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Bondi to meet with civil rights advocates on restoration of rights

by Dara Kam | March 1st, 2011

Attorney General Pam Bondi is scheduled to meet with Howard Simon, the executive director of the Florida ACLU, tomorrow in what could be a contentious show-down over restoration of felons’ rights.

Bondi, elected in November, said after her first clemency meeting last week she wants to do away with the state’s limited automatic restoration of rights for felons convicted of non-violent crimes. And she wants to reinstate a three-to-five year waiting period before felons who’ve completed their sentences can appeal to the clemency board to have their rights restored.

Bondi’s announcement last week stunned civil rights advocates who’ve been trying to get the board to make it even easier for felons to have their rights restored.

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5 Responses to “Bondi to meet with civil rights advocates on restoration of rights”

  1. S.F.Murphy Says:

    If it was not for Jeb Bush’s 2004 decision and the ancillary policy change of Gov. Christ in 2007, I for one would not have been able to turn my life around. I made a mistake in 1996 and without the clemency, would not have been able to return to my profession.

    As a side note, my crime was to protect a witness in a civil matter and lie under oath. Harldy the type of thing that should turn a person’s life into ashes. I was sentenced to prison, did my time and spent years trying to reclaim what I lost because of the mistake. In 2004, I was made whole and since May of 2000, I’ve had niether a traffic citation nor a criminal violation. But, it’s because I was permitted to earn a decent living and live past my indescretion of 1996 by returning to the workplace in a measurable sense.

    This decision, although well placed, will have an impact on not only those who commit the crimes, but the families they try to support after returning to their community.

    Believe it or not, in this State, some very drakonian laws can convict a person with no victims of felonies for as simple a matter of driving on a suspended driver’s license.

  2. No more lax ethics!! Says:

    Is Miss Bondi still making her STATE employee walk her dog and drive her around during business hours???

  3. jordan stith Says:

    Why meet with her? She has already demonstrated that she has no depth. As Sen. Chris Smith said this is just “bumper sticker politics”. How can you deprive someone of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if their debt to society has been paid? If you were convicted of a non-violent crime and have served your time and paid all of your fines—your right should be restored.

  4. Justin Says:

    How can someone change the life without attaining a equitable position other than dishwasher or laborer? Non-violent offenses enjoy the same treatment as murders and sexual offenders even though they may have only ever had a DUI or had a drug problem in their younger years.

    I am a victim of my past, have changed, and now I can not have a professional license for 15 years and still have to check the box on an application. If civil rights were fully restored for first time non-violent criminals, one would be able to attain a profession and not be stuck wasting time applying to hourly jobs just to get turned down by some bureaucrat.
    We don’t rehabilitate we re-classify. Is this just another attempt to create a new caste to discriminate against? Felons are already disabled by their actions, government, and their peers yet do not enjoy the benefits from the American with Disabilities Act.
    We need change! This is not American home of the free, it is America 1 in 33 with a felony!

  5. Jeffrey Kiley Says:

    It is very disturbing to know that our state government is running out of money and cannot control spending but they can put people back in prison for parole violations that are caused by a person having a heart attack and not showing up for a drug test because of hospitalization. This happened to me on November 5 of 2010, when U.S. Marshell’s arrested me for violation of parole. The parole commission could not stop laughing at my parole hearing and ordered an emergency release from prison. It took two months for them to release me. This was all at the tax payers expense. Now because I am an ex-con I cannot get my contractors license back. The last two governers of the State of Florida have done more for prisoners and there families than all of the liberals who have been in the office in the past! This is one more thing for Bondy to use as a notch for her elective bid when her time come up. Shame on you A.G. Bondy for trying to undue something that will help so many.

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