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Pensacola judge rules White House can carry on health care law, for now

by Dara Kam | March 3rd, 2011

President Obama’s administration can continue implementation of the federal health care act, a federal judge ordered today in the multi-state lawsuit led by Florida.

But, in a 20-page order issued today, Judge Roger Vinson of the Northern District of Florida gave the White House one week to file its appeal.

Attorney General Pam Bondi, leading the charge in the case involving 25 other states, had insisted that Vinson’s ruling quashed the law and that the state no longer had to implement it.

But in his “clarification” issued today, Vinson today wrote that his January ruling striking down the federal law as unconstitutional did not force White House officials and states to stop implementing the law.

But, he wrote, that was because he expected the Justice Department to immediately file an appeal in the case, expected to ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The sooner this issue is finally decided by the Supreme Court, the better off the entire nation will be. And yet, it has been more than one month from the entry of my order and judgment and still the defendants have not filed their notice of appeal,” Vinson wrote.

He conditioned the stay upon the Justice Department filing the appeal within seven days.

Vinson chided the White House for lagging.

“As I wrote about two weeks after this litigation was filed: ‘the citizens of this country have an interest in having this case resolved as soon as practically
possible,’” he wrote. “That was nearly eleven months ago. In the time since, the
battle lines have been drawn, the relevant case law marshaled, and the legal
arguments refined. Almost everyone agrees that the Constitutionality of the Act is
an issue that will ultimately have to be decided by the Supreme Court of the United
States. It is very important to everyone in this country that this case move forward as soon as practically possible.”

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5 Responses to “Pensacola judge rules White House can carry on health care law, for now”

  1. jaded Says:

    You mean like it is all up to him?

  2. Doctors Doctor Says:

    And the republican alternative to the Obama/Romney mandated health insurance laws is???

  3. Lisa Beyer Says:

    Why the misleading headline? I’m so sick of the liberal media spinning lies.

  4. John Scotus Says:

    So, the stay order is not what it seemed at all at first glance. Looks like Vinson is going to put the hammer down if the Justice Dept. does not appeal. Good for him. This needs to go to the SCOTUS as soon as possible. Hopefully, they will see reason and throw Obamacare out, though I won’t hold my breath on it.

  5. Clearbrook Says:

    If this Law is struck down by the SCOTUS, I expect that there will be a replacement. Most likely it will be one piece at a time, focusing on issues boths sides can agree to. Doctors Doctor seems to imply that the Republicans have no answer. I don’t think their answers are as grandiose and self promoting as the ObamaCare Debacle is, but they indeed have answers. They are probabaly not the answers Doctors Doctor likes, however, and thus we have his vague disparaging comments. I am pretty sure that he is of the opinion that socialized medicine is a good thing, even though our previous system, flaws and all, was considered head and shoulders above the crowd by many to be *the* premiere health system in the World. India is a close second.

    That is based upon dollars being spent by people from outside the country to get healthcare in the country, and yes, that does have a bias because we are so very large. India is populationwise larger than we are and their costs are very cheap — and I’d recommend them as a model over the U.K. France or Sweden.

    If prorated for per capita (our citizenship — not those spending the outside money) outside expenditures, there are a couple of European Countries that move up, but none overtake the U.S., they just come really very close. All of them are *not* socialized medicine countries, however. And *all* of those socialized medicine contries require non-citizens to “pay their fair share” and they do *not* get a free ride like ObamaCare wants to give even ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    So say what you want. ObamaCare, as sweeping as it was had a higher probability to make things worse, since we were already at the top. And anyone who knows anything knows that simple plans work out as expected far more often than complex ones, and the Monster that they could not even completely *read* before voting on it was one extremely complex plan with many moving parts, any one of which could go very wrong.

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