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Biden follows Obama in raising money for Bill Nelson

by George Bennett | March 17th, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden will be in Tampa next week to raise money for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s 2012 reelection bid, the Tampa Bay-area Creative Loafing website is reporting.

Biden’s visit follows President Obama’s recent Miami Beach fund-raiser for Nelson, who’s a high-value Republican target in 2012.

Nelson began 2011 with more than $3 million in cash on hand for his reelection bid.

3 Responses to “Biden follows Obama in raising money for Bill Nelson”

  1. papabear Says:

    Man, Nelson’s so concerned about his job he’s bringing in Biden to raise money. Say, isn’t Congress in session right now?

  2. Mark Says:

    Funny you should bring that up, papabear. Just another sign the Dems at the top are scared to death of 2012 and the Repubs who can eat Nelson’s lunch. That $1 million Haridopolis raised in one day probably freaked them all out.

  3. same ol same ol Says:

    This is soo funny!

    If it weren’t soo pathetic . . . .

    Nelson it seems initially tried to be somewhat of an honorable leader but he couldn’t quite make it.

    Since he capitulated and sold-out to line his pockets with the taxpayer’s coin some years ago he is now no different from that well known college exam cheat and smiling weak-link buffoon, Biden.

    What a couple of clowns happily sucking at the public teat!

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