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Actors Guild fighting House de-reg effort

by John Kennedy | April 4th, 2011

The Screen Actors Guild weighed in Monday opposing House legislation that would lift state oversight of a wide range of professions, including talent agents.

Richard Masur, the chairman of the organization’s national legislative committee, sent a stinging letter to House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter, Park, budget chief Denise Grimsley, R-Lake Placid, and bill sponsor, Rep. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, warning the measure could kick open the doors to exploitation of wanna-be actors — especially kids.

Masur wrote, “HB 5005 could have the unintended consequence of making Florida a haven for unethical talent agents and scam artists, who would take advantage of uninformed actors and models, demanding fees and advance payments with no oversight, and tainting the reputation of our entire industry.

“In addition, the deregulation of talent agents leaves vulnerable and open the most susceptible in our society: children and young adults,” he added.

The legislation is poised to win preliminary approval Wednesday in the House. Interior designers, hair-braiders and several other professionals whose state licenses are threatened by the measure already have blasted the measure, which supporters defend as red-tape cutting.

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3 Responses to “Actors Guild fighting House de-reg effort”

  1. Steve Ellman Says:

    Clearing the field for Florida’s oldest profession: fraud.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I was watching the Florida channel last week and Sen. Evelyn Lynn said that the mantra of this new legislature is the deregulation of just about everything. Deregulation of talent agents is the least likely thing in this bill to touch the lives of people in the state. Here’s the full list of deregulated occupations:

    Deletes provisions establishing Florida Board of Auctioneers & Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council, deletes provisions for regulation of yacht & ship brokers, auctioneers, talent agencies, athlete agents, persons practicing hair braiding, hair wrapping, or body wrapping, interior designers, professional fundraising consultants & solicitors, water vending machines & operators, health studios, ballroom dance studios, commercial telephone sellers & salespersons, movers & moving brokers, certain outdoor theaters, certain business opportunities, motor vehicle repair shops, sellers of travel, contracts with sales representatives involving commissions, & television picture tubes; revises name & membership of Board of Architecture; revises license classifications of public lodging establishments.

    If you utilize any of the above mentioned trades expect more incompetence and fraud to populate the landscape while they undercut the trained professionals in theses fields who are at least capable of providing a quality service. My personal favorite is Auto Mechanics, It’s already difficult to find one that won’t rip you off with a combination of incompetence and fraud imagine when there are no regulations to protect you from them. Buyer beware!!!

  3. Dave Says:

    So, if you abided by all the laws and rules prior to this, were successful and established your own store front or commercial location; you will be rewarded by being put out of business by newcomers operating with no overhead out of their homes.

    Thanks GOP, instead of tackling income disparity by changing the way money is distributed from the federal reserve you empower the poor to victimize the middle class and get their money by creating more poor.

    My family has a mechanic shop and we spend $9,000.00 a MONTH on overhead and another $1,500.00 on taxes so we can be a professional, commercial service provider, you are going to destroy that by allowing mechanics to charge next to nothing working out of their driveways?

    Thanks for nothing,

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