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Scott on Solantic: “I’m not involved”

by John Kennedy | March 29th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott offered little Tuesday when asked whether he would consider ending his family’s financial stake in Solantic, the urgent care company he founded and which provides drug-testing services.

Scott’s role in the firm was spotlighted when he signed an executive order ordering drug-testing for new state hires and random screening of current employees.

“As I’ve told you, I’m not involved in that company,” Scott said, refusing to directly answer whether he would consider prohibiting the state from contracting with the firm.

Scott, who reported a net worth of $218 million when he filed papers to run for governor last summer, had pledged to put his financial holdings into a blind trust, when elected. Instead, in January, Scott transfered his Solantic stock to his wife, Ann.

Scott built most of his wealth from growing Columbia/HCA health care into one of the nation’s biggest hospital chains. Three years after he left Columbia/HCA, the company paid $1.7 billion to end a federal investigation into accusations of Medicare fraud — the largest settlement of its kind in the nation’s history.

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21 Responses to “Scott on Solantic: “I’m not involved””

  1. once republican Says:

    That’s our Criminal Gov for you, what would you expect you haven’t seen anything yet he will be picking the pockets of every federal program if it benefits him.

  2. spence Says:

    Rick Scott is punishment for Florida for allowing the worst choice to govern the state. Even the most dense individual can figure how the drug-testing push is not motivated by Scott’s claim, but from personal financial gain. So his wife now has the Solantic stockk–oh that makes it different I guess.

  3. What Says:

    (3) DOING BUSINESS WITH ONE’S AGENCY.-No employee of an agency acting in his or her official capacity as a purchasing agent, or public officer acting in his or her official capacity, shall either directly or indirectly purchase, rent, or lease any realty, goods, or services for his or her own agency from any business entity of which the officer or employee or the officer’s or employee’s spouse or child is an officer, partner, director, or proprietor or in which such officer or employee or the officer’s or employee’s spouse or child, or any combination of them, has a material interest.

  4. What Says:

    (12)EXEMPTION.-The r…

    In addition, no person shall be held in violation of subsection (3) or subsection (7) if:
    (b)The business is awarded under a system of sealed, competitive bidding to the lowest or best bidder and:
    1.The official or the official’s spouse or child has in no way participated in the determination of the bid specifications or the determination of the lowest or best bidder;
    2.The official or the official’s spouse or child has in no way used or attempted to use the official’s influence to persuade the agency or any personnel thereof to enter such a contract other than by the mere submission of the bid; and
    3.The official, prior to or at the time of the submission of the bid, has filed a statement with the Commission on Ethics, if the official is a state officer or employee, or with the supervisor of elections of the county in which the agency has its principal office, if the official is an officer or employee of a political subdivision, disclosing the official’s interest, or the interest of the official’s spouse or child, and the nature of the intended business.

  5. Cathy Says:

    His other company stole from the taxpapers. This leopard will not change his spots.

  6. RDC Says:

    He’s such a scumbag.

  7. dark energy Says:

    The best governor money can buy.

  8. Charles Says:

    Not only will he gain from drug testing, but now he will gain from the old folks in the nursing homes as well and Medicaid patients, if the House confirms his request.

  9. Jamie Says:

    He is a business man. He didn’t invest over $70 million dollars in the media just for his ego. He did it to get a return on his investment. Behind closed doors he told his children, don’t worry about the $70 mil, I’ll double that in just four short years, guaranteed.

  10. half pint Says:

    “I’m not involved”- yeah okay- and you’re not bald either.

  11. I Knew It! Says:

    Just as I thought. Transferred his stock to his wife huh? Gee, I wonder why? I wonder if the state will be footing the drug testing costs to his wife’s (which he will benefit from) company? I do agree that newly hired employees should be drug tested but that THEY should pay for it. I would have no problem doing that. Current state employees don’t really need to be unless someone determines that it is an issue and then the state should pay for that. For all you Scott supporters, the lawsuits are already piling up which by the way will cost the state to settle which will be you and the rest of the taxpayers. I am so not surprised by this.

  12. tickedoff Says:

    if you believe this, I’ll tell you it’s snowing outside. He is a CREEP, CROOKED, and RIPPING FLA off. And the reps we have in the hosue are jsut as bad. Bing a republican, you can be assured I will not vote for any of them in the next election. I don’t care who is running. Now they are giving more out for school vouchers. DO they realize what they are doing? I thought it was every childs constituional right to a FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION. We won’t have a public ed soon. They want to privatizse everything. I do not like my tax dollars going to pay for private school!

  13. limpwrists Says:

    Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. The man to get Florida back on track is Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales. He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service who’s president was Anthony Carione, fingered by law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, plead guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.

  14. GrrlScientist Says:

    wow, Rick Scott doesn’t look anything like a welfare queen!

  15. Dow Says:

    #@!%$@@ my God who do you vote for! Obama was going to clean up the market.Florida lottery I guess has kept the pension fund in the postive.He’s chomping at the bit to get it, now this.Guess he owns stock in anti depresants also.My daughters generation is gonna know we sold them out! pittiful

  16. Dow Says:

    What is really sad is what can you do?

  17. David233 Says:

    What Scott doesn’t understand (or he probably really does) is that private health care companies will contract with Solantic as part of Medicaid reform because he is the governor. In essence, Scott is indirectly receiving campaign contributions and Solantic’s stock will probably double in value.

    Before his term is up, Scott’s wife will sell Solantic and make $250 million in profit.

  18. Kevin Says:

    I took two hours out of my day yesterday afternoon to watch the debate on the house floor dealing with the rewrite of Florida’s Medicaid policy. Many democratic amendments were put forward and every one of them failed. One democratic rep specifically asked, if companies like Solantic were going to be able to bid for provider contracts. The first answer to the question asked of Rep Robert Schenck who presented the bill was that he did not know what Solanitic was. Obviously this was a lie, but the democratic Rep informed him that it was the health care company owned by Gov Scott that he transferred to his wife a few weeks ago. The answer given was that the HMO’s can contract with whoever they want. It is obvious that democrats in the house are working in a hostile environment and their views and ideas are not welcome. It would appear to the outsider looking in that the Gov has all the republicans in the house under his thumb working toward making Solantic a multi billion dollar company at the expense of it’s patients and tax payers.

  19. Leon Mandell Says:

    If Scott and the legislature are full of Bull.

    If bull…. was poetry, Scott and the Legislature would be the poet laureats of Tallahassee.


    What did you expect from a Republican.

  21. David Anthony Kearns of Palm Bay Florida Says:

    I know a joke. It goes like this: blind guy and a gimp walk into a bar and the bartender says “Rick Scott is a scumbag!” No, wait. That’s not how it goes. It goes like this “knock knock” “who’s there?”………”Rick Scott is a scumbag!” No wait, that’s not it. It’s, uhm…..’RICK SCOTT IS A SCUMBAG! And Diebold Accuvote put him in office! And the tea party are being run like a counterintell op straight out of Bejing. And they are too damned stupid to realize it, and we are in the midst of a corporate coup d’tat so the Koch is on us.

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