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Rick Scott: Scary stuff

by John Kennedy | March 9th, 2011

Florida Democrats are relishing the comments of horror novelist Stephen King, who was among several thousand Floridians who joined Awake the State rallies Tuesday against Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed budget cuts.

King, who lives in the Sarasota area, criticized Scott for killing the high-speed rail project planned between Tampa and Orlando. He also suggested Scott may have a role in a future page-turner.

“Maybe my next horror novel will star Rick Scott,” King told the cheering crowd, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

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20 Responses to “Rick Scott: Scary stuff”

  1. Educator Says:

    I wish this was fiction!

  2. Very Interesting Says:

    These liberal suckers don’t know what to do when they run up against Rick Scott! On one ownes tht man including Disney and the Villages! This man is doing what he knows is the right thing to do for the right reason! The sooner he scouts him out some honest investigators (oxymoron right now!) and dives into this corruption at the county and city levels the sooner these blood sucking leeches will stop squeeling about him! When he starts taking out the public corruption these “leaders” (mostly union) will run like cockroaches when you flip on the lights!

  3. darn right Says:

    Surely you don’t mean liberal blood sucking leaches who commit public corruption like systematically overcharging Medicare and Medicaid for services resulting in a $1.7 billion fine? Or, in the case of the Villages, being exempted from laws that apply to everyone else after giving millions in campaign contributions?

  4. Who cares? Says:

    Who cares about Stephen King? Why does ANYONE care what HIS opinion is?

    Do you think King is going to ride the high speed rail system?

    King is an author. Who cares what ANY ‘celebrity’ thinks; whether they favor repubs or democrats?

    Go Scott, thanks for saving Floridians more money, as we would have had to pick up the tab for any problems with rail system. We’ve got enough debt without ADDING to it.

    And the TriRail is NOT a success!

  5. Dworkis Says:

    Anyone that seeks to overturn the status quo is “scary stuff.” This type of change is long overdue. The State employees and their unions need to remember to whom they answer. There is no scalpel, to long, or cut, too deep, to rid our State of these leaches.

  6. RobWPB Says:

    I love how the PB POST loves to paint the candidates the HATE in such wonderful light. Truth is, the PBP is full of a bunch of left leaning liberals that are owned by a former politician (a Democrat) named James Cox. He doesnt care about right and wrong, he cares about his party. Like its a football team or something. He ensures that any news you get from any of his media outlets is full blown, anti-republican and is willing to lie about the truth to get you to share his opinion. Do not trust anything this lousy paper says…

  7. l Says:

    leave it to a liberal, now thats,
    SCARY STUFF. their words truly show their true colors.

  8. GT Says:

    Funny how a convicted criminal can still be elected with-out criticism from the media if he’s a liberal democRAT.

  9. Nuuf said Says:

    Ummmm! Does anyone really think Stephen King would actually ride the high speed rail line he supports? Like Tri-Rail before it, the line would turn into a black hole for tax dollars. The liberal mind is incapable of contemplating a failure to accept tax dollars for a new program. Spend and tax is all they know.

  10. Tea Lady Says:

    Good for Stephen King for using his rights to free speech to express his views! We all cherish this freedom to do so.

    Governor Scott was elected by The People, and has a mandate to do The Will of The People. And that means smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, and less regulation.

    Still, it was good of Mr. King to demonstrate to everyone that we have the freedom to express ourselves.

    Let the Sun Shine on Florida!!

  11. Beleaguered Teacher Says:

    @dam right and @Dworkis: The last time I checked, blood-sucking “leaches” was spelled “blood-sucking ‘leeches’” — now that’s scary! Duh…

  12. Frank Says:

    To be honest, the truly perplexing (and scary) thing about Gov. Scott’s reasoning is his intense effort to prevent the “pill mill” database, He is fighting for repeal in spite of the fact that every sheriff and police chief says it will be the most effective tool. The Orlando Sentinel reports that, Florida’s pill mill operations distribute more oxycontin doses than the other 49 states combined. Who profits from allowing this criminal enterprise? Why protect it?

  13. Kevin Says:

    @ Tea Lady, your party is made up of a comparatively small group of activists who are having a profoundly negative effect on an overwhelming majority of US citizens. I understand that your little group feels empowered because the laziness of the average person allowed your misguided efforts to succeeded in electing some of the most extreme crazies we have ever seen hold public office. It’s only a matter of time before the people wake up and take notice of what the people you put in office are trying to do. It’s happening in Wisconsin right now regardless of your fringe group’s ability to elect a corporate shill as Wisconsin’s governor. Gov Scott does not have a mandate from the majority of Floridians, just your little group of extremist haters. He has already proven he does not respect the rule of law by breaking it in his sale of the state planes. At this rate he will no doubt be impeached for something even more serious before his term ends. I can’t understand how your group can overlook this mans past as a white collar crook and continue stand behind his draconian austere plans for our state. I can only assume that you are either a mean & nasty albeit wealthy tea lady who cares about nothing and no one or just another mindless drone with your radio stuck on the AM frequency dial. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, and try to think about someone other than yourself for once in your life please? A $50.00 property tax break is not worth destroying our already badly damaged school system. Republican ideas never work whenever or wherever they are tried. Florida has been screwed up for the past decade under republican control but 2012will be different it has to be or we are all screwed.

  14. Nuff said Says:

    What an uncalled for, bile drenched attack on the tea lady’s rather polite entry. I think each entry fairly represents those supporting each position. Tea lady extolling the American way and Kevin calling his intellectual opponent an extremist hater. I’m just not sure how selling the State planes was illegal or even bad for the well being of the State. I await Kevin’s viscious and nasty reply.

  15. Newsworthy News Says:

    When will journalists start publishing something that is newsworthy again? This is one of the most pointless pieces of journalism I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. I could care less how Stephen King feels about anything – print that in the paper.

    @Kevin – I find it interesting that so many people feel the Tea Party is too extreme and speak about extremity as if it is a bad thing. Perhaps it’s not the kind of extreme you believe in, but was this country not built on people with extreme, outrageous ideas? I’m sure there were many who felt our forefathers should leave well enough alone. While I don’t support everything that the Tea Party stands for, I love that we live in a country that allows it and there are still people out there looking outside of the norm for change and providing what they feel would be the best possible life for Americans – regardless of what party they’re registered with.

  16. knitter Says:

    the governor is a billonaire who bought his way into office. He has no experience how a state government is run, no knowledge of our constitution, and no concept of our state’s three branches of government. He is proposing cutting the education budget. The children are our future. He proposes a tax cut that would mostly benefit the rich. I would probably receive a tax cut less than $100.00. I don’t need that at the expense of our teachers. How much has Scott increased his own office budget?

  17. Neil Says:

    Rick Scott is making me change into a Democrat. At one point I thought these Tea Party folks had some decent ideas. Scott’s slash and burn style of budget reform shows very little thought and consideration for consequences. Florida is not in a bad financial position. Who wants to liveor visit a state devoid of services. You can not run a government like a business.

  18. Dirk Says:

    Progressive ideas are always met with resistance.Evidently some folks are afraid the goverment gravy train will come to end or possibly affect their favorite special interest.Its this fear that results in name calling rather than letting facts speak for themselves.

  19. Richard Says:

    The Tea party started with libertarian ideals then was co-opted into shilling for the rich.
    There is no mandate for rick scott.
    he won with less than 50 percent of the vote.

  20. Newsworthy News Says:

    Has no one on this post ever worked for a successful business? Nothing is free – you have to constantly do more with less to be successful. Cutting a budget doesn’t mean Florida will be destitute and devoid of services for it’s residents or visitors. I think the government would be better off instituting some business-minded ideas to avoid deficits and this idea that printing more money will get us out of a hole.

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