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Hasner may try to follow Rubio’s route to the Senate

by George Bennett | March 21st, 2011


Sure, Adam Hasner was a Tallahassee insider who rose to the rank of House Majority Leader and raised $1 million in his last reelection campaign.

But since being term-limited out of the House last year, the Boca Raton resident has been making Garmin-aided treks around the state to talk to tea party groups and other grassroots conservatives about a possible 2012 U.S. Senate bid.

Hasner says the tea party crowd remains unhappy with Washington and is poised to send another wave of conservative anti-establishmentarians to Capitol Hill in 2012.

Yes, he did.

It sounds a little like former House Speaker Marco Rubio’s early-2009 underdog Senate quest. Rubio was discovered by the national conservative movement before many establishment Florida Republicans took him seriously, getting a coveted National Review cover story in August 2009.

Hasner hasn’t landed on the conservative mag’s cover, but he did get favorable mention from the publication last week.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.

8 Responses to “Hasner may try to follow Rubio’s route to the Senate”

  1. Tea Lady Says:

    Mr. Hasner has what it take to represent Floridians.

    He understands that the U.S. Government cannot continue to sink itself further in debt. He also understands that a more business-friendly environment will help.

    Mr. Hasner will make a fine U.S. Senator!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Sure, he can try to follow Rubio’s lead. But he’s good at that. He’s been ‘following’ Rubio his whole career. And that’s the difference between him and Hasner. Rubio leads, and that’s why he’s such a great conservative voice. If FL wants another follower, we already have Nelson.

  3. monkeysauce Says:

    Bingo, Kelly. Haridopolis and Rubio led chambers on a set of strong conservative ideas that they passed and fought for. They put their names behind conservative agendas, Hasner just voted for them. BIG difference there.

  4. Conservative Diva Says:

    I would not call Adam Hasner a “follower”. His record speaks volumes!

  5. Lady Gator Says:

    Adam Hasner was recruited by Speaker Rubio for House Majority leadership not following him. The difference between Adam Hasner and Mike Haridopolis is that Hasner possesses a more coservative legislative record, and was critical from the get go of Gov. Crist’s liberal agenda. Hasner came out way ahead of Mike and other Republicans for Marco’s Senate bid. Last week, as Senate President, Mike balked at the (illegal) immigration bill and said the Senate would consider relaxing the requirement to use e-verify to check for the status of illegals in Florida. That is neither conseravtive nor exemplifies leadership. This is a national security issue, not only agricultual as some would like you to believe. It also undermines the Rule of law under the guise of being a business friendly policy. When we replace Bill Nelson, it should only be with someone who’s not afraid of protecting Floridians on the tough issues.

  6. papabear Says:

    You mean the e-Verify provision that Haridop said he would make sure would be put BACK into the Senate’s immigration bill? Might want to re-check your facts there. Check this out:

  7. Goldilocks Says:

    You might want to check the “fact” the St. Pete Times reported the day after the article you posted (from 3/16) where he took the opposite position.

    St. Pete Times, March 17th:
    On Wednesday, Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, suggested he would change an immigration bill passed by a Senate committee Tuesday that relaxed the requirement for businesses to use the federal government’s e-Verify system to check prospective employees’ immigration status.”

  8. papabear Says:

    The bill passed by committee relaxed the e-Verify requirement. Haridopolos said that e-Verify would be strengthened in that bill, by changing that provision. Which is EXACTLY what your source says. Syntax. Learn it.

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