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Immigration reform uncertain as advocates keep up pressure

by Dara Kam | April 28th, 2011

Lake Worth City Commissioner Chris McVoy joined immigrants in the Capitol rotunda Thursday afternoon to urge lawmakers to abandon immigration reform even as the developing Senate bill remains in limbo.

The city commission this week reaffirmed its opposition to any Arizona-style bill like the one proposed by the Florida House (HB 7089).

McVoy said the local officials object to the bill for humanitarian and financial reasons as well as concerns about public safety.

An Arizona-style bill could have a devastating economic impact because Lake Worth has so many Hispanic residents, McVoy said.

“These folks work. They spend money in the community. They pay taxes in the community,” said McVoy, who was elected in November.

The House package would allow law enforcement officials to request proof of immigration status during routine traffic stops, something that could be a huge financial burden to the city, McVoy said. And it could threaten the relationship police officers have with the Latino community whose members would be more disinclined to report crimes if the measure becomes law, he said.

McVoy and others said they want the bill to include a pathway to citizenship similar to the guestworker program recently adopted in Utah.

A fiscal analysis by the left-leaning Center for American Progress found the immigration reforms could cost up the state and businesses up to $45 billion, including $1 billion in implementation costs.

“Where is this money going to come from in the middle of an economic crisis?” asked Subhash Kateel, an organizer with the “We are Florida” campaign. Kateel and others have brought hundreds of documented and undocumented immigrants to the Capitol, including children whose parents were deported, to plead with lawmakers to abandon the immigration reforms.

The Senate Budget Committee was supposed to hear the bill in committee today but that meeting has been postponed until at least tomorrow.

National groups are already galvanizing around the issue to register voters for the 2012 election, said Renata Bozzetto, an organizer with who joined the Capitol protests Thursday morning.

Florida has one of the highest percentages of Hispanic voters in the country, Bozzetto, who lives in Palm Beach Gardens, said.

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5 Responses to “Immigration reform uncertain as advocates keep up pressure”

  1. HM Says:

    Mexico = low taxes for the rich, lots of ways for the rich to get out of paying taxes, so no public money for any social ‘safety net’ , thus the dirt poor come HERE.

    Rather than addressing the jaw-dropping fact that Mexico is a very rich country (Carlos slim?) where up to half its’ citizens live in poverty…..we’re doing our very best to allow Republicans to TURN US INTO MEXICO.

  2. Brittanicus Says:

    Why is the “Rule of Law” not adequate for the Liberal Czarists in the Obama administration, but they can intimidate the State of Arizona by dragging them to court. It seems remote that this legally correct for UTAH, to enact its own Guest worker program. Utah will be noticeably joining the other Sanctuary States of California and Nevada. These two states have high illegal alien concentrations and out-of-control State general public deficits. California is drowning in a Gov. Jerry Brown’s massive 26 billion dollar debt, followed by Senator Harry Reid’s Nevada with roughly $3 Billion. Reid was the perpetrator who eroded E-Verify, the illegal immigrant electronic business verification system; stripping E-Verify of its mandate. How many more States will be overrun by millions of illegal immigrants, running from the restrictive States of Arizona, claiming they have no need to halt the encroachment? Those States that are holding back enactment as Indiana illegal immigrant enforcement, such as the pressure of E-Verify, will be inundated with illegal economic refugees fleeing Arizona, Georgia, Alabama and Montana.

    Hopefully, I do hope the citizens and legal residents, who will be financially harmed, will throw out the lawmakers who decided to do nothing? As they did in California and Nevada, who are now paying a heavy penalty, as even more economic foreigners start stealing jobs, compliments of dishonest businesses and then applying for public benefits with stolen ID. Then all the children of illegal parents crowding into school classrooms, and whole extended families filling up seats in the hospital emergency rooms will be slowed to a dribble. The story is the same throughout this country and the only hope we have to not prolong this sick carnival is by joining the nearest TEA PARTY. We must rid ourselves of Liberal, Democrats and Republicans who stealthily would arrange amnesties, behind the public’s back. There are many good Presidential candidates who have the TEA PARTY agenda at heart, which will rid us of this unconscionable epidemic of this alien invasion.

    Foothold children to a large extent exhaust the social welfare programs in the US. This is serious intent to legally enter America in near full term of pregnancy, so the birthright law comes into effect. The anchor baby has now a nationwide term, defining an offspring of an illegal immigrant or other non-citizen, who under current legal interpretation becomes a United States citizen at birth; the law is ruthlessly used in apply for welfare programs. The female if allowed staying, gets even more benefits, when they become pregnant again, and again and again. This insures cash payments, food stamps, Wicca and federal Section 8 housing that shortly the whole extended family moves to.

    In one year Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, the second busiest maternity ward in the United States, 70% of the women giving birth were illegal aliens. That added up to 11,200 babies for which Medicaid kicked in 34.5 million dollars to deliver these babies, the feds another 9.5 million and Dallas taxpayers tossed in 31.3 million. The sheer numbers are phenomenal. In Stockton, California (2003), 70 percent of the 2,300 babies, born in San Joaquin General Hospital’s maternity ward were foothold babies. FAIR estimates there are about 363,000 children are born to illegal aliens each year. It’s a must read the report in a Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” Just Google the whole text.

    This nation is crippled by entitlement programs, which has escalated the national deficit to 14.5 trillion dollars. Thanks to decades of uncontrolled spending, we can no longer afford the money expended on the world, or illegal immigrants flocking here. Billions go every year to foothold children, brought into America by poor families in every corner of each hemisphere. The costs must be reversed now, not later as we are heading to a monetary swamp, where America’s credit will be further downgraded by Standard and Poor. Before we reach the debt ceiling, we must force on our reluctant politicians cuts in discretionary spending and every niche of the ever growing government agencies. Many could be merged with others federal entities and all pseudo offices could be closed down. The country is broke and we are fighting wars for other countries.

    We should open up new drilling areas, including Anwar, Alaska. I’m only one of millions of moderate Conservatives who demand not being dictated to by environmentalist who have overwhelmed sane citizens, enforcing such laws as the endangered Species Act. Relocate the wild creatures along the border, or places where they can drill for precious oil. Give Communist China, Mexico an ultimatum that they play by the free trade agreement rules or the TEA PARTY leaders will renegotiate them. Whatever issue is involved such as Oil, Free trade treaties it smells of corruption, lobbyists Campaign Contributions and favors.

  3. RULEOFLAW Says:

    Well Said Brittanicus!

    We need reform… start by enforcing the current laws. Secure the borders.
    Heavy fines for employers of illegal aliens in this time of high unemployment for USA citizens!

    Then come back and talk the liberal voter drive (amnesty).

  4. Tu Madre Says:

    Since when do illegal immigrants pay taxes?

  5. wales Says:

    Just few answers to the previous comments…
    Illegal do pay taxes. Whenever you buy something you pay sales tax. Many of them work on a fake SS# that they pay taxes (Federal, Medicare, SS) and never get any income check like most of the Americans. I am a manager of a hotel in FL and honestly I am trying to employ only Americans but its so hard to find hard working Americans ( who are not on pills or drugs)to work a low paying jobs. I have 10 times more turnover ratio on American employees then hard working Latino who will give their hearth just to make sure that next time you stay in a hotel , your room is perfectly clean.

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