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Barking tree frog new state symbol?

by Dara Kam | March 17th, 2011

With three dozen official state symbols – including a rodeo, renaissance festival and opera program – does Florida need another?

Sen. Steve Oelrich, R-Cross Creek, thinks so.

He’s sponsored a bill (SB 502) that would designate the barking tree frog the official state amphibian.

If lawmakers approve the move, the tiny critter – often found clinging to windowpanes and door frames – would join the official state pie (key lime), state gem (moonstone), state soil (myakka fine sand) and state animal (Florida panther).

The Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee will vote on the proposal this afternoon.

Should the barking tree frog be Florida's official state amphibian?

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11 Responses to “Barking tree frog new state symbol?”

  1. SCOTT'S TOTTS Says:

    This politician, who is receiving full health and will get an exorbitant pension without his own contributions is wasting taxpayer $ by spending time on a fluff bill to honor a tree frog.

  2. What Says:

    It will just make it that much more difficult to blame barking frogs when I pass gas…

  3. ed3e Says:

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  4. Dr Suess Says:

    Barking tree frog? Isn’t that the loisfrankelilius?

  5. jimbo Says:

    The poll stands at 50/50. Even on an innocuous issue, the partisans stand divided.

  6. Not a bad idea Says:

    Dr. Suess (comment 4) – that cheered my day up. Thank you.

  7. Mr. B Says:

    I think the Senator might be “toad licking” too much.

  8. Bill Says:

    Just when you think it can’t get any more stupid. I just can’t understand why government doesn’t run effectively!!

  9. anthony Says:

    how bout they not waste time and money voting on this crap?

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    Make it the official mascot of the state Legislature and it will have the unanimous support of the citizenry.

  11. John Says:

    Though I try to avoid the comments, every day it gets more unpleasant to read news online. Comments filled with sarcasm, complaining and outright nastiness are not productive.

    If you object to this particular bill, pick up the phone and call your state representative… or better yet, write a letter or attend a hearing. Put your time into something that will be heard. Do something rather than just complain. It’s your legislature. You elected them. Tell them what you want.

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