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Senate pill mill bill sails through committee

by Dara Kam | March 22nd, 2011

A Senate committee this morning unanimously approved a measure strengthening the state’s yet-to-be-implemented prescription drug database and creating harsher penalties for pill mills, one of Attorney General Pam Bondi‘s top priorities.

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee also stripped out a measure that would have created made it easier for doctors to prescribe tamper-proof narcotics that prevent drug addicts from crushing the pills to snort or inject the pain meds. Most generic drug manufacturers wanted that out of the bill because no generic drugs yet come in tamper-proof form.

Bondi urged the committee to pass the bill (SB 818) to make it easier for her and other prosecutors to crack down on rogue pain management clinics and doctors.

Bondi said she’s “never seen anything like” the illicit pain medication epidemic in her 20 years as a prosecutor in Tampa and stressed the need for the prescription drug database opposed by Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Dean Cannon. A House committee recently approved a measure that would repeal the database created by lawmakers two years ago. Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, is refusing to back down from his support for the database.

“It’s unreal. It’s everywhere you go,” she said. “We need a comprehensive plan. We need the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.”

Bondi said drug dealers thwarted by a prescription drug database in their state are flocking to the Sunshine State to purchase drugs and sell them in Appalachia.

Sen. Mike Fasano, the bill’s sponsor, also pushed the committee to sign off on his proposal.

“There’s not a person in this room today…that hasn’t been affected by this epidemic,” Fasano, R-New Port Richey, said.

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10 Responses to “Senate pill mill bill sails through committee”

  1. Educator Says:

    You ungrateful bastards! You should be thankful that so many people are willing to say “yes” to drugs, get hooked on them and then overdose and die. They are giving themselves up so you can have their job, food and housing.

  2. KDBSL8Y Says:

    If I could, I would be the one that stopped these pill mills. Unfortunately, I am one of those that have to sit back and watch as men and women die from these drugs and as children are born addicted to them. Some of these children might make it. Others won’t due to unforeseen circumstances.

  3. Oh, Florida Says:

    So long as our Gov. has a direct financial interest in these “pill mills” there will be nothing done to the “small business owners” i.e. pushers.

    The small town addict from Kentucky may get busted but the Dr. who hands out prescriptions for cash will walk away unscathed.

  4. Really? Says:

    After reading the first 4 postings here, I feel like I just waslked out of the Twilight Zone. # 2, Financial Attorney, what are you talking about? Who are you talking to? and to Educator, are you on crack? Because, that was the most screwed up thing I’ve ever heard and if you truly are an educator, I can only hope that the district figures out who you are, so that you will no longer be able to teach our children. It’s people like you who probably make our kids go out and want ot drug themselves to numb themselves from idiots like you.

  5. Roger Says:

    I Think The Idiots We Have Voted In Are So Blind To The Big Picture Its Sickening. The Laws In This State Have Made It So Sick People Have A Hard Time Getting There Scripts. ENOUGH!!!!! If someone who snorts METH, COKE, HERION, chopp Up Pills And Snort Them. THEY SHOUlD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!!!! THEY ARE ALREADY IN POSESSION Of ILLEAGAL DRUGS< THEN WHAT THEY DO IS THEIR CHOICE!!!!!! WHY DO WE KEEP ON PAYING FOR THR HORRIBLE CHOICES PEOPLE MAKE??????

  6. Another Educator Says:

    Dear “Educator”

    A Real Educator

  7. Another Educator Says:

    Dear Roger,
    You are also an idiot. Some of these “Sick People” are children or people who have been abused…PEOPLE. LIVES. If you have never lost someone in this way, you have no reason to blame. I know that it is a wrong choice. I know educated people who have been sucked in. Grow up.

  8. Marnie Matarese Says:

    The stinking fish at the top of the food chain is the Doctor who dispenses the prescriptions for cash to the same people, over and over again. Where is the AMA in this and why do we never seem to get the Doctors who are responsible?

  9. Jasper Says:

    they do try to get the doctors. there has been a task force running a 2 almost 3 year drug investigation of doctors who allow this to happen in my city.

  10. premed Says:

    post 1: You are probably one of the most screwed up individuals to comment on this and I hope that your students know better than to listen to the things you say. Roger you are also an idiot! The laws have not made it hard for truely sick people to get a prescription. All they do is regulate certain presrictions and make sure that it is imperative that you take this medication. Also Roger, no where in this bill is it talking about meth users and other illegal drugs. It is talking about monitoring pain management centers because these places have in house pharmacies where the doctor can pretty much get away with anything. A good doctor tells thier patient the risk of certain drugs and the possible addiction to them, they also schedule follow up appointments to talk with the person to make sure they are not addicted. It is not always a doctors fault, a person could have a heart problem undiagnosed that caused death after taking a pill or a person could lie about their addiction. This bill is actually a really great thing to happen to our health care, and if you knew anything about the US health care system then you would see that.

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