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Fla Dems want to know more about Scott’s assets

by John Kennedy | April 14th, 2011

A day after Rick Scott agreed to sell his family’s shares of Solantic, the chain of urgent care clinics that engulfed the governor in a swirl of ethics questions, Florida Democrats say they want to know more about the multi-millionaire’s assets.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith wrote the Republican governor Thursday, saying he should disclose more about other assets that he and his family control.

“ To show Floridians that you aren’t further profiting from your actions as Governor, it is incumbent upon you to fully disclose all of the assets which are controlled by your immediate family, including those assets held in trust accounts,” Smith wrote.

“While I understand that Florida’s very weak and loophole-ridden ethics laws do not explicitly require this, given the many ethical questions that have arisen since you have been in office, it is your responsibility to do the right thing,” the Democratic chief concluded.

Scott reported a net worth of $218 million last year as a candidate for governor.

Included was his $62 million share of Solantic,  a stake in equipment manufacturer Drives Acquisition LLC, worth $20 million; an entity called RLSI-CSP LLC, worth $19 million; and money market funds at Merrill Lynch totaling $19 million.

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11 Responses to “Fla Dems want to know more about Scott’s assets”

  1. dark gator Says:

    Don’t pay any attention to these side issues. We need to concentrate on somehow getting Scott into the Whitehouse.

  2. l Says:

    figure out why im paying 4.29 for a gallon of gas, much more beneficial for the people right now,which is why you are elected, the people spoke and voted scott in as you were voted in to run this state,focus on the state and getting us back to work.
    wonder why people are fed up w/washington?

  3. MM Says:

    Okay picture this. Scott steps to mic, cameras rolling. Media with their recorders and their note pads.

    He clears his throat, then he says, “Rod Smith it is none of your damn business.” He then turns and walks away. Now that my friends would be a classic!

  4. npgator Says:

    Democrats = sore losers! This paper is a sore loser – especially Cerabino who cannot come to grips with the fact that the vast majority of us don’t see things his way.

  5. OBIWAN Says:

    It is time the Republicans we voted into a Super Majority Republican House and Senate step up to the plate and get BOLD!!!

    Why are we seeing Dumbocrat amendments neutering the Immigration & Employment bill??

    All Law Enforcement in the state are already ‘authorized’ to see 287(g) to enforce ICE responsibilities of arresting, detaining and turning over for deportation all Illegal Aliens.

    Only four – FDLE, Bay, Collier and Duval Sheriffs have done so… after 8 years?

    The only way this economy improves is to force Illegals out of Florida and allow unemployed to do those jobs IF they require a job to subsist!

    That cuts over $10 BN in State Budget… Education and Medicaid alone are killing us…

    … 114,000 babies paid by Medicaid at $8,000 a pop is $912,000,000 BEFORE cradle to grave TANF, SNAP, HUD, Title One, ESOL, ESE, Medicaid, (S)CHIP, Free Breakfast, Free Lunch, Free Afternoon Snak, Free Afterschool Snak, Free Supper… eatin’ us out of house and home!!

  6. mike Says:

    Dam right Foridians want to know what the gov. of their state is doing with their resources. Scott has shown us that he will push the envelope every time. Anyone who thinks he doesnt need to be under constant scurtnity (sp?) has more than likly been screwed over many times in life and will continue in that path. No wonder you are such a miserable lot.

  7. WTF Says:

    Man, you are a bunch of SELFISH a$$hole$!!! Get rid of this guy!!!

  8. M.C. Says:

    Follow the trail in all of his holdings. If he wants to be transparent, open up his entire portfolio. He lost the Solantic scam, for now. I tend to think this isn’t the last we hear of this. What else does he own and where does it lead to? These multimillionaires now how to diversify. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his other holdings could be directly/positively affected by legislation change. Stay tuned. He had to have had a plan B, C, D to do this job. NO ONE spends that much of his personal wealth just because he wanted to make a difference. Their has to be a return on investment lying somewhere. That 60 mil for selling Solantic isn’t cutting it.

  9. Fed Up Says:

    The masses did not elect him !

  10. mike riley Says:

    Maybe with his fortunes he is planning on hiring and putting to work 700,000 people, thus he completes his campaign peomise…

  11. David Anthony Kearns of Palm Bay Florida Says:

    After all, the governor said, it is “only through measurement that we truly know ourselves.” So too, it is through reviewing and measuring all the facts that we will know you, governor. I would also like a look at all emails pertaining to the choice of Kurt Browning as secretary of state? I would like to know whether he is double dipping with his DROP eligibility. Measurements, governor!

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