. He’s the kid that brought the dope!!! When he got caught getting the other kids high, he blamed his parents, the other kids, the slumber party parents, the mean older sister, the dealer who sold it to him and everyone but himself. Kind of like a CEO who starts a hospital buying company, knows the ins and outs of how to get paid by running and owning a hospital, knows where the profits are, but mysteriously has no clue that the company he founded and led for 15 years was overbilling Medicare for certain treatment reimbursements. Had no clue, but left the company just before it paid the largest fine in US history with a $440M golden parachute, $70M of which he spent to buy the governor’s chair in the largest healthcare market in America. Yeah, he’s the grownup alright–grown up Gotti!

  108. Educator Says:

    WAY TO GO BIG DADDY! yeah man!

  109. Searcher Says:

    Who said Scott was popular in the first place? At least we know he isn’t trying to be popular. Now, can we just get him to act like a caring human being? I don’t think so.


    Big Daddy your comment is gold. When are these tea baggers going to realize that the GOP is only interested in multi national corps and the extremely rich. These people look down at the tea bagger rabble as a bunch of asshole peasants that will do their bidding. Yeah you idiots keep electing Rick Scott and morons like “Col” West. West is really doing alot for his district, as he appears on any talk show he can book….he is looking for the Palin deal, and that is all!

  111. Give me a break Says:

    I don’t disagree with you BD. My first sentence was the real crux of my post. He campaigned on all this….why is everyone acting so surprised when he is actually following through?

    We need to get rid of this whole DEM v REP and LIB v CON stuff and get real statesman to represent us.

  112. Give me a break Says:

    ..statesmen/states-women. Pardon my bad grammar and poltical incorrectness!

  113. Don Stibe Says:

    You vote for an IDIOT you get an IDIOT

  114. ELC Says:

    One has to wonder who voted him in in this State?Are you the same people complaining about Voldemort(aka Rick Scott)now?Because if you are the same people who voted him in well you get what you deserve. Personally, the way Florida is run it doesn’t matter if it was Scott or what’s her name because either way…both would be tackling the same job and people would voice their opinions either way. Alex Sink would have met with the same issues. I voted for neither candidate because both stank
    in my opinion and I wouldn’t want to waste my vote. Rick Scott is an idiot and my feelings for him having changed.
    That he is basing teacher pay on test
    scores is dispicable-but then again so is he. So those who voted him in…enjoy
    how he will s***w your eyeballs. Rick Scott will definitely be a one=term Governor-he is a first-class disgace.

  115. RobWPB Says:

    Ha… This is too funny. Another journalist crappy attempt at demonizing Scott.. The Demcorats (if they even read the article) must have fell out of their chairs after reading Scotts response: “I’m not trying to become most popular,” Scott said. “… When I run for re-election they will decide whether I succeeded.”

  116. DNA Says:

    “I’m not trying to become most popular”
    This is exactly how a dictator thinks.

  117. Sandy Thompson Says:

    “IMPEACH” the governor.

  118. stevereenie Says:

    Isn’t it interesting how stupid people are. Essentially the people in the poll support the fact that we need to cut spending, reduce public employee benefits, not raise taxes and balance the budget, BUT they are increasingly unhappy with his budget cutting.

    Grow up people……………

  119. CH Says:

    Surprise, surprise. The guy is a crook, good at making money for himself not governing. What did the voters expect? It continues as he tries to enrich the company that his wife holds a major interest in.

  120. State Employee Says:

    So I guess everyone is okay with cuts being made to the disabled and the elderly, people who really need help! And I guess you think it’s okay for our state to find and fund housing, give food stamps,& provide cash assistance to refugees?! This is something that should be cut from the states budget!! We need to help our own before helping more people come into this already over crowded country!!! And yes, I am a state employee, and no I have no problem being drug tested except for the fact that Rick Scotts wife will benefit from the money that would pay for the test! I did not vote for Rick Scott nor would I ever, so those of you who did made a huge mistake!!!

  121. makes sense Says:

    I don’t care if you’re a D or a R, we should all be thankful for a politician that is doing the difficult things that need to be done, rather than the things that are easy and will help his popularity.
    Let’s face it people, the country and the state are going broke!! Scott is doing the hard, unpopular things that need to be done for the long term benefit of our state. Give him 4 years and then make the judgement. I bet we’ll all be better off for it!

  122. Clayton Garner Says:

    to all the moochers out there get a job, or maybe an education to. so nice that all the liberals think that hard working american tax dollars should be their’s and not belong too the people that worked for them. i applaud the governor of florida for doing what he has to do to save florida.

  123. Clayton Garner Says:

    Hey state employee, i guess your another pep who thinks the tax payers should pay for your pension and benefits too huh?
    cus your too good to pay for it yourself

  124. Jay Says:

    The louder and more often the left whines and moans, the more I know the Gove is on the right track. Maybe all the moochers in Florida will go back to New York, you know, the low tax state.

  125. Peebo Says:

    Cut cut cut, to the bone. Let’s get the economy going again by lowering the burden of government and letting the private sector flourish!!!

  126. wayne b Says:

    There is actually no proof of any kind that letting the private sector do as they please is good for the economy. Think recent wall street crash, enron, savings an loan scandel, madoff etc.etc. deregulation cost middle class america at least half of their equitity in their homes, 401 k, stock market acct.’s and retirement acct. Peebo must be a banker or own a politician.

  127. Jim Scott Says:

    Scott need not worry. Certainly the huge teachers union and others who stand to ante up due to budget cuts aren’t Scott fans. Any poll depends on what questions are asked, how they are worded, who the respondents are and who is running the poll. In the Palm Beach Post’s poll 1200 registered voters don’t necessarily mean they are actually going to vote and that they don’t have ‘an axe to grind’. The Palm Beach Post has a left wing slant and a definite point of view so any poll conducted or paid for by them should be viewed with that in mind. I don’t like all of the things Scott is doing but most of it is cruelly necessary. The hemorrhaging must stop and it won’t be painless.

  128. Ramzad Says:

    Tea Party Taliban will wreck your day.

    Just wait until we have to go to Bank of America to get a loan to buy a sandwich. Got your loan applications?

    Debt is a propaganda tool for the Right. It was ok when George W Bush was spending our grandchildren’s inheritance on cooked up yellow cake uranium, but a travesty to build a few bridges and fix up a few roads in America.

    How is that Tea Party Jihad against working class America working out for ya?

  129. NJDEM Says:

    Dudes, just came onto this site following a news article and what a bunch of comments these are. “Leave a Reply” policy says avoid comments that are obscene, hateful, racist and otherwise inappropriate. Guess your definitions of these words are different than mine. Most comments are very vitriolic, hateful, mean, personal and attacking individuals rather than their beliefs. Obamama reasonably asked for civility-it aint here, that’s for sure.

  130. Terrie Says:

    Socialism???? The politions are the ones participating in socialist medicine and benefits. That’s why they get into politics….to have the best healthcare in the country that is totally paid for for life!!!!! What about them??? Why is the average citizen being denied the same coverage that they have???? Military (government insurance – Tri-Care) is another one of the best!!!! Why is everyone else denied these opportunities for coverage at no/low cost??? If these programs are “socialist”, then polititions are in favor of it.

  131. milddleoftheroader Says:

    Yeah those teachers’ unions, and cops’ unions, and firefighters’ unions are really doing well for their members. It’s amazing how much these people make in salary and benefits and how much control they have over their own professions, ya know like not having to take furloughs or get their degrees on their own time with their own money. Where are the cuts to governors’ mayors, reps (local and federal) salaries and benefits? And it’s amazing how many jobs have been created and salaries increased and benefits added with those tax cuts and loans to our wealthy corporations (like GE) and individuals. Oh, that’s right, people without jobs are moochers living high on the hog on unemployment and those of us seeing our benefits decrease without wage increases are to blame for our own problems. And we got to hear what we wanted to hear during the campaign but it’s ok for Scott and our other elected officials to change things and add things after we elect them. And I’m sure Ms. Scott has removed her company from any work for the State so she doesn’t receive special, favorable, treatment and the businesses in Scott’s jurisdiction have voluntarily and fully complied with verification of immigrant worker status and work with INS on any issues uncovered. Wow. And the rest of us have the nerve to grumble and question and disapprove!

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