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Bullying? Greene asserts ‘little old black lady’ defense in council flap

by George Bennett | March 3rd, 2011


Former state Representative and former Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene, who’s now attempting a political comeback in the 860-voter town of Mangonia Park, is locked in a nasty fight with incumbent Councilman Mark Trueblood as Tuesday’s election approaches.


Greene claims in a campaign mailer that Trueblood doesn’t live in the town. Trueblood says that’s false and filed a complaint against Greene with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The ex-cop also called Greene a “bully.”

Says Greene: “I weigh 138 pounds and I’m bullying him? This little old black lady can’t bully an ex-police officer.”


7 Responses to “Bullying? Greene asserts ‘little old black lady’ defense in council flap”

  1. Zagare Says:

    Not only is she a bully, she is a nasty racist to boot.

  2. In One Ear Says:

    And, by the tone of her comments, she thinks the public is really stupid.

  3. YouHaveToBeKidding Says:

    Since when does size matter when dealing with a bully? She bullies people with her claims of knowing influential people to bring others down! She went as far as going to a person’s job within recent months to get a woman fired who just happened to be a neighbor in the town she loves so much. The woman is a single mother who is a hard worker and minds her own business. ADDIE IS A BULLY!

  4. mary romano Says:

    Oh she is a bully and her color got nothing to do with it but she throws it out there. I have seen first hand her nasty side.

  5. rjr Says:

    Greene, you could shut your black ass up seeing you like to toss the word black out so loosely. You are a pathetic human being that does not think post civil war.

  6. ghinhee Says:

    I thought Addie Greene was on death’s bed when she left the PBCC office. She seems awful cherry in that picture. When is she going tio be investigated on that 5 million bribe from Scripts? She quit the Commission because she wanted to keep her pension. No matter how you look at it, in jail or out about town, we are paying her way.

  7. come on, seriously! Says:

    It is sad that we as a people choose not to see the lies, hate and hypocrisy that this woman practices under. But even worse we as people would give her a vote at the poles. It is time that we stop functioning under color and sex and look at the individual and their issues. Ms. Greene has selfish intents and 138 lb is equal to 350 lb when supported with lies or intent to harm.

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