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House cuts Supremes staff attorneys in half

by Dara Kam | March 31st, 2011

It’s no secret House Speaker Dean Cannon is no fan of the Florida Supreme Court. He’s pushing a proposal that would split the court into two and require Senate confirmation of justices, appointed by the governor.

Now, Cannon, R-Winter Park, is going after the seven judges’ staff attorneys.

The House budget cuts the number of attorneys by nearly half – from 30 to 14, a savings of about $1.1 million.

Supreme Court staff say the proposed cuts will slow down the court’s ability to hear cases.

The House also doesn’t include any money for the Innocence Commission, a priority of Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island. The commission is investigating wrongful convictions in Florida. The Senate’s allocated just under $250,000 for the project.

And the House’s spending plan is also missing the $3.6 million the Senate spends to reduce court caseloads statewide.

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5 Responses to “House cuts Supremes staff attorneys in half”

  1. Holy Cow Says:

    The next shoe to drop will be deep cuts into prisons and criminal justice. Scott and Republicans are looking into rehabilitation and drug treatment program (cheaper). Look for a “tough on crime” speech and photo ops with sheriffs before the roll out.

  2. sad and embarrassing Says:

    Speaker Cannon’s temper tantrum against the courts is unbecoming of his position.

  3. Kevin Says:

    This tea party legislature we have here in Florida are a vindictive bunch. They are making sure anyone who supported their opposition in the last election pays a hefty price for exercising their freedom of speech. It would appear that the Florida Supreme court made their list of groups they feel deserve to be marginalized. Their petty partisan policies and vindictive actions will ensure they only serve a single term. What they fail to realize is that the little fringe group they are representing so vigorously who swept them into power a few months ago will be outnumbered and overwhelmed in the next election. It will be interesting to see if Justice Roger Vinson (The tea party darling who ruled Obama’s health care legislation unconstitutional) will receive the same treatment. My guess is that he will receive an exemption of some sort. We can’t continue to tolerate politicians who hate the average middle class citizen for very long.

  4. federalism Says:

    Vinson is a federal judge. The Florida House has nothing to do with him. He’s got lifetime tenure with good behavior.

  5. PFM Says:

    I’m stilling waiting to see the budget cuts for the staff of the Governor, Senators and House Representatives. I bet it will be a long time coming. NEVER!!! What they probably do is cut the staff of the Democrats. It they don’t like your ideas you can be part of Florida’s decisions.

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