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Scott to unload Solantic amid ethics questions

by John Kennedy | April 13th, 2011

Republican Rick Scott has agreed to sell his family’s ownership of Solantic, the chain of urgent care health clinics miring him in conflict of interest questions, a spokeswoman for the governor said Wednesday.

Amy Graham said Scott expects to complete the sale by April 29 to Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, a New York City-based private equity investment firm that is a minority shareholder in the company. Graham said Scott is selling his family’s 70 percent share for less than $60 million.

During his campaign for governor, Scott valued his share of the company at $62 million.

But in the deal, Scott apparently has had to walk away from his earlier pledge to bar Solantic from soliciting state contracts.

Brian Burgess, Scott’s communications director, said Wednesday that while the governor sought the prohibition, he has learned state law disallows such standards.

“Legal counsel has told us you can’t prevent people from bidding on contracts, Florida law takes precedent over any business agreement,” Burgess said.

But Burgess added, “The governor recognizes that he has to remain beyond reproach on this stuff.”

Scott’s interest in Solantic has clouded the governor during his first three months as chief executive, with concerns spiking after he called for drug-testing of state employees, a service the company provides.  Legislative proposals to overhaul Medicaid, which Scott also supports, could have caused the governor’s public role to collide with his private interests.

Scott said he has tried to be “transparent” on matters involving Solantic. Before he took office, Scott representatives met with Florida Commission on Ethics in December, a meeting at which no public records were created.

 Shortly after that meeting, the governor-elect’s Solantic shares were quietly moved into the Frances Annette Scott Revocable Trust, his wife’s account.

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6 Responses to “Scott to unload Solantic amid ethics questions”

  1. Scott Says:

    When I was at Lake Worth High in the 1970′s, the legislature and alot of local politicians were touting the great egalitarian ideal of “Government in the Sunshine” for all Floridians…
    What happened to that? Good gosh! It went out with Walkin’ Lawton and other old timers. Now it’s “government in the Shadows” or “Government in the Moonshine” (which is what they used to call California’s Jerry Brown…Governor Moonshine. Well, Rick Scott is Florida’s Governor Moonshine”)

  2. Unreal Says:

    Actually Governor Brown was called Governor Moonbeam! Moonbeam because all of the crazy hippies were voting for him. The moonbeam crowd.
    Now we have all of these religious right wingers, posing as Tea Party fiscal conservatives supporting Scott.
    We should call him Governor Insano, after his insane group of rabid citizens.

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  4. d Says:


  5. Ed Zackery Says:

    What your behind, if you can read you can understand! The fit has hit the shan in Lake County, Fl corruption cycles! That’s What! Millions of our federal tax dollars have been spent on friends and families of the well connected! And the largest taxpayer lawsuit filed in the history of Florida to recovery the losses on behalf of the taxpayers has been filed! That’s What!

  6. Barney Fye Says:

    The case number corrected is


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    The Tax Payers Lawsuit.

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