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Hasner slams LeMieux, calls him untrustworthy and a ‘Charlie Crist Republican’

by Dara Kam | April 6th, 2011

The GOP U.S. Senate primary campaign is heating up as former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of Boca Raton came out swinging today against former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux.

A fund-raising appeal on behalf of Hasner’s Senate exploratory committee calls LeMieux – dubbed by former Gov. Charlie Crist as his “Maestro” – untrustworthy and a “reinvented conservative.”

“Conservatives across Florida and the country shouldn’t just be outraged, we should be insulted. This is the same George LeMieux that once proudly said, ‘I describe myself as a Charlie Crist Republican’ and said he was Crist’s ‘junior partner,’” Hasner said in the fundraising memo entitled “Unbelievable.”

Crist appointed LeMieux to the U.S. Senate to fill in a vacancy created by Mel Martinez, who retired before his term was up. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio now holds the post.

Team Hasner has also launched a “Charlie Crist Republican” website featuring an image of Crist and LeMieux that’s reminiscent of the Crist-President Obama man-hug picture that Marco Rubio used against Crist in the 2010 Senate primary.

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5 Responses to “Hasner slams LeMieux, calls him untrustworthy and a ‘Charlie Crist Republican’”

  1. Jay Says:


  2. SR Says:

    The truth hurts, don’t it George?

  3. GK Says:

    Lemieux was the driving force behind Crist’s turn to the left while he was Governor. From appointing liberals to the Supreme Court, to giving felons the right to vote to pushing leftist environmental policies. George and Charlie are clones.

  4. Florida_kes Says:

    OMG! A GOP lemming like Hasner is slamming someone for nothing being a lemming too! LeMieux actually thinks for himself and doesn’t mindlessly follow the directions of the GOP bosses? What’s the world coming too!?

  5. Unreal Says:

    Milquetoast Lemieux doesn’t stand a chance against the crushing weight of all that Hair!

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