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Senate math class in session

by John Kennedy | March 10th, 2011

The Florida Senate began debate Thursday on a controversial plan to end teacher tenure and introduce merit pay based heavily on student performance.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a similar measure last year following a major campaign against SB 6 by the state’s teachers’ union. But fast-forward a few months and the new, slightly modified bill (CS/SB 736) — dubbed ‘son of 6′ — is on a fast-track.

Critics still abound. But they’re clearly outnumbered.

“I’m an old math teacher. I can count,” said Democratic Sen. Bill Montford of Tallahassee, a longtime educator who has a middle-school named after him in Leon County. “I know this is going to pass.”

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3 Responses to “Senate math class in session”

  1. Barry O'Brien Says:

    In this new economy, tenure is not a realistic benefit. Increase teacher pay, reduce benefits, eliminate tenure, and reward the good teachers while getting rid of the bad ones.

  2. Charles Says:

    How exactly is performance measured? Certainly not exclusively thru FCAT? A student’s success is not the responsibility of only the teacher, but that of the parents as well. But, it seems that many parents these days take no interest in their children and leave the education of their children totally in the teacher’s hands. A child’s environment speaks through his performance in school.

  3. too sure don't pay Says:

    Betcha some bodies at the capitol got cold feet before this shotgun wedding.

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