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Scott likes government, if it pays off

by John Kennedy | March 22nd, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott, repeating his pledge to be the “jobs governor,” gave a pep talk Tuesday to tourism officials gathered in Tallahassee, offering some numbers behind the industry’s role in helping Florida’s economic recovery.

Scott said the state hosted 82 million visitors last year.  And he’d like to see that number climb to 90 million this year.

“I’m told that every 85 visitors brings another job to Florida,” Scott said.

But Scott apparently doesn’t believe everything he hears.

When Rick Gonzalez, president of West Palm Beach’s REG Architects, asked the Republican governor about his commitment to steering state cash toward supporting historic preservation as a jobs driver, Scott paused. Gonzalez said a University of Florida study showed historic preservation created 111,509 jobs in Florida during 2007-08, while also adding $3.8 billion in gross state product.

“I’ve never seen that study,” Scott said. “If there’s a return on historic preservation, I’ll look at it. But I’ve not seen that study.”

Scott said his approach to government pivots on supporting programs that will provide a financial return on the state’s investment. He didn’t draw distinctions between health and human services programs, which are generally money-losers.

But Scott said, “I want everything we spend money on to have a return. I’ve been in business all my life, and it’s easy to get capital if you can get a return.”

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4 Responses to “Scott likes government, if it pays off”

  1. PFM Says:

    “If it pays off” for him personally!

  2. Jon Cleary Says:

    When the dust settles in ’14, we will see how well it paid off for Scott. He didn’t get into this gig for his thirst for civic duty. Open your eyes people, he is already maneuvering for a big cash payout. To many Red Flags are already waving with this guy. I’m all for controlling costs and achieving financial stability, but this guy will ruin many lives while doing so. He is going to walk with a healthy return on investment. Now it is time for the Tea Party robots to chime in, your philosophy is corrupt in so many ways and is going to destroy your movement. Enjoy it while you can. Not every tax paying, voting citizen works private industry. The majority doesn’t share the Far Right idea of Government. It’s to bad more Moderates and Democrats didn’t see this coming. Now we will pay the piper handsomely.

  3. Bob Says:

    Governor Scott invested $73 million dollars of his own money to get elected. Why would anybody think that he did it out of the goodness of his heart? He expected to see a return of at least $146 million dollars at the end of his term. Anybody who invests that kind of money expects a tremendous amount in return! Scott is no exception.
    As for all of the Tea Partiers, if you think Governor Scott cares about and your families, you are delusional! He is all for himself and big business.

  4. Kevin Says:

    The Chinese have figured out how to make their government run prison system produce a return on investment simply by selling good used body parts to wealthy foreigners. We could even get young homeless people to cover the cost of their existence to society also by selling their parts to wealthy alcoholics who can afford replacement liver or kidneys. Poor mothers could be forced to sell their babies to cover the cost of having it and defer future support costs to someone who can afford to raise it without government assistance. And when you die you can sell your body to a medical school for experiments. That is if you can get past those pesky human rights issues that always seem to get in the way of earning a return on government investment.

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