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Scott’s tax cuts fall flat with lawmakers

by Dara Kam | March 30th, 2011

Both the House and Senate have so far rejected Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed tax cuts for businesses and homeowners.

Budget chiefs in both chambers, who released their initial spending plans this week, said they just can’t find a way to cut tax collections while they’ve got $3.8 billion less to spend than last year.

“We don’t have it in the budget,” said House budget chair Denise Grimsley, R-Lake Placid, moments after her appropriations committee approved a stark, $66.5 billion on a party-line vote. “We’d like to do them (tax cuts). But we just don’t have the money right now.”

The Senate plan doesn’t have them either, at least “at this point,” Senate President Mike Haridopolos said.

Haridopolos indicated it would be hard to justify tax cuts at a time when lawmakers are handing pink slips to state workers.

“At this point we’re focused on cutting spending first,” Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, said. “I think sometimes people look at this very conservative legislature like we enjoy cutting. I mean, these are tough calls. These are tough decisions. There’s a lot of people that are going to lose their jobs. Anybody who says this is with glee or we’re enjoying these cuts, far from it.”

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34 Responses to “Scott’s tax cuts fall flat with lawmakers”

  1. Educator Says:

    There is Hope!

  2. PFM Says:

    Now that they see that Scott’s ideas are crazy, than maybe they have the guts to do real work. First they can raise taxes on the top 2% and corporations. Since JEB gave away over $3 Billion of the surplus we had when he took office. Since then we have been trying to get the state back in shape. It won’t happen on the backs of teachers, the middle class and the poor. It’s time for everyone to pay their fair share and that means the top 2% and corporations need to help.

  3. Joe Friday Says:

    What, you mean we can’t “starve the beast” and cut taxes that we aren’t collecting in the first place? It’s amazing that the old charade of a charlatan like Scott pulls the wool over the voters eyes proclaiming how he’ll cut taxes across the board. What he meant is that he’s giving big business a free ride to hire you for minimum wage. The old slash and burn – or is it rape and pillage- plan does not lead to anything growing but greedy pols pockets. We’re screwed.

  4. ozmo Says:

    If this country had reasonable white collar crime laws and penalties, Scott and many of his corporate co-conspirators would be in prison for health care fraud. These corporate thugs should not be able to buy their way out of prison. Scott used the money he scammed to pay his fine.

  5. So not really broke? Says:

    So the state is broke and as a result teachers have to get paid less, the unemployed will have to loose benefits faster, Medicaid patients will be off loaded to for profit companies, all in a bid to save money.

    And yet there is enough money to give businesses tax cuts?

    In case you missed it GE pays zero dollars in tax again this year:

    Wonder how many other businesses are getting away with this via creative accounting?

  6. Vote Out All Republicans Says:

    Haridopolos indicated it would be hard to justify tax cuts at a time when lawmakers are handing pink slips to state workers. “At this point we’re focused on cutting spending first,”

    Haridopolos, what you don’t understand is that tax cuts = spending! You are a liar. You are not “focused on cutting spending first.”

  7. Educator Says:

    Ah, let’s watch the Republican Tea Party implode!

    Hope and Change, still the best bet :)

  8. Former Republican Says:

    Rick Scott is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party in a long time.

  9. dark matter Says:

    Rather than cuts the people of Florida would be wise to demand greater investments in education, high tech r&d, alternative energy development, high speed mass transit, infrastructure, etc. In other words things of the future, things that will make Florida stand out among the otherwise clueless states of this fine nation.

  10. OBIWAN Says:

    GOV Jeb Bush took office in 1999 with a FL Surplus account of $1 Billion.

    8 years later, after huge spending programs for infrastructure of all kinds… highways, bridges, schools, public building, … and complete overhaul of our debt servicing to assure a 6% limit on future debt servicing costs… saving Florida $$Billions in future cost savings… and cutting taxes by $Billions… eliminating the sorry intangibles tax that ripped off so many retired seniors… and making Educatin his legendary accomplishment… Florida’s Surplus account had over $7 Billion!!

    Why do so many LIARS post otherwise here when Florida’s most distinguished governor ever left such an indelible historical record of achievement not likely to be duplicated?

  11. Bobby Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with tax cuts…great idea. They just need to find the spending cuts to make it work.

    Smaller government = better State and better America.

  12. panhandle Says:

    Obiwan please go take your Haldol. OH, it’s not on the approved list. Gee this costs 30 a month vs Ability which is 200 a month? IDK?

  13. justsayno to crooksinpolitcs Says:

    Attention TEACHER! Teach your studentsts politics. Educate them on the political process and show them how it relates to them. Teach them everything there is to know about cooperate welfare! Maybe then your students will grow up to be educated informed voters and save your job.

  14. Scott Fan Says:

    Let get to work!

  15. Scoot Fan Says:

    Lets get to work

  16. Not rich....quite poor really Says:

    If you tax the rich too much guess what? The rich move out and take ALL their taxes with them, because they can afford to. I understand that it seems logical that those who can afford to pay the most should, but it just doesn’t work that way I’m afaraid. Tax cuts means people have more monay in their paychecks, which means more visits to the mall, car dealerships and restaurants etc. All of which equal a faster recovery for the economy. Tax breaks for companies means more jobs for our state. It’s a long-term solution admittedly but we can’t just tax our way out of this mess. I’m not Scott fan and have grave concerns about some of his conflict of interest proposals (drug testing) but this I agree with.

  17. Big Johnson Says:

    Nothing new here, so far the existing corporate tax breaks have not provided the expected job market.

    I wonder if the tea partiers even realize that it was the tax cuts given to the British East India Company to wipe out the competition in the tea market in the colonies that sparked the outrage in the first place. The cry of ‘taxation without representation’ was actually the cutting of taxes for a select group without representation and leaving it for everyone else. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  18. Big Johnson Says:

    The flat tax has been proven to provide adequate revenue to maintain a balanced budget. Everyone pays the same percentage across the board, how more fair and equitable can you get than that?

  19. Slick Rick Says:

    @Not poor…

    You have obviously been fed the BS enough that you really believe it. I apologize to sound rude, but your belief that if we tax the rich more they’ll leave is completely false. In the Guilded Years the wealthy in this country were paying roughly 40% of their income in taxes. During that same time, the US highway, rail, power, education, military, etc infrastructure was overhauled and improved–leading to a great expansion in the economy. This happened because back then, the wealthy believed that it was, and it should be, the responsibility of the wealthy to do their share, even more so, for the US. The country that facilitated their wealthy-building ventures.

    Today, they have you boon-doggled into thinking they are broke when they have never been more profitable–after they just raped the US economy–again.

    Let them leave. Let the rich go somewhere else. Trust me when I say that there is no place like the US. I’d be happy to have foreign corporations, who have no problem paying our taxes, moving in and replacing greedy US corps. Yeah, I’m talking to you Catepillar. Do ahead, leave Illinois, then we can solicit Joy from China, etc to come over and eat away at your 38% domestic market share.

    It is time to wake up and not believe everything you have been told and check out the facts. Most wealthy US people and companies are tax-cheats. Why should they be allowed to do it? Now, the wealthy that do what is right, and pay their fair share, and don’t tax-dodge–they all have my full support and appreciation. I know there are many of you. But our guvnah ain’t one.

  20. Not rich....quite poor really Says:

    Slick Rick – I didn’t mean physically pack up and move….there are loopholes to register companies and even boats in foreign countries to avoid paying US taxes. The only way we’ll attract foreign companies to FL is with… it is….ready?…..TAX BREAKS!!!!

  21. get your facts straight Says:

    More money doesn’t solve problems! Welfare encourages more “welfare”!
    Giveaways encourage more “giveaways”!
    Dependence on govenment means…
    The United States spent $10,240 per student from elementary school through college in 2000. The average was $6,361 among more than 25 nations.
    HERE IS THE LIST WHERE THE U.S. RANKED in Science, Reading and Math:
    1. Finland
    2. Canada
    3. New Zealand
    4. Australia
    5. Ireland
    6. Korea
    7 United Kingdom
    8. Japan
    9. Sweden
    10. Austria

    1. Japan
    2. Korea
    3. New Zealand
    4. Finland
    5. Australia
    6. Canada
    7. Switzerland
    8. United Kingdom
    9. Belgium
    10. France
    1. Korea
    2. Japan
    3. Finland
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Canada
    6. New Zealand
    7. Australia
    8. Austria
    9. Ireland
    10. Sweden

  22. rewarding the wrong behavior Says:

    So where’s the U.S. on the education list above? Nowhere! And do you know why, becasue parents don’t care and neither do the kids AND MORE MONEY ISNT GOING TO CHANGE THAT! Take away the iphones, the flat screens, and video games! START DEMANDING MORE FROM YOUR KIDS AND YOU’LL GET IT, BUT MORE MONEY WON’T HELP!
    Similarly, quit rewarding poor irrespponsible behavior by adults…AND YOU’LL GET LESS OF IT!

  23. daveg Says:

    If 40% is the wealthy’s fair share, what is the poor’s share? The people who are served the most pay the least. How is this justified? Everything I have I have earned on my own. I paid for my own, my wife’s and my children’s education with no government help. I have never used food stamps, collected unemployment or accepted welfare. I take responsibilty for myself and my family and have taught my sons the same. I give to charities and have taken in family members who have fallen on hard times. I did this on less than 50K a year, what some people call “rich”.
    I’m not opposed to paying my portion because it is my responsibilty to help others but I resent people who pay nothing and then tell me I need to give more.

  24. ELC Says:

    I just have one thing to say-this State is going down the sewer and I wonder why I ever moved here in the first place.That aside-why so many idiots voted for this jerk Rick Scott is beyond me. I will agree with him on only one point-not taking the money for the high speed rail was his best decision
    thus far. Otherwise, I wouldn’t give this joker the time of day. It puzzles me how people really could vote for a man who s****d with healthcare policies.
    Then you people go ahead and vote for him-don’t whine now-you get what you deserve. How does he really plan to cut taxes let me ask?You and I know he can’t feasibly do that in the condition this State is in-he sold you all a bill of goods-I hope you all are happy with your choice. Next time I suggest researching who’s running and make a
    better decision-if not this is the best this state can afford to keep as Governor-SCARY ISN’T IT?

  25. daveg is right Says:

    Daveg is right! I was one of 6 kids. No father. High school drop out. Went back to night school, joined the Army, went to school of the GIBill and worked at the same time. Doing all right now.
    BUT the point is, I didn’t just scream “hey where’s mine!”
    I didn’t lay around blaming everyone else for “my decisions”!
    Now everyone is ENTITLED to only one thing “the right to do what they want with their life”. “YOUR CHOICE”… is your life, BUT DONT EXPECT THE REST OF US TO PAY FOR YOU TO LIVE IT! AND IF WE DO, THEN EXPECT CONDITIONS TO COME WITH THAT MONEY! Otherwise, make some sacrafices like the rest of us… NOTHING IS FREE… SOMEBODY TAXES ARE PAYING FOR IT… AND SOME OF US DON’T MAKE THAT MUCH!

  26. Searcher Says:

    Ah, REALITY is encroaching on the TEABAG Party Dreams. Even their captive Politicians are that STUPID, at least not yet. LOL!!!!!!!!!


    Hey genius democrat know-it-alls…in Illinois recent estimates are projecting an $11.5 billion deficit (THATS DEBT), threatening all services across the state. So you know what Illinoi did…instead of making spending cuts… THEY RAISED TAXES ON EVERYBODY INCLUDING BUSINESS!
    YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORLDS LARGEST MAKER OF HEAVY DUTY EQUIPMENT CATEPILLAR SAID.. we think we’re going to move our company and headquarters out of Illinois. Say goodbye to jobs!
    SO WHEN YOU ARE OUT MONEY… quit borrowing, quit taxing and start cutting!

  28. Ned Says:

    There goes another Gov promising property tax cuts and we get nothing!

  29. Hey "Searcher" Says:

    “Searcher”, Aside from your usless inane comment, which relects your party’s vision… Do you even know what TEA party stands for?…TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY! It means less of YOUR working class money going to the government programs and people who DONT WORK! It means and end to the borrowing, and wasting! It is non-party specific and independent! It means A BIGGER CHECK TO YOU and your kids… SOMETHING I AM SURE YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF. And by the way, those people went to Washington with a purpose.. AND IF THEY DON’T PERFOORM, THEY’LL GO HOME TOO, AND WE’LL FIND ANOTHER PERSON TO QUIT ROBBING US AND OUR KIDS by borrowing and spending us into bankruptcy!

  30. keywest Says:

    Start the impeachment proceedings now !

  31. D. Schaffner Says:

    I hope there is an effort underway to have Rick Scott impeached. We already have a good reason to have him impeached and can start the ball rolling. He is guilty of a Federal Crime. Of course he had his Corporate Attorneys work with the AG’s office at the time of the charges of Medicare fraud. What they make a deal that states that they have enough evidence to prove him guilty, but the deal ends up being he pays the fine but admits no wrong doing. All that means is he wouldn’t admit it. He is still guilty. Paying the fine is in and of itself an admission of guilt.

    Florida is not one of the 18 States that allow for a recall so impeachment is the only way to go.

    I believe that if the election were held today he would loss by a tremendous margin. He is a fraud through and through.

  32. Duh Says:

    Why don’t all you righties gather up all your money and send it to the richest persons you know. Perhaps Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. Isn’t that the answer to all your prayers. When the rich have all the money you will be rewarded jobs galore. Good luck with that.

  33. Lenin Says:

    This is great, the teabaggers will turn Florida into another Somalia making revolution a possibility. What great irony, from tea to shining
    Tea. We Bolsheviks appreciate the help from our Fascist neighbors. Soon Miami Cubanitos will be singing The International followed by Bayonesa.
    Don’t worry the rich won’t leave their mansions and homestead exemptions so easily but we just
    Give these abodes to comrade workers as proletarian gifts.

  34. limpwrists Says:

    Mob Associate Supports Rick Scott

    Florida Governor Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. The man to help Florida get back on track is none other than Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales (Sterling Designs Inc). He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service who’s president was Anthony Carione, fingered by Florida law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, pleaded guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved currently jailed Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.

    Ardolina’s other defunct business, RITE-WAY SANITATION CORP., incorporated in Florida, uses the same name that was incorporated by Frank Carione in New York.
    Scott’s page listing Ardolina

    Anthony Carione, brother of Frank Carione. Pg. 250; Space, Time, and Organized Crime. Alan Block

    Frank Carione of Rite-Way Sanitation Corp. & Grand Carting. Pg. 46.

    Newsday article linking then owner of Grand Carting, Joseph Carione, to Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo. “A Court Littered In Guilty Pleas / Illegal hauling netscarters” 19-FEB-99 by Donna Brutkoski and Edward W. Lempinen.

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