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Let’s get to work — in Scott’s office

by John Kennedy | April 4th, 2011

Times are tough in state government — with an almost $3.8 billion budget shortfall prompting wholesale spending reductions and job cuts.

But Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that he’s added two new members to his staff, along with new duties for a couple more.

Lane Wright, formerly managing editor of the online Sunshine State News, has been named Scott’s press secretary. Current press secretary Amy Graham has been shifted to traveling press secretary.

Wright formerly was a TV reporter with West Palm Beach’s WTVX-TV, where he also was newsroom manager.

Also joining the Scott office is Karen Giorno, a former advance person for former First Lady Laura Bush. Giorno will be Scott’s director of external affairs.

A Scott deputy, Spencer Geissinger is checking out of Tallahassee — heading to Washington, D.C., as the governor’s┬ádirector of federal affairs. Geissinger had been Scott’s campaign scheduling chief and directed his inauguration.

Geissinger is a former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush.

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6 Responses to “Let’s get to work — in Scott’s office”

  1. Brown.Pelican Says:

    Way to go Rick Scott! I see you helping to trim that State budget by hiring on more “people in the trenches” at low salaries.

    Make sure they pee in the cup before you hire them Rick!

    Rick Scott envisions creating 700,000 jobs in Florida over 7 years. What he didn’t tell you was those 700,000 jobs would be as slaves to him and the businesses he represents.

    Can you afford a 25% increase in your homeowner’s insurance? How about more higher property taxes?

  2. BM Says:

    Lane Wright was a replacement for a staffer who left the middle of March. The staffer had agreed to work through the transition and the first few months of the administration. So there was actually one new position filled and one vacant position filled.

    Maybe if it was reported correctly it would help.

  3. Sick of Repugs Says:

    Rick Scott also wants to increase the budget of his own office over $3Million. Cuts for everyone – except the boss and his cronies. Rick says: Money all around for me and my friends. The rest of you can eat … (Marie Antoinette would not use the appropriate vulgarity).

  4. limpwrists Says:

    Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. The man to get Florida back on track is Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales. He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service whose president was Anthony Carione, fingered by law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, plead guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.

  5. Fernando Says:

    Could we please have salaries of all these hires? It should be public record but is somehow not being published. Their previous job and salary would be nice if possible and the salary of the identical position under the previous governor.
    Just puts it in perspective.

  6. mike riley Says:

    Jobs…come on people…Governor Scott promised 700,000 new jobs and they are on the horizon.

    Just today McDonalds announced they would be hiring 50,000 new employees.
    This is just the beginning of the High Tech High Paying jobs the Governor promised…

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