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Drug database repeal DOA in Senate

by Dara Kam | March 16th, 2011

Senate President Mike Haridopolos is refusing to back down from his insistence that the state’s prescription drug database get up and running despite opposition from Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Dean Cannon.

A House committee last week passed a bill repealing the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program lawmakers created two years ago but yet to be implemented. A separate bill would also scrap all of the oversight of the pill mills.

“How do I say this nicely. We have a law on the books. It’s a database. If we choose not to fund it with taxpayer dollars, whatever happens there, we have secured private sector dollars,” Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, said when asked if he supports the House’s elimination of pill mill regulation. I understand how laws are passed and it has to pass both chambers. We are not going to adjust the database. We believe it’s a very good idea. I strongly believe that we have to get a handle on this…We have no interest whatsoever of scrapping that database.”

Haridopolos said he tapped his “good friend” Sen. Mike Fasano, an ardent supporter of the database who sponsored much of the legislation cracking down on pill mills, to negotiate with the House on the issue.

“We’re the pill mill capitol of the world probably. We need to stop it. We have a device that other states have used successfully…I’m very comfortable with where we’re at,” Haridopolos said.

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13 Responses to “Drug database repeal DOA in Senate”

  1. JGP Says:

    Good for Haridopolos.

  2. Tom Says:

    Haridopolos for governor, let’s scrap Scott instead!!!

  3. Max Says:

    I’m beginning to like this man more and more. Stay strong Senator.

  4. good Says:

    Good gosh. Let’s hope this is not a trick and they actually do something instead of just passing and not funding, etc.

  5. Just say no. Says:

    He’s got my vote for governor. Guess ol’ chrome dome isn’t going to have his way on this one.

  6. theloneconsumer Says:

    Our only virtue and savior this year- Haridopolous wants to be a US Senator.
    Scarey thought, what will happen to his altruistic motivation of his when he loses!

  7. Jane Pegg Says:

    Good for Haridopolous, don’t give up I’m with you. Scott needs to wise up or step down. He doesn’t care about family’s with addicts who die & people coming from other states killing with medications that they buy from good old FL. If I was the other states I sure would speak to our governor who is trying to put a halt to something that will make a difference.

  8. once republican Says:

    My hat is off to Haridopolous he’s a very rare reasonable Republican, that’s the party I once belonged to. As far as Gov Scott no matter how you look at it the man is a fraud and a criminal who knowingly robbed Medicare. What is it you wing nuts don’t understand?

  9. jef Says:

    One democrat who has witnessed the destruction in Western NC it is beyond belief that ANYONE would stand in the way of implementing a very rigorous deterrent.

  10. eileen Says:

    Scraping this plan must be hurting Scott’s bank account in some way; otherwise why would he halt such an important data base?

  11. maggie Says:

    Sounds Like Mrs. Haridopolos is running for higher office.

  12. fgb Says:

    it would seem that there are fewer and fewer true americans left here anymore. who the hell are you to pry into someones privacy? thats what the database is, an invasion of privacy just for beginners. who the hell are you to tell another person what they can and cannot do? this is still america and i think, if im not mistaken, our founding fathers wrote something down on paper when our country was founded. let me see the name of the document was called ummmmmm oh yeah the constitution of the united states of america. ever hear of it? evidentaly not. you should have took history a little more serious instead of shooting spitballs or did you go to school here in america? part of the problems we have in this country today stem from the government, that has seemingly decided to infringe on our rights as americans, standing all high and mighty above the citizens of a free country instead of beside them as equals. wake up communist acting do gooders mind your own business instead of worrying about someone elses.

  13. theloneconsumer Says:

    Because people abuse drugs, doctor shopping is going to several doctors for the same problem. And doctors need to know so you dont get screwed up with the nasty language you are using, and BASH and KILL people driving cars. That’s why. Or like our local pharmacy, weirdos like you get flipped out and try to kill some pharmacist with a gun because you cant get more pills.
    Or maybe we are sick of you addicts getting pills, then being too disabled to get a job, and get unemployment or SSI because you too drugged to get a job.
    No use swearing at anyone sir, you’re an addict. listen to your presentation

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