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Scott gives himself attaboy for settling D.C. budget crisis

by John Kennedy | April 11th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott is taking some credit for the last-minute federal budget deal — saying the $2.4 billion in high-speed rail money he blocked from coming to Florida helped settle the standoff between President Obama and Republicans in Congress.

“I am proud to have brought this waste to the attention of those in Washington,” Scott said Monday in a statement issued by his press office.  “These funds should either be returned to taxpayers as tax cuts or applied to reducing the burden that our national debt is passing to future generations.”

If anybody had any lingering questions about how Scott feels about the high-speed rail project, his first reference to the project labeled it a “boondoggle.”

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11 Responses to “Scott gives himself attaboy for settling D.C. budget crisis”

  1. same ol same ol Says:

    ATLAS SHRUGGED . . . April 15th in your local theaters . . . .

  2. Educator Says:

    Scott did no such thing. He is a lying, instigating Fascist. That money is already going to the more educated, progressive states. The idiot will wish he accepted the money when gas is $6.00 a gallon and other states have viable mass transportation systems. The Republicans in Washington are embarrased by Scott’s extreme Tea Party positions and the President certainly has no use for the hooded good ole boy.

  3. dark gator Says:

    Yes! Scott is not dead afterall.

  4. Moron Says:

    Hahahaha what a stupid a$$.

  5. Proud Liberal Says:

    I think they should post this story in the New York Times and The Washington Post. Southerners have always provided the north with a good laugh or two.

  6. mike Says:

    @proud liberal- just what I was thinking. I wish we could just tag and send these ridicules stories like you can on the huff. post. Pretty sad when the gov of our state has to stoop to level of a jilted little girl. Its a new low, even for scott.

  7. SickNTired Says:

    Yeah… he’s trying to take the credit just like he’s trying to take the credit for jobs of companies relocating to Florida that already was in the works and done deals by others long before anyone ever heard of RIck Scott… Scott should go back and crawl into his hole. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE 700,000 JOBS????

  8. Sean Says:

    Scott is delusional !!!

  9. Rick Scott is a Roach Says:

    Funny, another state is about to get part our Florida Collected Gas Tax.

    Rick Scott wrongfully thinks those 2.4 Billion in Funds went back to the U.S. General Fund, when it didn’t.

    I’m tracking the other state’s that have asked for that 2.4 Billion money.

    Not only is Rick Scott not creating jobs, he’s sending jobs to other states. Now Rick Scott has no problem sending our Florida Gas Tax dollars somewhere else too.

    If the 2.4 Billion had been set up for Medicare. Rick Scott would of never refused it.

    If it doesn’t benefit Rick Scott or wife or children. Then it’s the Devil.

    Only if one of Rick Scott’s Family Members has the chance to Financial Benefit from it, does it become wholesome for Rick Scott to Accept Taxpayer Funds.

    I be benefiting from the porno I’ll be making with his daughter one day. So it might just work itself out.

  10. Arthur Says:

    Those who are the most “anti-government” always seem to benefit the most from that government they so despise…and usually illegally!

  11. Arthur Says:

    The paper should have used the picture of Scotty found at:

    for this article!!

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