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Six-figure initial haul for Frankel’s congressional campaign?

by George Bennett | March 29th, 2011


Departing West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel says in a fund-raising letter that it’s “critically important” that she snag $100,000 in contributions for her just-launched Democratic congressional campaign by Thursday, which is the Federal Election Commission’s reporting deadline for the first quarter of 2011.

Frankel, who signed her candidate papers March 14 and announced her candidacy March 21, is a savvy politician who’s been running campaigns and playing the expectations game for 25 years. So we’re guessing she wouldn’t publicize the $100,000 target unless she’s sure she’ll exceed it.

Frankel has opened a campaign for the District 22 seat of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, who raised $6.4 million for his 2010 unseating of Democrat Ron Klein. Democrat Patrick Murphy has also opened a District 22 campaign.


10 Responses to “Six-figure initial haul for Frankel’s congressional campaign?”

  1. Fishymish Says:

    Frankel seems very adept at separating people from their money – which is why she’s so welcomed by the Democrat party.

  2. Fishymish Says:

    Frankel seems very adept at separating people from their money and “wealth redistribution” – which is why she’s so welcomed by the Democrat party. That’s what the party is built on after all.

  3. half pint Says:

    She couldn’t even get signatures on her term extension petition unless she offered to pay money per signature and even then, she wasn’t even close to getting 1/2 the signatures! I am laughing hysterically that this troll expects people to actually back her for a congressional seat when most people would rather kick her in the pants! She really is dillusional to think the people have not forgotten the way she was with their money and the way she disrespected people in the meetings if they opposed her in any way. Freaking hysterical- you couldn’t make this up! HAHAHA

  4. She's going to Take the Money and Run Says:

    Inside sources say she is “launching” a campaign against Allen West to gain attention to herself. She is unable to fundraise on her own merits. The plan is to do a Charlie Crist and “Take The Money and Run” to another seat.

    Save your dough… tell the Mayor to retire finally.

  5. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    Whatshername is merely another professional bureaucrat who has never held a real job.

  6. Fairandbalanced Says:

    So a tax and spend liberal wants us to give her money to run against a true fiscal conservative so she can think of ways to increase our taxes? Is this woman for real?

  7. HankS_FtLauderdale Says:

    If you review Lois Frankel’s years in the Florida House, she never missed an opportunity to spend money and increase regulation — a classic liberal progressive. She will position herself as a moderate for all people, but she is clearly “tax, control, and spend”.

  8. DickS from Jup Says:

    I voted for West to get rid of Kline. I plan to vote Dem this time hopefully we’ll see someone strong running. It’s a little early yet to decide whose better or worst. Gotta give Frankle some credit she isn’t wasting anytime.

    I’m worried some of these GOP folks will sell us all out to big business ie Pharma. Insurance, Medical, Banks, and Oil.

  9. Oh Please Says:

    God help us if she gets into Congress. And as far as GOP selling out to Big Pharm, Insurance etc. The DEMs have sold out to the unions (read communists) Now that’s scary.

  10. Oh Please Says:

    FYI re: my comment about communists…

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