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Rooney wants a mulligan

by John Kennedy | March 11th, 2011

Palm Beach Gardens Rep. Pat Rooney said Friday he’s dropping his House sponsorship of legislation that would have required at least five state parks to have Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses.

Florida already has more than 1,000 golf courses –tops in the nation. And Rooney, a Republican, acknowledged he’s seeking a do-over after drawing heat from critics of the legislation.

Many say the proposal would prove a waste of dwindling state cash. Environmentalists filled websites and chatboards saying golf courses don’t belong in state parks.

“Floridians spoke very clearly over the past several days on this proposal and they are the reason I’m in office,” Rooney said. “I appreciate their concerns and hope this decision allays some of their fears.”

Rooney had insisted the bill was designed to promote tourism. It emerged from discussions between Rooney, Nicklaus, a longtime Palm Beach County resident, and Gov. Rick Scott.

 The only park specified in the bill to receive a Nicklaus golf course was Jonathan Dickinson State Park, not far from the golfer’s North Palm Beach home.

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11 Responses to “Rooney wants a mulligan”

  1. Kevin Says:

    My God what a stupid freaking idea that was.

  2. Simone says Says:

    No more stupid than the Village of North Palm Beach building a Nich”lose” golf course. The guy was a great golfer and now part-time con man. Too bad NPB didn’t listen more closely.

  3. Mike Says:

    Republicans have been running this state for over 12 years.
    This idea was generated by a couple of newly elected rookies.
    Note how there isn’t money to keep parks open, pay for so many critical programs that benefit the many but, building golf courses on public land wass a fine idea for Floridian tax money.
    Tired of Republican governemnt yet, it’s been that way every day of this century, y’all do know that, right?

  4. Donald Says:

    I believe the next suggestion will be to tear down non-profit generating schools for Nicklaus designed golf courses.

    There’s yer 700,000 jobs right there!

  5. Robert John Newman Says:

    Rooney is the only legislator this session to withdraw a bad bill. He gets credit for standing out and doing the right thing, at least. There are other more horrific bills whose sponsors are eager to jam down our throats. Credit where credit is due.

  6. Sandra Walters Says:

    Dear Representative Rooney:
    Here’s a great idea to boost tourism. Put water slides in Florida’s Catholic churches.

  7. Searcher Says:

    I didn’t mean to get “caught” doing this. I hate it when they see what I’m doing.

    Here is a rich guy, from a MEGA -RICH family, and he’s supposed to represent “normal” people. But even normal people can see a SCAM!!!!

  8. tom Says:

    You cannot build a golf course in Florida without sucking millions of gallons of water from our aquifers. De-watering our state parks would have been a travesty. Oh, and golf course communities now only attract 20 percent golfers. Most just want a quiet street with natural areas, so why put in the courses at all???

  9. Dinah Says:

    What do you all expect from a Republican with those wacky moral values they hold so dear. He backed down because he knew he would eventually would have S**T on his face! RICK SCOT where are the jobs? So far all I have seen is you cutting jobs out of Florida. RECALL RICK SCOTT.

  10. David Anthony Kearns of Palm Bay Florida Says:

    Rooney is a member of the new breed of conservative porn stars in Tallahassee. This includes Rick Scott, John Thrasher and Mike Haridopolos. Whether it is stealing from taxpayers, raping education to pay corporations, or proposing to dig up our state parks for golf courses, these porn stars of the right get off perverting good sense and decency with an exhibitionist’s glee. Exonerate ethics complaints, reduce education to tatters, destroy the parks…then wear a pin with an American flag on the right lapel, and a gold crucifix on the other. Disgusting.

  11. No fan Says:

    Ask the taxpayers who play at Norh Palm Beach CC (public course) how they would feel about more Nicklaus courses. He ruined that one for his fellow NPB residents! Didn’t do much better on the Bear Lakes redesign, either.

    Glad there is so much money to spend on a sport that is suffering due to the economy. Just because someone is in bed with Nicklaus, who has to feed all his grandkids and keep them out of trouble (Negeye trial), doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


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