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Scott pushes tax cuts; warns against special interest hijackers

by John Kennedy | April 22nd, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott used his weekly radio address Friday to fire another warning shot at Florida lawmakers unwilling to embrace his call for $2 billion in corporate- and property-tax breaks.

He also called on listeners to call their lawmakers, as the Legislature enters its second-to-last scheduled week far from any agreement on a budget deal.

“I will not allow special interests to hijack your tax dollars and squander the opportunity to fix our economy,” Scott said. “Please join me in calling on both the House and Senate to reduce taxes for businesses and property owners so we can get Florida back on track.”

A week ago, Scott hinted for the first time in his radio address that he would reject a state budget that didn’t include the tax cuts — although he stopped short of using the word veto. The latest spot seems to build on that message.

House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, said Thursday night that lawmakers were trying to find a way to satisfy the governor. Of course, Cannon also urged that it was important for Capital watchers not to get “hung up” on the idea that the session would end in its scheduled 60 days.

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15 Responses to “Scott pushes tax cuts; warns against special interest hijackers”

  1. Scissors Says:

    It’s those fake repubs who are fighting tax cuts. Get rid of the fakers

  2. MM Says:

    Gov. Scott you have my vote for a veto. Then we will see just how veto proof that majority in the House and Senate really is. My guess is they are going to have some work to do.

  3. limpwrist Says:

    Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. The man to get Florida back on track is Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales. He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service whose president was Anthony Carione, fingered by law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, plead guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.

  4. Bob Carey Says:

    Limpwrist, please bring legal charges or shut up. Rick Scott, STAY STRONG. The Tea Party has your back.(Unless you renig on your promises) I did not initially support you, but you now impress me greatly.

  5. To Bob Carey Says:

    Mr. Carey,

    While I don’t like limpwrists implications concerning the governor because like you I support governor Scott (Unless he renigs on his promises)
    I believe in total honesty! He is right abut this! Like many others today he is fighting a losing battle as far as doing anything about it, because the corrupt are so well protected by each other! He is powerless to bring charges! What he failed to tell you about was the Carione brothers H & W Refuse Lake County connection that is laying low right here in Lake County! Yes! None other than Bill Neron, Tavares Economic Disaster Creator! Right in the middle of this scheme!

    Now he is orchastrating the economic disaster of Tavares Taxpayers by getting us farther and farther into debt for things we do not need and can not afford! Sound Familiar?

    Then he fled to Escambia County until he double crossed the mob! I’m surprised he survived! He wouldn’t have in the old days! Too bad you well meaning Tea Party folks don’t peel back the covers of Lake County’s corrupt dirty little secrets. If you did you would all flee back to where every you come from!

  6. Florida Housing Finance Corporation Says:

    Florida Housing Finance Corporation ~ Who Owns This Company and What do they Do and Who Do they Do It For?

    Does the taxpayers know this company they own is bankrupt and spiraling out of control as they borrow millions more? WHEN WILL THIS BUBBLE BURST?

    The Taxpayers of Florida are the owners of this corporation!
    What they do is collect monies from the Doc Stamps on Real Estate closings and use those monies to provide affordable housing to Florida’s less fortunate!
    NO NOT ACTUALLY! What they do is use the monies collected from the doc stamps to help service the massive $4 BILLION in bond debts they have accumulated over the years! Bonds from as far back as 1996 are still outstanding! February 11, 2011 they let a public bond issue in the staggering amount of $100 MILLION! This is in the greatest housing recession in American History! The problem is YOU CAN’T BORROW YOURSELF OUT OF DEBT!

  7. Florida Housing Finance Corporation Says:

    Don’t you wonder if Governor Scott knows thet Florida Housing Finance Corp has $4 Billion in outstanding bond debt and continues to borrow to pay the interest on that debt? On their website under “bond holders risks” they even disclose their income might not service their debt! What about their series 1996 bonds that are still outstanding?

    Ponzi scheme at the highest levels of Florida government!

  8. Sandy Says:

    Thanks for the alert. Need to contact the State lawmakers & tell them to keep strong. Former Pres. Reagan already showed just how wrong Gov Scott’s tax cuts are. Rich get richer, we gp broke. Those tax cuts will help all you middle class folks drop down & join us poor folks who barely get by. Let’s tell the Legislature “Way to go” – keep ignoring Scott’s idiotic corporate tax cuts. Property taxes keep getting lower because real estate value keeps getting lower.

  9. Searcher Says:

    What are you going to CUT to get that $2 Billion? Scott backed off on the care giver cuts. Who’s going to take the heat to give money away to businesses and give pennies to property owners? Keep your pennies and keep the state parks open. Or are you going to close the Beaches just in time for Summer?

  10. Mary Says:

    I wonder what will happen when you “I LOOVE you, Governor, you impress me greatly, stay strong…” folks figure out that you have been willing lambs led to the slaughter. That includes the Tea Party. Perfect example: How many of you can get homeowners insurance only through Citizens? And how do you feel about the fact that the governor you so idolize secretly plans to end Citizens and cast you to the insurance wolves in the unregulated surplus lines market, where rates are unchecked and policies are not backed by a state guarantee fund.?”
    Keep showing him the love and good luck!

  11. DannyK Says:

    If tax cuts bring jobs, where are the millions of jobs that should have appeared last time the legislature cut taxes? Where are the millions of jobs that should have appeared after the Bush tax cuts? The fact is, tax cuts don’t bring jobs. We had more employment and a better economy when taxes were higher! Cutting taxes on businesses doesn’t produce jobs. Cutting taxes on consumers does produce jobs because the vast majority of our economy is made up of consumer spending.

  12. Governor Transparency Says:

    So much for Governor Transparency!

  13. Amazing Ignorance Of the People Says:

    The government organizations of courruption know the electorate is 94% totally ignorant! Truths are all over th einternet for the people with brains to find and read and educate themselves to what is going on! But 94% are to blind and lazy to read! The corrupt know some will complain but most will die in the wallows of their filth in total ignorance, just like Hitler killed the millions of those who said it can;t happen to us! I gues it’s true; Ignorance is bliss!

  14. Julie Owen Says:

    What’s in a name? The well-intentioned Tea Party, used so very effectively in our last gubernatorial election to amalgamate support, will now see their efforts, and their votes, come to rotten fruition. This is not a governor of the people, this is a governor of the corporate few. You may soon find that the one sitting at the head of the table is not the Governor, but the Mad Hatter. Most of you won’t be able to afford the nice, expensive teas to which you were previously accustomed. No, you will have to persevere with the more pedestrian brew, as your income will be soon evaporated to the last drop.
    I think there should be billboards posted at the entrance of our once-fair state, that read “Florida–soon to be closed for “repairs”. Beaches, parks, CLOSED. Restaurants: McDonalds, but not much else. Jobs: corporate headquarters, here, work elsewhere.

  15. Big Johnson Says:

    The special intrest groups have their strongest lobbyist in Mr. Scott. Do the teabaggers realize that it was the corporate tax breaks for the East India Trading Company that inspired the action known as the Boston Tea Party?

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