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Senate health reg passes two anti-abortion measures

by Dara Kam | March 14th, 2011

The Senate Health Regulation Committee approved two anti-abortion measures this afternoon, including a proposed constitutional amendment banning public financing of abortions even in the case of rape or incest.

The other measure (SB 1414) would prohibit private health insurers from covering abortions.

Both measures were approved by a 9-3 vote, with the two Democrats on the committee voting against them.


33 Responses to “Senate health reg passes two anti-abortion measures”

  1. jj Says:

    Ah,, The far right wackos are large and in charge.

    Kiss your ass goodbye, we are all doomed.

  2. Reverse Educator Says:

    Ah,, The far left wackos are large and not in charge.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Even in cases of rape and incest? Now that’s something the tea party can be proud of people. The party of NO, pandering to their base of evangelical Christian zealots as they strip human rights from all female humans. I am sure private money can be found to cover the costs associated with unwanted pregnancies but we all know this is just a baby step in the direction of a total ban wanted by these so called pro lifers who in the same breath want to end food stamps, welfare, public housing assistance and Medicaid as well. These are obviously extremely brilliant minds at work here. Before long they will make it illegal for women to have sex unless a license to procreate is purchased. Where is that in the constitution?

  4. Unreal Says:

    What part of exercising some fiscal discipline involves being a religious fanatic?

    The Tea Party movement, that was overtaken by the draconian hard right GOP party, had an ideal of more freedoms, and fiscal discipline. I hope all of the independent minded Tea party supporters see what you got when you voted for GOPers parading as Tea Party people. A bunch of people who think its their time to push their religious agenda, and ignore fiscal discipline.

  5. Wha..? Says:

    Wait…I thought they were against regulations on businesses. Now they want to dictate to private private insurance companies? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS YOU *&%$#$ HYPOCRITES!

  6. Stacey Says:

    So concerned about protecting unborn life, but they do nothing to protect life already born. The rich will be able to afford a cash abortion. This will only affect poor women. So who is going to help the poverty stricken family after the child comes? When you refuse to make an exception for rape victims, you can hardly say that the woman knew what she was getting into.

  7. Jimbo Says:

    What costs more money?

    $200 (I don’t know how much it costs but seems reasonable) for an abortion?

    $10,000s to support some uneducated mother’s unwanted child, that will be on the government dole for decades?

    The math is simple.

  8. jaded Says:

    I hate this place!

  9. bs Says:


  10. mike Says:

    Start the protests. We want this ding dong scott impeached.

  11. hedlykarok Says:

    Sieg Heil!!! Uberfuhrer t-baggers

  12. sue Says:

    All these good-two shoes Repubs and tealosers … let’s see… we have Newt…divorce 2 wives while they battle cancer…Trump..screwing mistress several floors below apartment where wife and kids are…Guilano..screwing girlfriend in Gracie Mansion on one side while wife and kids are on the other…Palin..dumber then dirt..and all those anti-abortion nuts … are you going to adopt these kids??????? We are going back to the 50′s..hope all you jerks who voted for these morons are happy now…West..Scott..a Republican legislature..God help us.

  13. Loquanda Says:

    Great. There goes my birth control.

  14. kim Says:

    Even in the case of rape and incest?! That is outrageous. How would they feel if it were them, or their wife, or daughter or mother who was raped?

  15. Wha..? Says:

    These same people push for abstinence-only sex ed, which ALWAYS works.

  16. The Real Life Says:

    Watch “Freakonomics.” If this goes through, the low-middle and poor classes will be inundated by unwanted children. You think DCF has their hands full now? Wait for another 6-10 years. Crime will increase, and so will the population of these privatized state prisons. When will evangelicals understand that Christians aren’t to enforce their morality on those who don’t share their faith?

  17. Really Says:

    I can’t wait until some of their girlfriends (that their wives dont know about) get knoched up. Let’s see where they stand then, but wait, they will just write a book that is never published in order to cover the cost of the abortion…either way it’s public money. The joke’s on us Florida.

  18. Recall the buggers Says:

    So, the legislature proposes to cut funding to DCF, cut funding for education, and now this. Clearly the right-wing extremists believe it’s what’s inside that counts as after the child is born, they just don’t seem to care. Recall, Recall, Recall!

  19. G Says:

    I usually abstain from adding a comment in political arenas since they seem to be hostile environments. I was sexually assaulted almost ten years ago when I was young and was petrified a pregnancy would result. I never once expected government tax dollars to pay for an abortion, as I contemplated what I should do. I called my doctor and he prescribed “morning-after” pills, which are now available very easily. I feel sorry for all of the fetuses that will not come to fruition or experienced pain during an abortion procedure, when they could’ve been adopted or never developed by their mothers’ taking the morning-after pill. Even after a sexual trauma, women should garner the strength to get those pills and take them, nullifying the need for an abortion in the first place. Now that I have had two children of my own, I just can’t personally accept the idea of killing fetuses that don’t get to choose whether they live or die. I used to be vehemently pro-choice, but that completely changed once I had little babies growing inside me that I recognized as “babies” from the moment I knew they existed. i believe in freedoms of choice, but i also believe that once a life has been created in it’s mother’s womb, he/she should have a choice whether they live or die. I’m not a hateful, spiteful person and I wish this “debate” was more peaceful, I see where both sides are coming from. Pro-lifers are villified typically, but I think they just believe that a life is valuable from the moment it’s created and our current laws don’t respect that.

  20. Stacey Says:

    G – not all women are as educated as you to even know what a morning after pill is. Plus, many of these same laws prevent doctors providing free, public care from even discussing this as an option for women with no private health insurance. Moreover, what about an incest victim, a young girl who cannot get to the doctor right away, within the necessary time period, every time her father or uncle or brother rapes her? I would have more respect for pro-lifers if they would also go to similar lengths and effort to respect life already born.

  21. Jim King Says:

    Abortions have happened forever and will happen forever, either legal or done in a back alley clinic. It is impossible to ban.

  22. Recall the buggers Says:

    G-says, I don’t think it’s a “pro-lifer” vs. “non pro-lifer” issue. Unless you believe that killing is an option, we are all pro-lifers. But some of us believe we need to support life once it exits the womb. That’s the difference and shame on these right wingers for making this an issue at a time when they are trying to cut taxes for the wealthy to be paid for by cuts in education and child welfare services.

  23. Jim King Says:

    By the way, the financially well off will have an abortion by flying somewhere else. So that leaves the poor to have unwanted babies….while we cut all the services….great plan!

  24. CandraRain Says:

    What is valued is PRE-life.

    There is no value once the child is born, else WIC, Head Start, etc., would not be cut.

    There is also no value in the actual woman who is pregnant. If she dies, she dies.

    The day is approaching when the government owns your uterus. How long before they want only boys born? How long before you are forced to bear a child for an infertile couple?

    And in the short term – who’s going to take care of all these babies dropped off at hospitals and fire stations as the Florida Safe Haven law allows within 7 days of birth?

    How many kids are waiting to be adopted?

    Either I am a human being who owns ALL my body parts, or I am chattel and a slave.

  25. Tea Party or Taliban Says:

    Wow, next thing they’ll be dictating what clothes women can wear and that they should wear veils, and that they can’t work outside the home,and that they can’t go out in public alone, and they can’t go to school.

    My goodness, next thing you know they’ll be taking away womens’ right to vote.

  26. nancy Says:

    Hey G: it’s called a CHOICE, and it’s what we gals want! You make you’re own choices in life, but when it comes to rape or incest, I don’t think the VICTIM is making a CHOICE. I’m so glad these old and young white men can think for, but just know what kind of CHOICE i will make when it’s election day!

  27. Judy Lotas Says:

    CandraRain is precisely right. If a woman can’t own her own body, she becomes a thing–a flesh-and-blood machine born to bear babies for the State. Whether she’s raped by a psychopath or her own father, these Senate worthies want to punish her with a full-term pregnancy she neither wants nor deserves. Every woman must be able to decide this issue for herself. That is what choice means.

  28. nan Says:

    Candrarain-a developing child within your womb is NOT part of your body.

  29. Jupiter Guy Says:

    What does any of this have to do with the promised 700,000 jobs? Anti-abortion, no smoking in prisons, saving his revenue in the pill mills. All this whack job of a governor is trying to do is make himself look good to the rest of the idiot tea-baggers.

  30. Lady Justice Says:

    Then there should be a law that allows women to take out her uterus at any age. It is our choice not anyone else’s. So instead of going forward in times we are back to the back alley abortions. If a baby is born under a welfare system then you should immediately be given a tubal ligation. Because if you can have sex and forget who is the baby daddy then there is no need for welfare to continue to cover your indiscretions.

  31. erick Says:

    dear palm beach post and its readers
    the politicians who adore imposing hefty restrictions on what can we bring to an airplane,from another country,or even if abortion is legal or not,must take note of the social and political costs. Abortion is not a crime,proven for many years,and the woman’s right for that needs to be respected.

  32. Kenni Judd Says:

    If this were about fiscal discipline, the GOP/TP would be promoting abortion for poor women, not trying to prevent them from having one. At present, Medicaid will pay for hospital deliveries for indigent women — and they cost nearly 10 times as much as the abortion would have.

    The “I don’t want my money to pay for it” argument is also a fraud. I don’t want my money paying for the two wars in the Middle East, nor for subsidies to Big Oil. But a government can’t allow individual taxpayers those choices.

    As for the tax-deductibility of an insurance plan being considered “public funding,” if the GOP/TP really wants to take that route, then I don’t think people should be able to deduct insurance premiums for plans that cover ED treatment (Viagra, Cialis and the like).

  33. Rebecca Chalker Says:

    Several things that anti-abortion legislators don’t want you to know: 1. Early abortion is as safe as having a shot of penicillin–risk of death is 1-2 in 100,000, and most of that risk is from anesthesia, which is routinely done in hospitals. 2. 50% of fertilized pregnancies do not survive, showing that abortion, whether spontaneous or conscious, is a normal life event. 3. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risk of death from a full-term birth is 7.5 per 100,000, making full-term birth nearly 4 times more risky than a first trimester abortion.

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