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Florida won’t join Transocean lawsuit

by Dara Kam | April 19th, 2011

Florida will not join other Gulf states in a lawsuit against Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday morning.

“It doesn’t make sense that the state join that lawsuit. We have a plan to make sure our state is treated fairly with regards getting reimbursed by British Petroleum for the damages done to our state,” Scott told reporters on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the oil rig blast that spewed 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Scott spoke with reporters at Eastern Shipbuilding in Allenton, outside Panama City, where he and the Florida Cabinet will meet later this afternoon. The governor is in the Panhandle for a two-day swing as the region’s cheerleader-in-chief, coinciding with a $30 million marketing effort paid for by BP to the seven Gulf Coast counties hardest hit by the oil disaster.

Scott, a lawyer, said ideally the state will settle its claim with BP without having to go to court.

“That would be utopia,” Scott said of reaching an agreement with the oil giant.

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14 Responses to “Florida won’t join Transocean lawsuit”

  1. JohnW Says:

    Of course not…can’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  2. mom Says:

    UGH This crook has to be caught soon before he destroys the state.

  3. Financial Attorney Says:

    I don’t see how Rick Scott providing a Legal Wavier to a company Florida Taxpayers have the right to sue for damages, that are clearly not totaled out yet, is good for Florida Taxpayers.

    A settlement not in Florida Taxpayer interest will only result in a lawsuit against Rick Scott.

    Maybe his Lawyer, who rumor has it has a Federal Bar complaint now, for willfully providing a state entity wrong taxation funding information. Maybe he can tell us how he sees this move in being the “Best Interest of Floridians”.

    Maybe Rick Scott’s Lawyer can put his bar license behind that opinion. Taxation Law clearly states. You provide any entity engaged in taxation decisions, willfully with wrong information.

    That’s grounds for disbarment.

  4. RDC Says:

    and how much will the PAC’s that they contribute to give Skeletor’s reelection campaign?
    is this any big surprise from an openly corpratist governor?

  5. BobinBoynton Says:

    That should be up to the Voters, not Scott. Why give up one more means to recoup our lost revenue and damages? Sounds like he has hands in the cookie jar!
    People of Florida- How much more are you going to take? It’s time to start a revolt like they did in Cairo and oust this guy while there is still something to salvage.
    Attorney’s of Florida- We need your help. You know the legalities of all of this, help us in getting this guy out of office.
    I keep hearing that Florida is a State that cannot “Recall” it’s Governor. We need someone to give us the exact process as to what it takes to get this signed into law so we can get this guy out before he causes anymore damage our great state.

  6. M Says:

    We canceled a week long reservation in the pan handle 100% because of the oil spill, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who did the same. I’m also sure plenty others are not going to come in the future due to perceptions of damaged beach and ocean. Those resorts lost piles of present and future business and the companies involved in the spill should be 100% liable. I see no logical reason not to be involved in the suit, unless part of his income is derived directly from the oil companies.

  7. mark Says:

    I guess Mr Scott has some stocks in the company. Beside it is time to impeach him. He has fired more workers since he been in office than jobs found in florida since jan,2011. Time for Mr Scott to go . Impeach impeach

  8. chris Says:

    you voted for him. I guess you got what you asked for.

  9. Tea Party Scums Says:


    Petition to amend state law to allow a recall is under way. I don’t post other website’s here. But I have seen and verified a online petition drive.

    Moreover local people like Everett Wilkinson, locally are more to blame for what’s occurring now. Disabled people can thank people like Everett Wilkinson, Teachers, Police, firefighters, etc.

    Funny part is Everett Wilkinson is a fat, lazy, chuck of crap, that pays no taxes, has a worthless communication degree my cat piss on nightly.

    But uneducated Everett Wilkinson, will tell you he’s the master of law.

    Even funnier, Everett tries to hang with Republican Elite in Florida, and isn’t educated enough to know that’s he’s the court jester.

    I told Everett once he loses about a 100 pounds, can prove to me he’s actually had sex with a actual girl.

    Maybe, I’d listen to what he had to say.

  10. Trump Laughed at T Paper Says:

    when i was at saturday gathering.

    trump even was making fun of everett wilkinson right to has face.

    i’d doubt any women alive is touching fat everett wilkinson with a 10 foot pole.

    why do you think he has time to scream about taxes he doesn’t pay in first place?

    he doesn’t get laid, that’s how everett wilkinson deals with it.

  11. Slick Rick Says:

    @Chris–You are exactly correct. That is what I keep saying. “Quit your belly-aching!” You voted for him. If you didn’t–you didn’t care that enough of your friends voted similarly. Probably because things were good for you back then. Now that it’s negatively affecting you–now you care. Well, it’s too late. You voted for a crook, a liar, a charlatan who is beholden only to big oil, big pharma, and other big companies. He hates the poor, diseased, crippled, and disfunctional. We are only here to serve him and his rich friends.

    And BTW, why are you complaining about no jobs from Rick Scott. I just read McDonald’s is hiring to fill 175 jobs. He said jobs–not ‘livable wage’ jobs. Plus he also said, “7 years..7xx jobs. You will have to re-elect him to get all those jobs. Yeah, right? Plus more tax cuts for the rich and big companies that don’t pay income tax anyway. Why? Because that is the only way the Republicans believe how to create jobs. It’s the only way every job has ever been created. There is no other way to create jobs than to cut taxes for the rich and powerful further because the rich spending their money is better than the middle-class or poor spending their money.

    You people are stupid and you are getting what you deserve. But at least the FL legislature hasn’t passed a law against bestiality. Feel better knowing you can still legally screw ‘Peggy Sue’–your bovine girlfriend with the purdy mouth.

    Florida is full of a bunch of retarded, Bible-thumping, myth-believing, pill-popping, racist, animal-phucckers, trailer-park, Crystal Meth injecting, white-trash that are all on Medicaid, with their 15, illiterate, toothless kids with no financially-able father to be found.

  12. Le Sigh Says:

    If BP can pay off our president, they can certainly pay off a lowly governor. Why does this surprise anyone?

  13. Unreal Says:

    Now we know what he and Lieberg talked about recently.
    Let florida stand on the side of BP at the detriment of its citizens.

  14. Slick Rick Says:

    And wildlife. Did you hear BP or some department on their behalf, is taking beached wildlife and taking it back out to see–which goes against everything they know about wildlife. We all know that they normally don’t take a beached whale or dolphin out to sea. The accurate logic is that there was an underlying reason for the beaching. Taking it back out will only possible cause other animals to be beached by the same animal. Survival of the fittest, sort of speak. But now, only to avoid performing a necropsy (animal autopsy), they take them back out…to live. More accurately, to die, without the beached evidence.

    How convenient.

    Well, I hope you all didn’t expect anything different from this snake-oil charlatan. Now take what he gives you–and like it.

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