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House committee passes measure abolishing Rx drug database

by Dara Kam | March 10th, 2011

The House Health and Human Services Committee passed a measure that would scrap the state’s yet-to-be-implemented prescription drug database.

The committee approved the bill (PCB HHSC 11-04) with a 12-5 vote after hearing testimony from supporters of the database law enforcement officials, including Attorney General Pam Bondi, believe is necessary to crack down on prescription drug abuse.

Port St. Lucie vice mayor Linda Bartz urged the committee to vote against the measure, tearfully sharing the story of her daughter’s struggle with narcotics. Bartz said she had her daughter arrested to save her life.

“I believed when I had her arrested as I believe today that she was facing imminent death from a drug overdose,” she said. She said her daughter was able to get the drugs by “doctor shopping,” which the database is designed to reduce.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. My daughter is not one of the seven yet,” Bartz said.

But committee chairman Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill, said the database, not yet in operation, is not working and, like Gov. Rick Scott, believes it is an invasion of privacy.

“The database simply tracks the problem of most law abiding citizens and at the expense of sacrificing our privacy,” he said.

The database has House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, and Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, at odds. Cannon wants to scrap it while Haridopolos wants it up and running and is willing to pay to keep it going. Current law forbids any state money from being spent on creation or maintenance of the drug-tracking system.

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16 Responses to “House committee passes measure abolishing Rx drug database”

  1. Question Says:

    What revenue does the state receive from the sale of these pills?

    How is a database that say’s that you visited my office yesterday and got some pills and today you are at another doctor getting more pills violate my privacy?

    The database is not going to be maintained by the state, it will be maintained by the doctors when the input your visit. So why not approve it?

  2. Florida RN Says:


  3. Pill-mill capital of the US Says:

    New FLorida Tourism Campaign by Rick Scott.

    “Come to Florida. We welcome all pill-popping, drug-abusing, addicts to the Sunshine State–where we don’t keep records so you can pill-shop to your hearts content. Forget our beaches, sports, and recreation. Recreational pill-shopping is the new craze. So please come, kill our citizens, rape our children, rob our homes and businesses to feed your addiction–we’d really appreciate your drug-laced dollar bills y’all. Oh, and don’t forget beastiality. Here in Florida, our State Government, has worked hard to keep it legal. That’s right, you can be friendly to any animal you want in Florida–as long as it consents.LOL.

    Come to Florida, where guns, animals, and pills are the new crazy.

  4. Financial Attorney Says:

    Interesting post’s today boys and girls.

    Not that I disagree, feel bad for Dara and Kennedy however. They are in for wild ride in this session.

    Pam Bondi, should you or Dave read this.

    Pam, you stood to help Rick Scott get Database Killed weeks ago. Many good police now have less weapons to combat this, which is more deadly than “coke”.

    Pam, your smarter than this. I’m a lawyer like you, you have a brain and a body, I’d sleep with you in minute.

    Maybe Attorney General’s position is not your place. You’re putting good people lifes at risk.

  5. Lisa Says:


  6. Lady Justice Says:

    People need to be accountable for their own actions. no one is putting a gun to their heads to take any medications or going to pill mills..

  7. Chaz Says:

    Can you imagine how happy this makes Rush Limbaugh?! Now he doesn’t even have to hide his prescription pill addiction!

  8. BobinBoynton Says:

    This was not going to cost the State a dime and they kill the bill? Sounds like Scott has a monkey on his back!

    No Pill Database, 3.3 billion from Education, 175 million from DCF, millions from Law Enforcement, this can only result in one thing- MORE CRIME!

    People of Florida- We need to flock to the State Capital like they did in Cairo and not leave until Scott is gone, one way or another! We need to take our Stae back.

  9. N. Christy Says:

    I cannot believe that the Governor of Florida, with the highest number of overdoses and the most “pill mills” in the country considers the drug database an invasion pf privacy. Try having a family member or loved one become addicted to these pills and seeing their entire life devoted to chasing the next prescription. These drugs are so insidious that people no longer have the ability to be accountable. After awhile it’s not a matter of getting high, it’s a matter of being able to function on any level. I’ve seen different addictions and while some are a choice this one is not. It’s a terminal illness that there is no cure for other than zero tolerance. Unfortunately it’s as easy to feed as getting as a pack of cigarettes is to a smoker or a bottle of liquor to an alcoholic.

  10. Floridian Says:

    Lady Justice, Sadly, many of the victims of the pill mills are teenagers and young adults. They are hardly making thoughtful decisions that cost them their lives. They don’t know what they’re doing. You try telling the parents that their dead kid deserved it.

    The Republicans are overreaching with this and there will be a backlash at the polls. Haridopolous apparently knows this, but the question will be what is he willing to risk to win on this. His talk is cheap, but bargaining with Scott and Cannon will be very expensive. Scott wants his corporate tax breaks, and there you have the makings of a deal made in hell. A king’s ransom for the lives of our young.


    *** As a person who has a chronic condition that is VERY painful, I take pain medication. I do not take Oxycodone or Oxycontin, but it is a controlled substance. I was very upset over the thought that the average person being treated for pain was now going to be on a “drug database” because of illness that I cannot control. Law enforcement needs to just do their jobs and control the problem case-by-case as they always have with both patients and physicians who may be breaking the law. It is NOT FAIR that patients who legitimately are treated for pain are now lumped in a group of criminals.


  12. Unreal Says:

    @Financial Attorney

    There you are my friend. Hadn’t seen you since the election much. Now i see you didn’t dislike Pammi THAT much.

    I wonder if anyone remembers a time pain was treated without OxyContin. There were problems but not like today. Maybe just banning it from being prescribed in Florida would be a better way to go, even though the supplier will probably sue.

  13. real american Says:

    It is painfully clear , state officials are cutting with out thought. Correction , their only thought is ” will the tea partiers love me or hate me?” Last time I checked Republican’s where about personal responsiblity and the rule of law. So , why tie the hands of law inforcement at every turn?? This does not pass the sniff test…….

  14. Green Day Jimi Says:

    Rick Scott got a phone call from Rush Limbaugh that set him straight on creating a drugster database!!!!!!!!

    Who says the Gov’na doesn’t listen to the people who elected him??????

  15. Plead the 5th 75 Times Says:

    Reading the headlines of today’s “Post on Politics” posts is leaving me absolutely dumbfounded. What an awful message these fraudsters in Tallahassee are sending. Pill mills- good. Teachers- bad. Jobless- losers who helped cause the economic downturn. I’ve never been more embarassed to be a Floridian.

  16. slim Says:

    It’s sad that addiction occurs, but its sadder that in the world of the disease addiction there is so much denial and shame blame going on as it does not happen overnight nor is it cheap or even hard to miss. Parents its your responsibility to parent your child successfully became addicted where were you in the months or even years it took them? its expensive and really not easy to hide don’t blame the doctors or the government if your child is using and don’t get My tax dollars to clean up your lies or your denial. They don’t become addicts in the doctors office this happens at home. Addiction is bad ugly and the saddest part is the shame blame game addiction is a disease like cancer is a disease they both kill. cancer can be removed addiction cannot. Remember addiction can happen to anyone make yourself responsibe don’t blame anyone but yourself. Doctors, most of them really require mri’s. They will not prescribe meds unless there are pain problems
    Thanx hippa. Thanx Rick SCott

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