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Immigrants stage sit-in in Senate prez office

by Dara Kam | April 27th, 2011

Clad in black caps and gowns, a handful of college students are sitting it out in Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ waiting room trying to get him to promise to oppose immigration reform.

They may have a long wait, however.

Haridopolos’ spokesman David Bishop said the president is too busy during the last few days of the legislative session to meet again with the immigrants and their advocates. Yesterday, Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, made an impromptu visit with dozens of Palm Beach County immigrants, including children, who pleaded with him to publicly denounce the House and Senate plans to crack down on illegal immigration.

The student sit-in is part of an all-out push to convince lawmakers to drop immigration reform before the session ends on May 6.

St. Thomas University student Felipe Matos, an undocumented immigrant from Brazil and one of the leaders of the group, said he and his cohorts would stay as long as the building was open.

“We’re going to stay seated. We’re not here to confront anyone,” Matos said as Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Donald Severance cleared the room of those sitting on the floor.

Matos is trying to get Haridopolos to sign a pledge to oppose HB 7089 and SB 2040. Both bills are currently stalled as lawmakers await Gov. Rick Scott’s input on the measures. Scott has said he wants to give law enforcement officers the ability to ask for proof of immigration but has not elaborated on how far he thinks the law should go. Scott is expected to reveal more about his plans today.

Haridopolos, who removed the doors to his inner office after assuming the helm of the Senate as a symbol of his openness, won’t sign the pledge, Bishop said.

“This is a symbol that he’s against us,” said Matos.

National immigrant advocates issued a press release calling for a boycott of Florida unless the bills are abandoned, Matos said.

“We want to make sure Florida doesn’t get seen as anti-Latino, anti-employment. This is a job killer,” he said.

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15 Responses to “Immigrants stage sit-in in Senate prez office”

  1. James Says:

    I see the worIllegal Alien has been removed and the word Immigrant is ude in it’s place.

    Illegal Aliens are demonstrating at Senate Office.

    I have called ICE and the Immigration Department to report the Ilegal Aliens.

  2. Jason W. Says:

    The boycott was EXTREMELY successful in AZ> the state lost millions, the governor abandoned the non issue and vetoed the subsequent attempted unconstitutional legislation. The Appeals Court will not hear the appeal. DEAD ISSUE.
    Give it up Florida or you will be a BIGGER LOSER!

  3. Gina Says:

    You can call anyone you want JAMES, nothing is going to happen.

  4. ICE Says:

    @Gina, we’re on the way.

  5. half pint Says:

    They (illegals) are criminals. For all the energy they put out demonstrating they could be filing for citizenship. New Break: you have no rights of an American citizen UNTIL you become one; if you can’t understand that simple statement: go back to whence you came; my tax dollars should be spent on legal American citizens.

  6. Tea Party Lady Says:

    The Tea Party embraces immigrants! We just ask that they say “please may I” before they come to our country!

  7. FIXIT Says:


  8. sue Says:

    Tea Party Lady…Everything you write shows what a moron you and the jackasses of your “party” are..don’t forget to tell Trump how great he is…he’s as dumb as you are…get a life and a brain.

  9. Brittanicus Says:

    Are you in a State whose political hierarchy have ignored enacting financial protections, from the flow of illegal aliens arriving there? Hopefully you are a resident of Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, and Montana whose State lawmakers, have determined that they don’t want anymore economic refugees, that will be pouring into the Sanctuary States of California and Nevada and new potential welfare State of Utah. WHO WILL BE NEXT ON THE LIST OF EASY STATES TO GET FREE HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, WELFARE PAYMENTS AND MUCH MORE? IS YOUR JOB UP FOR GRABS?

    After failing to secure the border or put obstructions in the way of illegal aliens crossing the border or those lying to the immigration agent at the port of entry. This doesn’t give much credibility to either political party being candid with the American people. It’s not just Liberals who over three decades have only played at improving protection of US job market, or the huge financial deficits partially brought upon us, by handing out billions of dollars to foreign governments. We have been hoodwinked for so long into thinking the laws are enforced, that now the majority of the American people’s are just not going to listen to the propaganda now. Moderate Democrats are encircled by the frenzy of ultra-Liberals with an agenda, to maintain pacifying large blocs of a majority population. They have been promising admission to our welfare programs. The party is expecting in return votes from both ethno-centralists and in numerous States, non-citizens voting.

    Then we have lead Republicans who for as many years, have been offered favors by corporations and business an interminable flow of concession labor. Previous presidents, the House and Senate has superficially to close borders, whereas all the time slipping into our country a steady stream of mediocre skilled people in the form of six furtive amnesties. YES! There is constantly a need for top level workers, but not the pitiable of other lands that are in unfair competition taking jobs from low income Americans. Yet under our very noses of our people are foreign nationals, with no more skills than many Americans arriving from India. Then from across the world pregnant women who are fully sentient about loopholes in our immigration laws, that give foreign nationals traction on American soil, The 14th Amendment is bringing 300.000 females to America annually to intentionally cement their roots, by conceiving a child while here. In a breakdown of these laws, billions of dollars every year are conceded on to the birthright citizen child’s parents.

    Then if they are allowed to stay in the US, these low income recipients can collect welfare checks for every child born here; or a government check forwarded to the infant’s home in a foreign country. Currently the birthright law is under attack by the Republicans, with the hope of stopping this mockery, born at the ending of the Civil War. It should be noted when millions of Americans brace themselves to pay taxes on April 15th, under determined amount of illegal alien households get ready to celebrate a cash windfall of up to $5,750 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Read at Google “Defrauding the American Taxpayer – The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration” It’s apparent Americans will not get any relief from either main leadership eternally, as both have shown little effort since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill to construct the border fences, deploy troops to stop this dangerous extravaganza. Congress had at that time determined the best way to control immigration was to take away the incentive to enter the United States by preventing illegal immigrants from working or receiving government benefits. DID THIS HAPPEN? NO!

    When it comes to the protection of our country, we have all the money to protect Afghanistan and Iraq, but the previous administrations have intentionally disregarded laws to defend US jobs. We have always had the ability, but Congress has been minus the will. To much corruption and rot within the halls of power.We can only hope that Tea Party members in the senate or House stay their course and are not distracted by business campaign money or under the table gifts by lobbyists. This is why I joined the US TEA PARTY who have promised to enforce immigration laws, to mandate E-Verify, Secure Communities, 287 (G) and construct as initially intended the 2006 Secure Fence Act. All those Senators and Congressman/women who have pressed Washington, for any form Amnesty or Immigration reform will be unseated in the next election. It’s also imperative that we watch for illegal aliens voting in future election, as this happened in four States in the last midterm. We need either a countrywide ID biometric card, or the cross referencing of such documents as Passports, Drivers Licenses and State ID cards.

  10. Illegals Suck Says:

    Why not just arrest them for disturbing the peace or something, take them to jail and check their fingerprints (through Secure Communities) and then these bratty, whiny illegals can be deported. Why anyone would allow these non-citizen criminals to dictate their desires is riduculous. I would tell them to come back when they are legal! If they are bragging about their illegality, its a slam dunk for ICE. Go get ‘em ! Also, any cop who protects such illegals should be fired immediately ! Deport all illegals !

  11. Educator Says:

    Brittanicus – you are a TRUE FASCIST, Hitler is smiling UP at you!

    No worries folks, he’ll end up like Mussolini, hanging upside down from a pole.

  12. Illegal is NOT Legal Says:

    How about that last statement in the article? Illegal and Illiterate – great combo

  13. Outraged Taxpayer Says:

    Allen West said tonight the whole nation should be for e verify. He said the illegals are bankrupting our economy with school, criminal, entitlement and health care costs.

    He also said terrorists are sneaking across our borders disguised as Mexicans and are better equipped militarily than our border patrol. He called them OTM’s.

    To me this is a no brainer. If the state legislature goes against e verify and cracking down on illegal’s they are supporting unlawful activity. Our representatives now are paying illegals with state entitlement programs that even our citizens can’t get.

    The illegal’s ignored our laws when they came here and will continue to commit fraud and other violations of our laws. Don’t be a hypocrite and tell the people of Florida you are making conservative cuts and cracking down on state and teacher unions when our illegals are taxing our prison, school, hospital and insurance programs to the tune of 6 billion dollars or more.

  14. oscar Says:

    Did my taxes pay for their education when they where in middle school and high school? Oh God how many are their sitting in classrooms right now.

  15. Frank Says:

    What state entitlement programs for illegals do we have in Florida that our citizens cannot access?

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