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Scott gives DOT an attaboy

by John Kennedy | March 7th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott continued his tour of state agencies Monday — stopping at the Florida Department of Transportation and seeming to give a couple hundred tense employees some reason to believe they’ll keep their jobs a while longer.

Scott praised the performance and efficiency of DOT employees. And he said that during his campaign last fall, no voters complained about the agency, unlike — he named names — ridiculing the Department of Community Affairs.

“You’re helping to make sure that this state is going to be the jobs creator over the next 20 to 30 years,” Scott told the crowd gathered inside the agency’s auditorium.

The new boss acknowledged that if anyone was “a high-speed rail enthusiast, I’m not your best friend.” And he gave advocates of Central Florida’s SunRail commuter train little reason to gain confidence.

“That’s one project I’m looking at,” Scott said.

He only had to field two questions from DOT employees. But one came from Florida Democratic Party activist Jon Ausman, also a DOT staffer, who quizzed the Republican governor about how cutting benefits and reducing state agency payrolls helps Florida’s economy.

“We have to make sure we treat taxpayers and government workers fairly. Both,” Scott said.

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8 Responses to “Scott gives DOT an attaboy”

  1. Conflicting message Says:

    Scott never defines fairly…

    Does the fact that the average private citizens in Florida makes on average (including benefits) more than the Florida state worker appear to be fair?

    Does it really matter what form that compensation is in?

  2. Conflicting message Says:

    Or how about the fact that as reported by one of Scott’s agencies, the average salary of a state worker in Florida is surpassed by the salary of a private sector Florida worker by $2,500 annually?

  3. Sid Says:

    Here in PBCounty the average (11,000) County employees make approximately DOUBLE what the average private sector employee makes, when you include benefits. It’s about $96,000 to $50,000.

  4. Gordon Solie Says:

    Apparently Sid doesn’t understand the concept of deferred compensation.

  5. tj Says:

    Thats county workers your talking about idiot! We are talking state employee’s moron!

  6. spartacus Says:

    Sid #2

    There are about 6000 county employees and the average annual earnings are about $42K.

    What are your sources?

  7. Sid Says:

    My source is the County budget.
    There are 11,000 employees.
    The 3000 Sheriff’s employees are up to $120,000.
    The 1,400 Fire and Rescue employees are up to $150,000. In fact, the number is so bad, even the PBPost was forced to do an editorial asking for relief.
    Don’t shoot the messenger. Find your voice and join me or my Tea Party or TAB friends and stand up for the PB taxpayer.

  8. OBIWAN Says:

    The state has choices to make.

    Jeb Bush reduced state employees back to 1992 levels over his 8 years. He held the line to encourage productivity increases. Salaries are not excessive generally.

    Rick Scott is attacking Defined Benefits pensions converted to Individual Pension Account 30 years ago in Private. Few businesses even do matching anymore!!

    Most small to medium employers either “gross up” salaries or admit the salary is “gross” and require employees to fund their own private pensions… 401(K), IRA, ROTH IRA, etc.

    These same smaller employers use the same “gross up” method to allow Section 125 payroll deducted Individual HealthCare policies.

    The total cost of salaries and benefits IS the taxpayer cost! For the employee it is fare wiser to allow full individual choice… pick the plan, manage the investments, stay or leave Aetna, Blues, Cigna, Humana, United, etc. as they satisfy your consumer needs!!

    Some pain… change can be stressful, some win, some lose… just like the majority of Florida’s 12 million workers… only 660,000 are public, only 400,000 are union! Where else can you do an average job and retire so well? The rest may have to change jobs 8 times in a normal “highly motivated” career…

    VOILA! VIRTUAL CAFETERIA… without that silly ugly duck!!

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