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Bachmann on 2012 White House bid…

by George Bennett | March 4th, 2011

JUPITER — U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has just begun speaking to about 300 tea party activists here. Later, she’ll be speaking to the conservative Club for Growth in Manalapan.

This morning in West Palm Beach, she told about 20 local GOP activists and donors that Republicans need a “really tough cat” to challenge President Obama in 2012. Asked directly by conservative operative and blogger Jack Furnari if she’ll run, Bachmann said: “I haven’t made a decision to or not to.”

Bachmann’s been to Iowa and South Carolina recently and will be in New Hampshire next week as she comes to a decision.


7 Responses to “Bachmann on 2012 White House bid…”

  1. JKM Says:

    That broad is nuttier than a pecan pie.

  2. klm Says:

    Nuttier than Obama who is still trying to raise taxes and increases spending when the economy is horrible and the deficit is mind-boggling? At least she understands basic math!

  3. vindicated Says:

    Looks like everybody who plans to vote for her is showing up to hear her speak…300 in Manalapan, 20 in West Palm Beach…the numbers are staggering!

  4. stevecody Says:


    Before you form an opinion maybe you should arm yourself with some facts. President Obama has CUT taxes and SPENDING.

    Read the “Post” more and watch “FOX” less.

  5. robo 3495 Says:

    She may get 10 to 15 percent of the nutjobs in the republican primaries.

  6. Fed Up Says:

    I hope she runs, comedians need more material. Her speech after the State of the Union was full of misinformation as she explained spending; she failed to mention the war that is now on the books and was not in previous years.

  7. BigArch Says:

    @stevecody. Are you insane or just silly or perhaps dumber than a rock? Have you noticed the debt level? Have you noticed the 3.4 TRILLION budgets?
    Have you noticed the deficit?
    Or are you too busy enjoying the tingles running up your leg at the very mention of the name ovomit?

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