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Former Gov. Crist gives $1,000 to Democrat seeking Allen West seat

by George Bennett | April 15th, 2011

Former Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist gave $1,000 to the congressional campaign of Patrick Murphy, one of the Democrats who has opened a campaign for the seat of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

The contribution, dated March 30, is included in a Federal Election Commission report posted this afternoon by Murphy’s campaign.

Murphy’s political consultant, Eric Johnson, was an adviser to Crist’s failed independent campaign for Senate last year.

Murphy raised $321,087 from contributors and chipped in $31,362 of his own money. His $304,262 in cash on hand means he has more money in the bank than West. West raised $456,873 in the quarter but spent big on direct-mail, leaving him with $242,614 on hand.

Former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel raised $254,605 in the quarter for her Democratic campaign and has $253,899 on hand.

36 Responses to “Former Gov. Crist gives $1,000 to Democrat seeking Allen West seat”

  1. Tom B Says:

    Wow, he’s cutting into his tanning budget!

  2. Educator Says:

    Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low

    Independents’ approval rating down to 35%

    PRINCETON, NJ – The latest Gallup Daily tracking three-day average shows 41% of Americans approving of the job Barack Obama is doing as president. That ties his low as president, which he registered three times previously — twice in August 2010 and once in October 2010.

  3. GT Says:

    The best Democrat the Republicans ever elected.

  4. dave Says:

    His endorsement is as good as good as odumba himself giving an endorsement. LOL. What a waste of money.

  5. dick Says:

    Go away Charlie. You don’t have any credibility anymore.

  6. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    In the twisted maze of current politics by the usual self-serving groups of established participants, this is good for Allen West — who seems to be above all these threads of corruption and dishonesty.

  7. Fishymish Says:

    Allen West has only just begun to demonstrate his strength in character and leadership. He doesn’t waiver, he doesn’t flip-flop and he certainly doesn’t change parties for political expediency.

  8. Me Says:

    I dont blame him a bit. The R party treated him like crap. He won elections and raised money for them for years. This new corrupt R party and their leaders are not Republicans, they are crooks and radicals

    Good for you Charlie. Vote the person , not the party. Especially support the other candidate rather then anyone that this current batch of corrupt republicans are supporting.

  9. Repubtallygirl Says:

    He proves, yet again, that he was a RINO the whole time. Go away, we don’t care about you.

  10. Me Says:

    The crooks that took over the Republican party always use the “RINO” garbage. Stop already, we all know anyone that opposes your extreme corrupt ways is called that.

    Its old and we dont fall for it anymore. Many good republicans have been treated like crap by you extreme crooked nuts. We are fighting back.

  11. HarryK Says:

    It just proves that Sorry Charlie and pathetic Wexler is the reason why our party keeps losing..watching out Eric…you have not seen anything yet.

  12. HankS_FtLauderdale Says:

    Charlie Crist represents what is wrong in American politics today. Allen West is a man of conviction, who doesn’t poll to determine his positions. Go West!

  13. Me Says:

    Oh I see its Charlie that is wrong with American politic, not all the corruption, hypocrisy, selling out to huge corporations who OWN America, the loss of our government, the extreme radicals that call themselves Republicans? I see, your way of thinking is whats wrong with America. I want America back.

  14. Fugate Says:

    Crist is not only a buffoon, he’s toxic. This is a goldmine for Col. West. Watch the donations pour in for him now.

  15. justin Says:

    No, it’s politicians like Crist that are what’s wrong with America. Not ‘radical republicans’ or people that actually stand for something.

    Crist is nothing more than an opportunist looking to win at any cost. Allen West actually stands for something, agree with him or not.

  16. allswell Says:

    Hey charlie if your gonna post why not use your real name instaed of “me”. We all know the only true republicans are the ones who are indistinguishable from democrats. Right “me”?

  17. Donna Says:

    Can you spare it, Charlie? You’ll have to do better than that if you want to defeat West, Lizardface….

  18. Not Me Says:

    Me, why do you keep posting the same lane argument?

  19. DC Says:

    Charlie, you’re a racist! : ))

  20. Me Says:

    I am not Charlie. I keep posting the same “lane” thing because you wacko jackoffs hate the truth.
    You rotten corrupt hijackers of the real republican party need someone to blast your lies and nastiness.
    You sniveling money grabbing corporate lackeys need to have someone confront your BS. I love doing it. Besides we know most of you are the paid RPOF lil boys and the people who make maoney off this corrupt regime.
    As a Republican all my life, I am not proud of what people like you have done to this once great party. And all you want to do is name call.

  21. texasgoat Says:

    I’m an old retired Texan, when the time comes I’ll support Rep West with a donation.

  22. Dirk Jones Says:

    I agree with “Me” that the Republican Party has been corupted over the last decade.

    But thanks to the Tea Party and great conservatives like Allen West, the Republican Party is coming back to it’s conservative roots.

    We just need to clean house of absolute RINO’s like Mr. Crist, and we will win back our party and this country!!!!!

  23. Searcher Says:

    Charlie is a RARE MODERATE in a RABID CONservative TEA BAGGY World!

    I voted for him, as he was a better choice than Rubio. Meek should have dropped out, but ego got in the way.

  24. Real Republican Says:

    Me is like not any life-long Republican I have ever met as a seven decades life-long conservative. But Me is a lot like a KosKid mamma’s basement left of Progressive troll who passes wind all over the net.

  25. PD Says:

    Allen West handily dispatched Ron Klein in November. Patrick Murphy will face the same fate, because people still recognize and appreciate authenticity and principle. And if Representative West lacks campaign cash, he will get plenty from out of state donors like myself, as he did last year.

  26. JP Says:

    Wasn’t it Charlie the Tuna that uttered “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

    OH WAIT!

  27. Tim Zank Says:

    Whether you lean left or right, you should be appalled as an American that a “servant of the people” (as Crist was)would have such little character.

  28. Fuzzlenutter Says:

    It’s obvious…


  29. Me Says:

    Real Republican is most likely a pimple faced kid straight out of some school that mom and dad spent their lives paying for. Has no clue what a real republican platform is because he still wet behind the ears.
    Anyone who thinks todays, corrupt, hypocrite, overspending,large corporate givaways,pro corporate oiligarchy, is in EVERYBODYS private life, even in their bedrooms, sex lives, marriages, divorces, medical treatments, working class killers, has no clue about what it really is to be a republican. This guy/gal is probably the “New Breed” of selfish buttinskies that only care about themselves. Wha are you 23?

  30. Sandy B Says:

    Patriots out there (included texasgoat) … Allen West is accepting donations right now for the next election. Do more than that, get involved in the local TEA Party and campaign for him. We need more people like him representing We the People.

  31. Skippy-san Says:

    Allen West is an idiot-and I will be suer to support whoever runs against him. He’s no man of principle-nor is he a hero. Ask yourself how battalion commanders served in Iraq, took care of their men, and didn’t get an article 15? Answer: “Just about all of them”.

    Except West.

  32. Fuzzlenutter Says:

    The only idiot I see is you, Skid-mark Skippy…

  33. LIECHARLIE Says:


  34. Charlie is shameless and a disgrace to the Republican Party Says:

    And yet another reason why Jeb Bush should have endorsed Tom Gallagher for governor in 2005, BUT No!
    No one really knew how diabolical Charlie Crist was or that he was a total lightweight philosophically? right? Wrong.

    Shame on ALL the Republican legislators who endorsed Crist for governor & you know who you are. (The former Speaker from the Panhandle included) Anyone with a teeny tiny IQ knew what Charlie Crist was all about.

    And look who C.C. endorsed in ’08 for POTUS, the most liberal candidate running and look who is in the White House due to the weak link nominee.

    Look at the economy in Florida. This is where indifference, & going along to get along and political pragmatism takes you. Time for Republicans to grow a backbone and stand on principle or we are going to lose our country.

  35. Proud Republican Says:

    Boy, I hope LOIS emerges as the Dem facing West in the general election so we can bring out all the dirt on her. It’s going to be so much fun.

  36. Me Says:

    The only “disgrace” is the Republican party. The corruption is incredible. Taking kickbacks, triple dipping and taking 3 or more government salaries, stealing contributor money and using it to buy mistresses and girlfriends lingerie, cars, to tile their homes, fix their cars, vacationing, pretending to write books they got 152K for, selling state laws to the highest contributors, the RPOF chair being carted off in hadcuffs, R legislators extorting $$$$ in exchange for state policy, using the peoples tax dollars (the budget) to give their friends what they want, stuffing their pockets with the $ they take in those big slush funds they have, the lies, the amendments to major bills they are selling and the total hatred for the working class, hatred for te environment, the catering to the extreme fringe and the total interfering in our private lives, the selling f our democracy to create corporate oligarchs. Theres so much to point to about the disgrace of the current batch of thieves in charge of the R party.
    John Dean, Christine Todd Whitman and many more have written about the “take over” of the R party a long time ago. Many good Rs that helped build the real R party warned us that ther R party was being taken over by crooks with no conscience. So bash Cahrlie all you want, no matter what you say, the party you defend is the real disgrace. You either are a blind fool, or are one who works for,or makes money from that crooked bunch of hypocrites with no conscience. The biggest bunch of scum sucking politicians I have ever seen.

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