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Mary McCarty leaves Texas prison, enters local halfway house

by George Bennett | March 25th, 2011

Mary McCarty

Mary McCarty is back in Palm Beach County.

The former county commissioner, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to a federal felony count of honest services fraud, left a Texas prison Thursday and checked into a West Palm Beach-area halfway house to serve the remaining six months of her sentence, her husband confirmed Thursday night.

“She looks great and is in terrific spirits,” Kevin McCarty said.

Mary McCarty was the third county commissioner in a period of less than three years to resign, plead guilty to corruption charges and go to prison. Former colleagues Tony Masilotti and Warren Newell have already completed their sentences — and are both seeking to have their honest services fraud convictions thrown out and their forfeited assets returned.

Mary McCarty with husband Kevin during one of his visits to the women's prison camp in Bryan, Texas.

Republican McCarty admitted when she entered her plea in 2009 that she had enriched herself by using her office to boost business for her husband’s bond underwriting firms. She also admitted accepting free or deeply discounted luxury hotel stays from a business that won a county contract to build a convention center hotel in West Palm Beach.

She was sentenced to 3½ years in prison. With time off for good behavior, the federal Bureau of Prisons projects she will complete her sentence in September.

Kevin McCarty said that as his wife, 56, completes her sentence she will live in a halfway house and work in the office of attorney Reeve Bright, a longtime friend of the McCartys.

Kevin McCarty pleaded guilty in 2009 and was sentenced to eight months for “misprision of a felony” for failing to report his wife’s misdeeds.

The McCartys were ordered to forfeit $272,000 in ill-gotten gains and fined $105,000.

After the three commissioners went to prison, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowed the scope of the honest services fraud law in a 2010 ruling that said there must be evidence of a bribe or kickback for a prosecution to stand.

Masilotti and Newell want their convictions overturned. A federal judge ruled against Masilotti this month, but his attorney has held out the possibility of an appeal. Newell’s appeal is pending.

McCarty, in a January prison interview with The Palm Beach Post , was asked if she plans to appeal her conviction.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t know. I’ve kind of left it alone,” McCarty said at the time. “It’s something I’m not really interested in pursuing…I did what I did. I’m paying the price for it. I’ve chosen to take responsibility and hope that people will forgive me.”

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37 Responses to “Mary McCarty leaves Texas prison, enters local halfway house”

  1. Zagare Says:

    I can’t wait to run into her again when she is out so I can tell her just how must she disappointed me by talking out of both sides of her mouth, and just what a creep she turned out to be.

  2. Willie Wonka Says:

    Next stop, a job as one of Obama’s Czars (after she proclaims her hate for America and love of Communism)!

  3. rjr Says:

    She really got off easy and what’s the secret about the halfway house ( Salvation Army)

  4. debouke Says:

    The Justice Department making it harder to prosecute white collar criminals.What a joke!

  5. educator#2 Says:

    our nation is one of lies members of congress and the senate are immune from insider trading. they have license to commit the same crime that Martha Stewart committed yet its not a crime for them but its a crime for us.our government is corrupt but we have to arrest in order to distract dumb Americans. while the politicians fill their pockets with our tax dollars.

  6. Ray Barboni Says:

    Everybody has baggage however when you decide to serve the public you must leave the baggage home. Steal from your relatives and lie to them they will still love you.

  7. Evern Williams Says:

    wonder if felony is on her record I will answer no!!! she is white she will get a pass they will call it white collar crime code word…

  8. ms Says:

    She was known to make false allegations and ill-suggestive remarks about people to control and manipulate the situation. No one should ever feel sorry for her, her remorse is in getting caught.

  9. Justice 4 All Says:

    I long for the good old days when these corrupt politicians and other criminals did the time they were sentenced to behind bars. Oh, I forgot – it is the corrupt politicians who make up the rules.

  10. term limits Says:

    Too bad she couldnt have gotten out a little earlier and made a run at the WPB Mayor position. She wouldnt have to go thru a learning curve. She is already very experienced in lying, stealing, scum sucking, etc. all necessary to be a successful politician.

  11. ray Says:

    I forgive her. God forgave our sins why can’t we forgive Mrs McCarty.

  12. Koch Brother Says:

    I think 10 more years would be most appropriate!!

  13. Marc Says:

    Halfway houses are for drug addicts and alcoholics.Mary Mcarty is a criminal and she belongs in a prison cell. I am fed up with politicians breaking the law and getting off.We need more of Rick Scott hold them accountable I am voting for Rick Scott again.

  14. CfromDB Says:

    1. Willie Wonka…you realize she’s a Republican don’t you? No, I guess you don’t.

    2. She was an arrogant politician that gave a lot of money away to her friends like Donald Trump and looked down her nose at the taxpayer.

    3. Mary…you need to earn forgiveness. We all realize you’re sorry you got caught. Do something to make up for the harm you caused…and do it without personal gain being involved then we’ll see.

  15. TED Says:

    Rick Scott’s company stole from the American taxpayer to the tune of a 1.7 billion dollar fine.
    He IS either totally corrupt or the most incompetent executive to EVER run an organization.
    Hold him accountable!

  16. Mark Says:


  17. to Mike Bennett Says:

    It is articles of this TONE that EMBLODEN all who wish to thwart the court system using any power they may have.

    She should be in PRISON for a MINIMUM of 10 years for breech of public trust as a Commissioner and albiet GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL.

    She’s in a halfway house…why??? Is she having problems adding and subtracting ALL of the BRIBES she took from developers from her checkbook?

  18. samantha Says:

    I wonder how most of these people will feel when their judgement day comes and they are judged just as harshly as they have judged!!

  19. Tender Foot Says:

    She should be serving 5 years in prison. This sentence was a joke and will certainly not deter crooks from running for public office.

  20. Terry Kline Says:

    When you stole Dog Beach from man’s best friend, your fate was sealed. Halfway house? Does that mean you’re a drug addict, too? Politicians, in Palm Beach County (Tallahassee, as well), are guilty until proven innocent!

  21. DavidW Says:

    Unbelievable! Fastest 3 1/2 years I’ve ever seen. And “working” in Reeve Bright’s office. Working probably entails lunches with the same crooks she was hanging out with before her “conviction.” Our justice system is a joke. She goes back to her house on the intra-coastal scott-free. It makes me sick.

  22. concerned@westpalmbeach Says:

    She looks the same as when she when in. Preferential treatment?

  23. once republican Says:

    This is just wonderful she gets off with easy time and will serve the rest of her gravy train in a halfway house. Not only that, she gets to work in lawyers office and has a job. WOW!!! if I had it my way she would spend the next 5 yrs in jail to think about her crime a little more until she gets it. Obviously, our justice system has failed us once again.

  24. once republican Says:

    It’s a good thing we all done think like Ray we would have a world full of criminals running around committing crime after crime. I forgive you Ray for being an imbecile. By the way this won’t be her last crime,…it’s in her blood.

  25. bocamom Says:

    She served her sentance and her life is in ruins. Lets hope she learned something. I feel like we should let it go and let her live her life. So much coruption in Palm Beach County. Look at how Art Johnson had to resign…but he got a golden parachute after he let his friend draw sick pay from us while he worked for another school district. What makes him different?

  26. larry Says:

    steel $250,000 and go to prison for a year no problem

  27. Fed Up Says:

    She served her time and though I was never a fan let her live her life. Maybe she should run for Gov she is more honest.

  28. Astonished Says:

    Amazing, all of those trustworthy, law abiding individuals seeking jobs; and Mary steps out of prison with a job… a law firm. Really? I wonder how much trust Reeve Bright’s present/future clients will have, should they need to place money into Mr. Reeve’s trust account.

  29. Forgive and be Forgiven Says:

    Are we all so clean we cannot forgive?

  30. Tom Says:

    Our dear Governor Scott should be able to find a juicy job for Mary come September.

  31. Sue Says:

    Reeve Bright? That man did some nasty lawyer stuff 23 years ago and I reported that creep. She is in good company, he too is a crook, cheat and liar. He undoubetdly paid off someone for his dirty deed, all attorneys do. The S.A. had a good case on him, then it got quiet. Money talks.

  32. Chester Says:

    I have no idea what she will be doing in Reeve Bright’s office since he was suspended July 10, 2010 for 3 years starting January 10, 2011. He is currently listed as not being eligible to practice law in Florida. See for yourself:

  33. Barbara Says:

    Mary and her old nemesis Tony Masilotti prove the old adage that what goes around, comes around – eventually. This lady’s arrogance, dishonesty and general mean-spiritedness resulted in her conviction. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving “public servant” and how nice that she followed in Tony’s footsteps. Poetic justice.

  34. Says:

    mary mccarty was not charged or sentenced for the many crimes she committed while serving on the pbc commission.i’m still waiting for karen marcus,burt aaronson and the consumate eat em up,drink em up addie greene to be charged,everybody knows that they are just as guilty.i bet county admin. bob weissman knows where the bodies are,you think? wish the feds would turn up the heat.

  35. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Who is the judge that gave her this rediculous sentence? I want to know so that we can vote him/her out in the next election.

  36. feds dont arrest crooked politicians in Lake County Says:

    I wonder why the feds don’t arrest crooked politicians in Lake County? These suckers got the education at the Breakers in WPB and they are better at screwing the taxpayers blind than those in W{B county. Why? Because in WPB they are all out to steal on their own. In Lake County they are one big organized culture of corruption! Feds have been here, looked and turned their heads! These suckers make Obama and Rahm look like amatuers.

  37. Fed Up Says:

    I am sure the job is a minimum wage postition that all half-way house residents have to do. Please concentrate on the problems at hand; such as Governor Rick Scott. He is an unconvicted criminal.

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