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House eyeing school cuts less than Scott’s

by John Kennedy | March 15th, 2011

The state House weighed in with its first look at public school spending Monday — outlining plans for a 7.7 percent reduction in the state’s current $6,899-per student spending.

That may sound rough — until you consider Republican Gov. Rick Scott proposed a 10 percent per-student cut in his budget proposal last month.

“It’s going to be rough,” said Vern Pickup-Crawford, lobbyist for the Palm Beach County School Board.

But it’s also early. Lawmakers and lobbyists are holding back on the scenary chewing that usually accompanies proposed school cuts — at least until Friday, when economists are expected to update a revenue forecast which already is leaving Florida in at least a $3.6 billion budget hole.

There are few indications that the forecast will improve much. But most close to the budget-writing also say the outlook is not likely to worsen — unless rising fuel costs add a new budgetary caution.

“And you’ve got to remember, transportation costs are a big part of district spending,” Pickup-Crawford added.

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4 Responses to “House eyeing school cuts less than Scott’s”

  1. One man to blame Says:

    “But most close to the budget-writing also say the outlook is not likely to worsen — UNLESS RISING FUEL COSTS add a new budgetary caution.”

    Rising fuel costs=Obama and democrats

    Cuba has foreign countries’ drilling 50 MILES from US coast.,0,7697622.story

    all the while American’s are handicapped by the Obama and the democrats.

  2. PFM Says:

    When Republicans state, “everyone needs to pay their fair share” concerning the budget problem, they don’t mean “EVERYONE”! Because for the past 10 years the top 2% have been given tax cuts, along with corporations, all in the disguise of more jobs will be created. What has happened in these times, more jobs lost not created and the top 2% have more money and CEO and such have receive record bonuses. So you can see everyone doesn’t pay their fair share! Leave education alone and let the top 2% and corpoations pay their fair share!!

  3. Big Johnson Says:

    @One man to blame – Most of the companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico are foreign companies. Do you really think only US oil companies drill there? Turn off Fox and CNN and engage your brain.

    The flat tax has been shown to balance the budget and not be a burden on anyone, other than those in the 2% who pay no taxes now. Everyone pays the same percentage with no deductions.

  4. Wow Says:

    Despise the wealthy much?
    Your argument might hold a little water, if 50% of the country didn’t pay one dime toward our taxes, and the top 2% didn’t pay nearly 30% of the total tax revenues.
    That leaves 20% for the remaining 48% of the working population.
    I agree the system is not fair. Make sure everyone pays including those receiving government aid.

    If you don’t pay taxes, then you shouldn’t be able to smoke, drink, buy lavish clothes, cars, jewelry, or spend money on any luxury in life. Oh and not be able to vote either.

    See how your argument sounds from the other side of the coin? pretty ridiculous.

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