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Frankel raises $254,105 in first quarter, trailing rival Dem in congressional primary

by George Bennett | April 13th, 2011

Former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel raised $254,105 during her first few weeks as a Democratic congressional candidate, her campaign announced today.

That exceeds her stated goal of collecting at least $100,000 before March 31, but falls short of the approximately $320,000 that Democratic rival Patrick Murphy says he raised last month. Murphy also chipped in about $30,000 of his own money.

Frankel and Murphy have opened campaigns for the seat of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

Read Frankel’s press release after the jump….

From the Lois Frankel campaign:

Frankel Quickly Raises over $250,000

EMILY’s List Announces They Will Target West

Today, the Lois Frankel campaign announced impressively strong fundraising numbers for the most recent quarterly campaign reporting period as well as the news that the respected national women’s campaign organization, EMILY’s List, will be targeting her opponent, Alan West. Taken together, Frankel’s strong fundraising and the interest in the race of the most prominent national group supporting female candidates, these are enormously positive signs for the Frankel campaign.

Frankel’s campaign more than doubled her fundraising goals, raising more than $250,000 in the closing two weeks of the quarter. The former mayor of West Palm Beach formally announced her run for the U.S. Congress in mid March. The Frankel campaign’s overall fundraising totals will report $254,105 raised.

“I believe in setting goals, and then working hard to exceed them. To more then double our fundraising goal is very exciting. To do it in such a short time is incredible,” said Frankel. “The energy, the enthusiasm, and the broad support are nothing short of amazing. Our fantastic grassroots support clearly shows that we are going to have all the resources we need to win this race.”

Focusing on her record of job growth and balanced budgets during her years as mayor, Frankel says the most important issues in the race are clear: “The top three issues are jobs, jobs, and more jobs. As mayor of West Palm I worked tirelessly to get things done for hard working families. I’m proud of my record of bringing new businesses and good paying jobs to the people I served. I look forward to doing the same thing in the U.S. Congress.”

To further bolster her strong start, EMILY’s List, a powerful national group that supports female candidates, has announced that they will target Tea Party favorite Representative Allen West, Frankel’s likely opponent in the 2012 election.

“We would welcome any support that Emily’s List might provide,” said Frankel. “The voters that I talk to are demanding action not talk. They, as are a growing number of South Floridians, sick and tired of the slash and burn politics of extreme Washington politicians like Allen West,” said Frankel.

Frankel is looking forward to the coming months on the campaign trail. “We are off to a great start,” she said, “We are going to work hard and stay focused on bringing jobs and economic opportunity to the hard working people of South Florida. That is what this election is all about.”


9 Responses to “Frankel raises $254,105 in first quarter, trailing rival Dem in congressional primary”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Maybe she should take the hint….

  2. nemo Says:

    I hope she raise enough money and loose the election…. Idiots they could use that money to feed hungry children in Haiti or Japanese victims of the earthquake… This is why I hate ploiticians.

    Frankel got a face that only a Mother could love

  3. Promoting their own Says:

    Any guesses as to what names are on the donor list? When do we get to see?

    There is no diversity in the S FL democrat party. It’s the same old crowd being put up for office.

    Ask Alan Seigel why?

  4. e.c. Says:

    And———-who gives a fat rats a– less about her or what she’s doing ???
    She should drop off the face of the earth — or — go back to NY.

  5. Starla Brown Says:

    Just for the Record EMILY and LOIS his name is spelled ‘Allen’ West. Get used to facts – we will be presenting them to you on a regular basis.

  6. Huh? Says:

    If people want action, not talk, why is Lois running?

  7. Ann Says:

    As a business woman with a company located within the City of WPB limits, I have seen first hand the Frankel political agenda during her terms. Real estate taxes have gone sky high, even though property values are way down. It was all about building the big fancy city hall, and all the pet projects. Short term employment projects that came and went, a mirror image of the failed Federal Stimulus Program. Expensive city planning imposing unrealistic ideas, fees and taxes on those working to stay afloat in this economy. How many businesses closed in WPB during Frankels last term?
    This woman will NOT vote for Frankel- my money goes to West.

  8. Jeff S. Says:

    Eric Johnson stop having your little 20 year old staffers write blogs bashing Frankel.

    Time to get out of Palm Beach. You lost all the elections last year and your old boss stole money from this state.

    Get moving and take your TFB-trust fund baby with you. Nice guy buy dumb as Abruzzo

  9. HarryK Says:

    West is working with Johnson..Wexler, Deutch staff..wake up people.

    Poor Ronnie

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