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GOP leaders send warning to GOP Gov

by John Kennedy | March 14th, 2011

House Speaker Dean Cannon  and Senate President Mike Haridopolos sent memos Monday to  lawmakers, noting they could still consider a number of overrides to vetoes made last spring by former Gov. Charlie Crist.

But is the real target here new Gov. Rick Scott?

The memos warning that the Republican-led Legislature is ready to exert its muscle, follows Scott’s decision Friday to freeze at least until July $235 million in contracts for SunRail, the Central Florida commuter rail hailed by Cannon, Haridopolos and most other Orlando-area lawmakers.

 The delay threatens the $1.2 billion rail project. And it comes just weeks after the Republican governor antagonized many lawmakers — and was unsuccessfully sued by two of them — after refusing the federal government’s offer of $2.4 billion for high-speed rail linking Tampa to Orlando.

The two leaders’ notes are worded cautiously. But the intent is clear: Scott can mess with lawmakers, but they can mess right back.

” I am directing the committee chairs to evaluate potential veto overrides in their area and, should they find a candidate for an override, to conduct a public hearing on the bill,” Cannon wrote. ” The House will take up any override formally recommended by a committee.”

Haridopolos wrote, “Over the past few weeks, several members of the Senate have also expressed an interest in considering some of the remaining vetoed bills, and it is my desire to be open and inclusive in considering these requests.”

 Budget vetoes and slightly more than a dozen bills are eligible for override, the leaders wrote. Included are one measure that would shift the state’s Department of Management Services away from sole oversight by Scott and put it under the authority of the governor and the three independently elected Cabinet officers.

Another would create so-called leadership funds. These accounts would give legislative leaders total control of what typically is millions of dollars in campaign cash they raise but must deposit within the state’s political parties.

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7 Responses to “GOP leaders send warning to GOP Gov”

  1. Financial Attorney Says:

    To JKennedy, Last 1 today,

    I know Dean Cannon, no it’s really not Rick Scott that the target.

    Dean & Mike are going to take down SunRail as well HSR, even being Dean & Mike voted for Sunrail. Dean is not talking to other attorneys in Winter Park area. That’s real bad sign in Dean’s case. Those other attorney’s will try to end Dean’s Law career if he does kill Sunrail.

    John Mica, a Republican, along with other Republicans that wanted this stuff approved, will have to act now.

    JKennedy, I’ve hear from top Republicans leaders around state today.

    The hit order has come down from those Republicans against Tea Party.

    It’s Political TOMBSTONE OK Corral time. I’m being told to crush peoples business and personal life’s.

    Hope you & Dara are ready for this, it’s character assassins time like I’ve not seen in while. Not just candidate, but all personal information on wife’s children, family.

    And believe me the information my group is holding will end careers right now!!!!!

  2. SunshineRep Says:

    Financial Attorney,
    Before you start threatening to end people’s careers, perhaps you should learn to spell and string a few sentences together.

  3. Businessmen Like Rick Scott Should Recognize Shoplifters At All Levels Says:

    The sad thing about Rick Scott is he is good people. Raised to recognize right from wrong even though the state ewmployee’s in their ignorance fought him tooth and nail in the election and will conticute to fight him every step of the way of his governorship. What Rick Scott fails to realize is a storekeep (retail businessman) as a matter of survival must immediately become storewise and idnetify the shoplifters in their environment or they soon fail to survive! Rick Scott has acquired shoplifters and theives from the Bush/ Crist administrations like no street wise person could ever recognize. They continue to control the corruption, schemes and scandals right under the nose of Rick Scott who as previously stated is basically an honest person. Too bad he is so wrapped up in his instant fame that he fails to realize this! The corrupton of the Jeb Bush era will engulf Rick Scott like nothing he has ever seeen. He is use to the feds accusing him of stealing from medicare, but he is not use to the corruption headed by the most corrupt controllers of Florida. And they are right under his nose.

  4. mike Says:

    I hope the gop chews his a$$ up and spits him out (of Florida)

  5. Financial Attorney Says:

    Hey Sunshine REP. Maybe your skill is better suited in Kindergarten. Not the real world.

    I ain’t Practicing the King’s English chump.

    If you count yourself as good people, than I’m happy to take your kind down!

    Roachs get stomp not invited in for dinner.

  6. Educator Says:

    To Financial Attorney:

    I agree with SunshineRep. If my spelling and grammer were as bad as yours, I would be ashamed to post comments. As much as I detest attorneys, you obviously aren’t one. You are, sadly, extremely uneducated.

  7. Searcher Says:

    So, left to their own devices, and with the lack of a strong opposition, the Repubs start eating their own. Well, now we will get to see who has the REAL power. It will be fun to watch.

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