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Potty parity heads to history books

by John Kennedy | April 20th, 2011

Potty parity in Florida would be wiped from the statute books, under legislation approved Wednesday by a House panel.

Citing a need to undo excess regulation, Rep. Ana Logan, R-Miami, proposed the measure that would repeal a 1992 law that created a ratio for men’s and women’s toilets in public buildings. A major advocate of the law had been then-Rep. Lois Frankel, the West Palm Beach Democrat and former mayor.

At the time the legislation was approved, analysts said the requirement would likely boost public construction costs by $2,500 per toilet.¬† The law requires that three women’s toilets be constructed for every two “male equivalents.”

But supporters of the repeal pointed out that current plumbing code standards can¬†already lead builders to exceed the potty requirements of Florida law. Logan said she didn’t expect long lines to emerge at newly built or renovated theaters or sports arenas if Florida’s standard is lifted.

The findings should be enough to convince fellow lawmakers, Logan said. She opted not to offer a closing argument on the bill, adding, “I feel a little flushed today.”

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2 Responses to “Potty parity heads to history books”

  1. nemo Says:

    We need a few toilets so we can flush Frankel, Pelosi and Barnie Frank… Reid shall act as the plunger.

    This is how politicians waste our money!

  2. HarryK Says:

    hahah ahah so lame.

    Frankel is what you are fearing why?
    Smart, touch and she is a Democrat with a spine you can see through her clothes.

    Democrats dont normally have that.

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