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Florida’s unemployment rate dropping like the nation’s: Scott takes credit

by John Kennedy | April 15th, 2011

Florida’s unemployment rate dropped last month by its largest margin in more than eight years, and Gov. Rick Scott was ready Friday to take plenty of credit for the improving economy.

Florida’s March rate stands at 11.1 percent — down from 11.5 percent the month before. Scott also pointed out, “While that number is still too high, that is the lowest unemployment rate we’ve seen in more than a year. And it represents a nearly one percent decrease since I’ve become governor.”

“We’re seeing an encouraging trend…We’re clearly heading in the right direction. But we’ve got a long way to go,” Scott said.

He also used the findings to again push¬†the Legislature to embrace his call for cutting state regulations, reducing the corporate income tax and consolidating job development agencies — and their millions of incentive dollars –under him.

Scott acknowledged that the national unemployment rate — at 8.8 percent, still well below Florida’s — had declined by only one-tenth of one percent since February.

But Scott failed to point out — as state economist Rebecca Rust did after Scott exited his news conference without taking any questions — that the national unemployment rate also has dropped by 1 percent over the past four months.

That basically¬†mirrors Florida’s drop.

Some 43,800 jobs have been added in Florida since Scott took office in January. But have Scott’s policies helped spark that economy?

“We can’t say,” Rust conceded.

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13 Responses to “Florida’s unemployment rate dropping like the nation’s: Scott takes credit”

  1. Max Says:

    Rick Scott saves the world!! You heard it hear first people. The fact that workers and their families are leaving the state to find employment elsewhere (taking their tax dollars with them) or their benefits have been exhausted can’t possibly be the reason for the decline because King Rick has it all under control.

  2. Jack WPB Says:

    Unemployment is down in Florida because so many people have walked away from their homes and are now in other states. They didn’t get jobs, they just left. Even the imigrant workers are leaving.

  3. T. Bell Says:

    Can this smug, shameless, job killing criminal get any more arrogant? If a Democrat were governor, he is just the type who would be ranting about how the
    state government was putting people out of work.

  4. Plead the 5th 75 Times Says:

    Funny how the policies of that “socialist” president of ours has resulted in way better unemployment levels and economic recovery nationwide than here in Florida (which has been under GOP control for 12+ years).

  5. Fla Native Says:

    Considering that on the front page of the Sentinel today, unemployment benefits in Fla. have been “suspended” because the AWI system [phones & computer are down], I guess displaced workers are even denied their hard-earned benefits in Florida now. Thanks again Rick…. go away!

  6. Christopher Says:

    The sun rose in the east this morning too. Is Scott taking credit for that too?

  7. JesUp Says:

    Governor Scott took credit for the federal government averting a shutdown. Now he’s taking credit when nationwide unemployment is going down! What hubris!

  8. Tallymuck Says:

    I woke up this morning and I saw that sun rising in the east. I was able scratch my rear end as well. Do you know why I was able to accomplish that feat? The Ricktator allows it.

  9. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I wonder when skeletor is going to re-introduce slavery?

  10. Sean Says:

    What did he do to drop the rate? I haven’t seen any changes in my area (St Petersburg)

  11. Dave Says:

    The unemployment rate hasn’t dropped. Don’t believe a word of it. The only thing that has dropped is the number of people on the rolls. A hell of a lot of us have lost everything; our jobs, our homes, our self respect. It has all been for the benefit of the wealthy who buy what they want in Tallahassee. Something that should really drop is Scott & the rest of the SOBs. They should drop dead.

  12. Arta Says:

    I agree with Dave (April 17 comment), the only reason everyone thinks that the unemployment rate has dropped is because we (the ones that are STILL unemployed) lost our Unemployment benefits, therefore the percentage of us without benefits are not reflected in the numbers of the people collecting benefits. I am so tired of hearing that the Florida Unemployment rate has dropped…. HELLLLLOOOOOO, I have been unemployed since June 20, 2008 and I lost my benefits the end of May….
    This new governor is just as bad as the rest… he doesn’t care about what we have lost, he cares about what he has personally gained. As far as I am concerned all he gains from me is DISRESPECT.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Oh really? If unemployment has dropped, why is it impossible to reach someone by phone at the UC office? The number is constantly busy, there is no way to reach them with a concern via email. How convenient! I have paid for Unemployment Insurance my entire working life and now I can not get any help when I really need it. When I am unable to find work here in Pasco County, I guess my car will be picked up, I will be unable to pay for my internet and have no phone. How in the world do you find work in this County with no car, no phone, and no internet? In any County for that matter? I’m not looking to be picking, but jobs are in high demand, even the low paying ones. Shame on you Rick Scott! I will be happy to help in the UC office since I know they are understaffed. I am sorry that I voted for you!

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