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Scott, a tea party favorite

by John Kennedy | March 8th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott drew cheers from a tea party rally on the steps of the Old Capitol when he pledged, “the right things areĀ happening,” and urged the 300 activists to keep the heat on Tallahassee.

“We’ve got the next 60 days,” Scott said on the Legislature’s opening day, as a similar crowd opposing his budget proposal rallied across the street. “We’ve got to make sure we finish strong. Show up every day, and let everyone know what you believe in. Don’t be hesitant, don’t be shy.”

Scott hinted he needed help from the crowd of conservative activists to get his pension-cutting, government-shrinking budget approved by fellow Republicans in the Legislature. The crowd roared.

“Thanks for working for us,” shouted Jack Pritchard, 70 a retired mechanical contractor from Marion County.

Scott kept talking, “The right things are happening because of you,” the governor said.

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15 Responses to “Scott, a tea party favorite”

  1. Tea Lady Says:

    Isn’t Scott a legendary governor? He’s listening to the Will of The People. As it should be in a democracy.

    I’m proud to be a Floridian today!!

  2. Educator Says:

    Tea Lady, he’s about as legendary as Adolph Hitler or George Wallace. They both touted “the will of the people”. You’re a sorry soul.

  3. MrB Says:

    Are you kidding with the “legendary governor” status??!! This man does not deserve the title and has done nothing to deserve it. He is unraveling our state in record time and it will take generations to rebound from this mans lack of insight. He is nothing but a figurehead for those who do not understand the will of the people.

  4. Figures Says:

    Tea Lady, 300 fringe element supporters are hardly “the people” of Florida. I kick myself everyday knowing people in my demographic didn’t bother to vote in the gubernatorial race and thus we’re going to be systematically dumped on by this guy. Ughh.

  5. JimBob Says:

    I thought Jeb was bad but Ricky (He’s ah good boy) will turn out to FloridUHs worst Governor ever.
    He shuts down all DOH Clinics so his clinics can prosper…Ah yes Democracy at its best.
    To hell with the poor and suffering its all about rich corporations and their cronies getting richer.

  6. mike Says:

    @Tbaglady- I dont know whats in that tea your drinking but it is obviously causing brain damage. I wonder how much scoot is paying those losers who hang out at the old capitol everyday.

  7. Tea Lady Says:

    People, people .. such uncivil discourse.

    @Educator: Was Scott freely elected by The People without threat of violence or intimidation? Comparing him to Hitler is not a particularly apt comparison.

    @MrB: was not Scott elected? Did he lie during his campaign about what he intended to do?

    @Figures: was not Governor Scott elected by The People of Florida (not “300 fringe elements”)?

    @JimBob: did not the poor vote? Did not the suffering vote?

  8. spence Says:

    “Skeletor relishes the opportunity to explain how much pain he shall inflict on those who allowed this darkness to befall Florida. My insane smile gave you a clue–yet you believed that I would do good. And it pleases me much to announce my intention of bringing the working people of Florida to her knees! My wrath has only begun!”

  9. Mike Says:

    The will of the people who voted on 11/2/10 is in Office today.
    Whether they remain beyond the next election is a future decison dependent upon their actions.
    Since 1996 Florida has had a Republican majority legislature. Republican Governors since 1998.
    These numbers are facts.
    If you don’t like Florida’s government or think the government has been run poorly, remember it’s been a Republican government for 15 years.
    That’s a long time, and there’s more to come.

  10. JS Says:

    @Tea Lady, one thing Scott lied about in his campaign was his pledge to hold education harmless. How do you respond to that? What is your opinion about his record with HCA? How do you feel about his performance during this deposition: How close does he come to asking what the definition of “is” is? Please wake up–the only “people” he’s listening to are the very wealthy. The Tea Party is a creature of the Koch Brothers and corporate America, and you’ve been duped. Sorry.

  11. JKM Says:

    Goofballs for the Cueball.

  12. rjr Says:

    Scott’s a criminal and belongs in prison garb. What a disgrace he is along with his supporters,..Tea Bag This!!!

  13. Tea Lady Says:

    @JS: You raise some good points.

    I watched the YouTube video at the hyperlink you posted. The video certainly leaves a troubling impression .. one of a man who’s taking great pains to hide what he knows. (BTW, it reminds me of Bill Gates’ testimony.)

    I don’t know why, but I never saw any articles with details .. actual details .. about HCA. I heard anecdotes, certainly. But none of the press seemed to have any supporting details.

    Do you have any articles that contain the details of the allegations and convictions? In particular, I’d like to know why Scott was not convicted.

  14. In One Ear Says:

    If it was up to Educator and JimBob and rjr and others of their ilk, there would be no elections. The ones of their choosing would be elevated to elected status without a free and open vote. HEY, MORONS, THE PEOPLE SPOKE SO MAN UP AND LIVE WITH UP!!!

  15. Educator Says:

    Hitler was elected and supported by folks exactly like y’all, freely elected. He hated teachers and minorities. If the hood fits, wear it.

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