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PBC’s gun clip bill looks like a longshot

by John Kennedy | March 9th, 2011

Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson said Wednesday he thinks state lawmakers should embrace the county’s call for banning gun clips containing more than 15 rounds — especially following Arizona U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting earlier this year.

But the legislation, proposed by Rep. Lori Berman and Sen. Maria Sachs,  both Delray Beach Democrats, likely faces tall odds in a Republican Legislature filled with lawmakers elected with the backing of the National Rifle Association.

“You know, a TV commentator has said, ‘the first 10 rounds, blame the person, the next 21 rounds, you should blame the law,’” said Aronson, who joined Berman and Sachs at a Capitol news conference to promote the legislation, which has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.

House Bill 1335, which Representative Berman filed on Monday, limits the sale or transfer of high-volume ammunition devices with a capacity greater than 15 bullets.

 Giffords was critically wounded when accused assailant Jared Loughner, who is charged in January’s shooting near Tucson, used a high-capacity magazine to fire 31 shots in 15 seconds from a pistol he purchased legally. Six people were killed and 14 wounded.Aaronson was part of an entourage of Palm Beach County officials who came to Tallahassee for the county’s annual day at the Capitol. The legislation stems from a resolution approved by the commission soon after the Giffords shooting.

Sachs, whose bill has not yet been numbered, said the commission’s move was timely. Congress and several states are considering similar legislation.

“No one in this state should ever have to go through this type of tragedy,” Sachs said.

But Marion Hammer, longtime lobbyist for the National Rifle Association’s affiliate, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, said the county officials were wrongheaded in looking to outlaw the size of magazine clips. A law is already on the books enhancing penalties for crimes commited with a high-capacity firearm.

“Banning mere possession does nothing,” Hammer said. “I know we will oppose this.”

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5 Responses to “PBC’s gun clip bill looks like a longshot”

  1. Glock Says:

    By the way its a magazine, not a clip. Clips load rounds into magazines.

    Typical liberals trying to enact legislation that would do nothing to curb the type of violence we saw in Arizona.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    Did you think your liberal anti-gun Dumbocrats were going to ‘push’ thru an anti-gun bill!!

    Can you say SUPER MAJORITY REPUBLICAN Legislature??

    See, that means overwhelmingly Floridians disliked Dumbocrat ideas so much they made sure to put a veto-proof Republican Super Majority in Tallahassee.

    AND, many of the “new” Republicans are Libertarian Conservatives, TEA Party Conservatives, Fiscally Responsible Conservatives and Constitutionally Rigid Constructionist Conservatives!!

    OK, you work at the PBP, so can we assume you are totally infected with DRD4 mutant ‘liberal’ genes. That prevents you from understanding many things.

    First, we are as adamant about the 2nd Amendment as we are the 1st.

    Second, we include no restrictions imposed on religion in the First Amendment.

    That means we would like to see Florida on the same list as Alaska, Arizona and Vermont… any adult passing muster to buy a weapon can carry it any way they please to maximize their 2nd Amendment rights!!

  3. RKBA Says:

    Ole Burt will really crap his pants when, hopefully, open carry passes here. Maybe then he and his liberal puppets will move to California or NY or NJ. Please God please make it happen.

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Glock, doesn’t the M-1 ‘clip’ stay in the receiver until ejected with the last round?

  5. Glock Says:


    Sure, but I don’t think Burt or the POST is referring to the M-1. They are just typical of today’s media. Write article first…check facts later.

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