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Scott loves teachers, but

by John Kennedy | March 8th, 2011

In his State of the State speech, Gov. Rick Scott made a passing reference to his push to eliminate teacher tenure and introduce performance-based pay over opposition from the state’s largest teachers’ union.

The Republican governor conceded, he loves teachers. But….

“Great educators are priceless. Every one of us has a teacher in our past who made a lifelong difference in our lives,” Scott said.

“Educators, like other professionals, should be rewarded based on the effectiveness of their work, not the length of their professional life. That’s why Florida needs to pay the best educators more and end the practice of guaranteeing educators a job for life regardless of their performance.”

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8 Responses to “Scott loves teachers, but”

  1. Tea Lady Says:

    And so many people think Governor Scott hates teachers. Why .. he just wants to ensure that the best teachers are rewarded.

    Scott is truly doing The Will of The People. And We Tea Partiers are thrilled.

  2. D. Schaffner Says:

    Right! and he’ll find a way to not reward the great one’s. Just like they didn’t pay the bonuses a few years ago

  3. Thinks Says:

    You said it Tea Lady “we tea partiers are thrilled”. I supposed you capitalized all that because you have some perverse sense that there is some tie to “We The People”.

    Just because a loud, obnoxious, wealthy minority wishes it to be so does not make it so. We The People means ALL the people. Not just the extreme right wing of our increasingly polarized politics.

    This of it this way: merit pay for teachers will create a situation where an already underpaid teacher will be pressuring my 5yr old daughter to perform because if she doesn’t, that teacher will not get a bonus. That’s nuts and so is Rick Scott.

  4. steve rubin Says:

    I voted for Rick Scott and I am truly sorry that I did
    I wish I could vote him out of office now before he forces everyone to move

  5. Waa! Waa! Says:

    This is truly great. We have so many bad teachers it ain’t funny. The time to clean house is here! No more easy riding….bunch of unionized losers.

  6. Rich Snot Says:

    The problem is finding the correct teacher to reward. There are many teachers involved in a child’s annual progress. Teachers should just all resign and let the mental giants who belittle them by saying they only work 190 days when they are only paid for 190 days and who grade literally thousands of papers a month at home,without overtime, take over the helm. Better yet, let Scott teach in an urban school for a semester and be held accountable for motivating those who choose not to learn and with no parental support posttest them at the end of the semerster so that he can savor the negative data and see how ignorant he really is when it comes to the educational agenda. Then, when he finally wakes up from his pipe dream,and understands the rigors of the urban classroom, he can speak intelligently about how to reward the world’s most nobel profession!

  7. Taxpaying Educator Says:

    @graceful Tea Lady and Waa! Waa

    I concur.

  8. Boss Man Says:

    Its easy for Rick Scott to say what he did in regards to Teachers because he is a crook and don’t care about anyone. Remember he stole money from the company he was president of and now he wants to steal money from teachers as well. And for Ms. Tea Party you are more of a bigger idiot than the dummies that support it. This is all about race and we all know it. Hell has a place for all of you that support it.

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