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State shutting down three prisons

by Dara Kam | March 15th, 2011

Florida’s new corrections department secretary is shutting down three prisons, two boot camps and a road prison.

DOC Secretary Edwin Buss said the closures will save the state $30.8 million this year and $25 million annually in the future.

The Department will close the Brevard Correctional Institution (CI) in Cocoa, Hendry CI in Immokalee, Hillsborough CI in Riverview, Tallahassee Road Prison in Tallahassee, Lowell CI Boot Camp and Sumter Boot Camp. Additionally the Department will move close management inmates out of Charlotte CI in Punta Gorda to three other prisons.

The department has a surplus of beds for the first time in recent history.

The phase out plan will begin immediately with a target completion date of June 30, 2011.

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16 Responses to “State shutting down three prisons”

  1. Educator Says:

    This is as it should be. Why did it take a budget shortfall to initiate these changes. A prison cell can hold at least 4 crims. Soon, they can’t smoke. Good behavior lets them go outside (where they should work on a chain gang). Make prison very very unappealing.

  2. Unhappy Says:

    Okay, and just where does the “Let’s get to work come in?” Just where am I going to “get to work” when they are unemploying me??? Unreal.


    @ Educator, working in a prison is a very stressful job. One that many people are reluctant to do. The staff at 6 institutions are now facing unemployment at a time when its not as easy to find other work. Families living in uncertainty, communities that these institutions provided for are scrambling to monies to offset this devastating blow. Remember, a criminal was once a civilian who made a mistake. It’s very easy to go from civilian to criminal. The only difference between you and a criminal is you didn’t get caught. The criminals you talk about could very well one day be you or your family member. Sure would hate to have you all stacked in a room like you described for 23 hours a day. Think about it.

  4. Brett Says:

    Great Idea. Lets stuff all those people into 3 other prisons and raise the stress, and over populate..I am sure many will end up dead over stacking people in prisons like sardines.


    And what makes you think prisons are appealing? Who in their right mind is saying “Man, I can’t wait to go to prison! I heard there’s so much to do there!” lol. I know it’s Florida, but it’s not a vacation spot.

  6. Big House Says:

    If the Department has a surplus of beds, then why did we have the Blackwater prison built?

    Oh yeah, because Rubio needed some pocket money… silly me.

  7. DCPETE Says:

    I have to hand it to Gov. Scott. He’s at least trying to make a change. Florida needs VAST improvment for it to strive again. A mild winter and some organge groves can’t sustain the state. Just like a family who is in debt, the State has to cut costs. There’s no easy solution. You just do the best you can.

  8. No Wonder We Have Empty Beds The Crooks Are On the Streets Says:

    No wonder we have empty prison beds, these judges haven’t been sentencing criminals to state prison for years. They just keep recycling their probation over and over! In Lake County 99.4% of the criminals are either holding public office or working for someone who is! No neeed to waste the utilities on the vacant prisons, they aren;t going to send the crooks up the road anyway!

  9. nemo Says:

    Gov. Scott is doing just what he was elected to do. We can no longer afford the laid back life style we’ve grown used to. There must be very hard cuts made. The democrats don’t have the courage to make these cuts, so Gov. Scott must. Did we think that we could go on funding unions, green fraud, entitlements, for ever? We have far too many laws about everything…and far too many lawyers.

  10. Unreal Says:

    Truly he and the legislature have not done anything to create jobs, but state employment is not a right. If he couples the closure if prisons with reductions in sentencing guidelines for non violent drug offenders, and instead pushes them toward treatment then it is probably a good thing in the long run to solve the prisons’ problems.
    You can always start up your own business or look for a job like other private citizens.
    If you are unhappy about losing your job, maybe consider you knew this would probably happen and should have taken steps months ago to deal with it.

  11. Unhappy Says:

    @DCPETE and Unreal…this really makes a lot of sense doesn’t it. Take away jobs from people who WORK and keep on supporting the lazy asses that are having tons of kids by multiple people and let’s keep on paying for their housing, food, medical, utilities, nails, hair and let’s not forget them going to the clubs! Are you out of your friggin minds? I work and I work hard to support my family and do not take a dime from ANYONE! You know as well as I, there are no jobs! Let’s see how you react when it happens to you, or are you one of those up in Tallahassee sitting on your pedestal doing nothing but collecting a fat paycheck?

  12. Outraged Taxpayer Says:

    What about the 5,000 illegals in our state prisons? How much is that costing us taxpayers? If the average cost is around $30,000. per inmate per year that would be $150,000,000. When is the insanity going to stop? Not to mention the impact it has on our court systems and victims.

  13. Orrectional Officer3 Says:

    Rick Scott is trash. He wants to privatize all the prisons in the state to get his money back, he bought the election with. Think about it. Why would anyone spend $70 million for a job that makes less then $200,000 year? If I had money invested in private prisons like him, I would do it too. He is shutting the prisons down to fill the State Intitutions capacity so he can say “We dont have any room for the thousands of inmates in county jails waiting now on state bed space, so we have to send them to private prisons.” Private prisons get paid by the number of inmates they house. So Rick Scott has to get his investments back so private prisons population will sky rocket.

  14. Mr. magoo Says:

    What noone is mentioning is the fact that Brevard CI has the largest education program in the state and we are now going to house youthful offenders with adults. Instead of having a chance at rehabilitation and re-entry into society, these inmates will now become career criminals. The recidivism rate will skyrocket and once scott is gone (that will be at the end of this term)the prison will be reopened. The 6M for repairs is a drop in the bucket compared to what this new crop of career criminals will cost us.

  15. Correctional Officer3 Says:

    Next….. 12 hour shifts for the same amount of money. County jails work 12 hour shifts and make 10 to 12k more a year. Why work for the state. Does anyone else that works for D.O.C see what this jackass is trying to do? Take away every reason they have to work for the state so they will quit. Now I can get my money back from the millions I have invested in private prisons.

  16. Brevard CI Says:

    Mr. Magoo, ur an idiot. Brevard CI is a savage hellhole full of fights and stabbings. It needed to be closed down.

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